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Talk:Wings List

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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
More Sorting Options316:50, 19 October 2017
Minimizing effects on wings2415:59, 20 September 2014
Oh boy. 015:15, 5 April 2014

More Sorting Options

Would anyone other than me want to have an option to sort the wing list by color and style? I really would, but it would take me many hours to learn how to add that as a option. I am asking first before I spend the said long hours working on it so I don't spend my time in vain on something that no one else wants.

Staelus (talk)14:45, 17 October 2017

I doubt there exists default xml tags to identify type and color but you could probably make your own tags, like adding |WingStyle= and |WingColor= to each of the Template:DataPagenames', and changing the the list template to have that information if it detects the Wing xml tag, and have a default value of None or - if it doesn't apply.

Kapra (talk)19:41, 17 October 2017

To expand on Kapra's comment, you'll have to copy the EquipList and EquipList/Header templates to a wing-specific one and change it on the Wings List page. I did this with the Magic Powders List page if you need an additional example.

Editing the header is easy, you won't need any of the conditionals for a custom wings one so you can remove all those and replace it with regular table stuff. The list rows part is going to be a lot more complicated, though. If you want to add the tags I wouldn't mind editing the templates if needed, but setting up the header portion yourself would help me out on that front.

Kadalyn (talk)01:20, 19 October 2017

I meant more along the lines of editing the existing equip template by stringstremaing the Category to search for wings, I sort of did something similar here for accessories being equipped, but it'd work better if you do edit the actual data templates to have like "|WingColor=Black" and "|WingType=Angel Wing" if you make those variables and make it go off that instead, since we'll have to manually make those anyways.

Kapra (talk)16:50, 19 October 2017

Minimizing effects on wings

Several wings we have don't have the sparkling or aura effects shown due to mini effects being turned on. I think that those are big parts of the equipment, and should be shown. It's mostly the flame wings, and some of the twinkling wings. What does everyone else think.

Meru (talk)11:44, 21 July 2014

Sword of Elsinore has the fire glow, Beam Swords have their... beam swords, so I don't see why not.

Their effects being invisible due to mini effects should definitely be mentioned.

Infodude575 (talk)12:33, 21 July 2014

Maybe we could have both effects on and off show the item really well.

Meru (talk)13:48, 17 September 2014

The image box would stretch out, hence why White Cupid Wings doesn't use the normal image box.

Nise Panda (talk)13:53, 17 September 2014

Pretty much what Nise said. You'd be essentially doubling (worst case scenario) the amount of images needed per item with special effects.

Yinato (talk)13:57, 17 September 2014

Though, I feel like there should be a rule for this, in case another annoying topic comes up. We could make them upload with the effects visible and mention what effects disappear with mini effects.

Nise Panda (talk)14:13, 17 September 2014

I'd greatly prefer an accurate depiction of what the item looks like in the pictures, if we are going to have pictures. People having effects turned off shouldn't matter, and just a description of the effects isn't really good. I'd like at least 1 picture showing the effects if we aren't going to be showing how the item actually looks. Perhaps 1 shot of the back to the side like with outfits with animations, or maybe the angled picture could show the effects. The image box stretching shouldn't be an actual concern either in the sense that we shouldn't have to leave part of the item out just because it would cause stretching.

Meru (talk)14:29, 17 September 2014

I just wanted to say that I agree with Meru 100%, although I would like to add that maybe there could be a thumbnail at the side of the page for it...kind of like we do for animations on outfits?

♥šεεçrετ♥ (talk)14:40, 17 September 2014

Because we all need to know how a beam sword's sheath looks like.

And it's not like people can't use imagination.

Nise Panda (talk)15:02, 17 September 2014

As charming as your sarcastic commentary on the Beam Sword is, I feel the need to remind you that the current discussion is not about seeing what items look like without effects, but what items look like with effects. For example, none of the current Flame Wings images show the actual flame effects, at all. For some of the Flame Wings, you can find pictures that do show the effects if you go digging around in the file history, but others don't even have that. To me, that's a problem, since it's basically an omission of a key aspect of the items.

Also, if you have to scroll sideways to view the White Cupid Wings page, that sounds like a personal problem.

Ginkgo (talk)15:19, 17 September 2014

Uh, I'm digressing here, but there's like no reason why the night images can't just be in their own row, either. "Personal problem" is not really an acceptable response here. One of the eventual (very long term) goals for the wiki is to have a better mobile browsing experience, and that table would have to be scrolled on a lot of phones.

Saiyr (talk)15:29, 17 September 2014

Which I am completely fine with. But I don't see why we need to upload both versions, when we can just describe how one looks with/without.

Some people would have to scroll side ways to view the White Cupid Wings if the page used the natural image template.

[1] is how big it could be.

Nise Panda (talk)15:28, 17 September 2014

The suggestion of both was more of just a bump to get the topic up and going again with the release of the emerald wings. Well, sort of at least. I mean looking at the pictures with the effects off, they do show some details not easily seen with the effects not minimized. Like the parts where it connects to the body.

Meru (talk)15:42, 17 September 2014

The effects on the Flame Wings make a pretty significant difference in the appearance of the items. Compare [1] and [2]. The flames obscure many of the actual details of the wings, and of course, there are additional effects around the wings as well.

As for the natural image template, I am not sure why you're using that as an example when the White Cupid Wings page specifically uses a modified image template. I would have presumed the same would have been done for the Flame Wings were the decision to be made to include a full set of images both with and without the effects. That is not to imply that I think that would be the best solution; in fact, I think that would be excessive. Rather, I advocate Meru's idea of showing one picture with the effects, preferably the angled picture, while allowing the other pictures to be without effects in order to show details which would otherwise be obscured.

Ginkgo (talk)15:48, 17 September 2014

They're both using a modified image template. The Black and White Cupids that is.

Nise Panda (talk)15:51, 17 September 2014

Yes? I was referring to the link you posted where the image previews were of a larger scale than is currently used.

Ginkgo (talk)15:54, 17 September 2014

You are missing the point. Even using the current dimensions, if I were to view the page on my laptop, it would require me to scroll a bit in order to see it. The larger scale was just to emphasize the point.

Yinato (talk)16:01, 17 September 2014

Fair enough. I think this would be a good time to remind everyone, though, that this entire tangent about image templates is entirely beside the point to begin with. Hence why I minimized the font for that sentence in my original reply: it wasn't the important part of what I was saying, it was merely an off-handed comment pointing out that not everyone would experience difficulty with that particular feature. I never meant to imply or suggest that the Flame Wings pages should incorporate similar full image sets with and without effects, because, as stated above, that's definitely not what I would consider to be the ideal solution.

Ginkgo (talk)16:14, 17 September 2014

This tangent was only brought up because you made mention of it being a "personal problem". Had you phrased it like you did in the previous reply ("not everyone would experience difficulty with that particular feature"), I doubt it would have drawn that kind of attention. Also, no one said that's what you were implying to use that form of the template. Every time the modified template was mentioned, it was in reference to meru originally saying "I'd greatly prefer an accurate depiction of what the item looks like in the pictures, if we are going to have pictures", and to her later mention of having pictures to accurately depict the item.

Yinato (talk)16:23, 17 September 2014

Point taken on that first bit. In retrospect I realize that it probably sounded more confrontational than I had intended. As for the second point, I only meant to clarify in case there was any ambiguity left on my part.

Ginkgo (talk)16:31, 17 September 2014

Yes, which wouldn't change much even if you used a normal template.

Nise Panda (talk)15:58, 17 September 2014

I think it becomes a problem when people have to start scrolling side ways.

I also don't think it's that hard to imagine an item without certain effects. "If Mini effects are disabled, the wings' flame, sparkle and neon color will not be visible."

Nise Panda (talk)14:36, 17 September 2014

Now that the dust has settled, how about some action? I vote for 2 rows of images instead of just 1 long row like saiyr said. It would be the best for information on the looks of the item. I didn't even think of 1 long row in the first place. Which is why I was a little confused by the it would stretch the page remarks. This would really only be needed for the flame wing pages, as the other wings' effects don't pollute the base item. The other wings should have their effects fully shown.

Meru (talk)14:07, 20 September 2014

I vote for Meru's idea! Although if the number of images becomes a problem I still think perhaps adding just one little thumbnail on the side with a picture of the effect wouldn't be too much? :x

♥šεεçrετ♥ (talk)15:59, 20 September 2014

For the sake of consistency with other items (weapon with effects), nobody here actually disagreed with the initial problem, that wings (or items in general) should not be pictured with mini effects. Instead, everyone is arguing about how to put in more pictures.

As a point of note, mini effects is NOT a requirement listed in the image policy. We only require Glow off, Shader off, and outline off. So you should all feel free to revert or replace the wings with the effects ON

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)14:54, 20 September 2014

I just learnt this.

Also the new wings are not dyeable. So expect random colors.

Nise Panda (talk)15:15, 5 April 2014