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Tech Duinn

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Entrance to Tech Duinn.
Tech Duinn lobby.


Temporary Order of Black Moon Icon.png
An ancient underground temple in eastern Sen Mag, containing a gateway with the power to instantly transport one to any desired location.

The location is made available during the completion of What the Wings Conceal.

An identical gateway becomes available at Scuabtuinne following the events of Generation 23.

Tech Duinn Missions

  • To enter a mission, interact with the Tech Duinn Geata (NPC) in Tech Duinn, which can be quickly reached by travelling to the Sen Mag moon gate or moving via Dungeon Guide.
    • A similar Geata exists in Scuabtuinne upon the completion of Generation 23 and its sidequest
  • There are two difficulties that can be chosen for each mission below: Normal, and Hard.
  • Parties entering Tech Duinn missions must have the following requirements:
  • Mobs in Tech Duinn Missions have similar characteristics throughout:
    • They are immune to having their skills read (no skill bubble).
    • Will near instantly aggress a player upon walking in their range (usually very far).
    • Mob patterns, variety, and skills change based on the difficulty chosen.
  • Main/Mini bosses can only have their defenses and protection reduced by the Brionac up to a certain point (roughly 5-10 hits).
Revived Illusion Feth Fiada
Seven Nightmares Awakened Abyssal Lord


Tech Duinn Map.png

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Informant, Queen's Royal Guard Left of Tech Duinn Geata
Follower of Hymerark Left of Tech Duinn Geata
Royal Quartermaster (Tech Duinn) (Headshot).png
Royal Quartermaster
Weapon Shopkeeper, Weapon Repair Along Left Wall
Royal Physician (Tech Duinn) (Headshot).png
Royal Physician
Magic Weapon Shopkeeper, Healer, Magic Repair Along Left Wall
Royal Guard (Sword) (Tech Duinn).png
Royal Guard (Sword)
Guard Left of Entrance
Royal Guard (Bow) (Tech Duinn).png
Royal Guard (Bow)
Guard Right of Entrance
Tech Duinn Geata (NPC) (Tech Duinn).png
Tech Duinn Geata (NPC)
Gateway Behind Altar