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Awakened Abyssal Lord

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For other missions, see Category: Tech Duinn Missions.

Temporary Order of Black Moon Icon.png
Mission Information
Time Limit Varies (Phase 1)
Party Count 1~4
Quest Board Location Tech Duinn

I was playing spin-in-circles near the mist gate...

Spin, spin, thirty times, fifty times, maybe one more spin? But then, I heard something from inside the shiny thing. Like a groan... It sounded like Farfar, when he crawls on his belly. So I go to see, because I want to play with Farfar. But then, something wiggly appeared! Wiggling, wiggly! Yes, yes! Something wiggling! Something wiggly... that looked like Darrig! Was it a new friend? Was it food? I had to know, so I went closer. But then it spit something on me! Something black and sticky! Waaah! I didn't do anything wrong! Now this black stuff just doesn't come off... And my friends won't listen to me! They just run away screaming. Waaah! I like playing tag, but I don't want to be It forever! Waaaah!! Waaaaaaahhhhh! What could be happening? <Character>, will you go with me to see? I want to know what's going on in that mist, but I'm too scared to go alone. If those... things... come out and make the whole island dark... Manannan won't like that... Will you come with me? That way, I can stay calm.


Blackened Darrig


Kraken Rex.png
  • Phase 1: Defeat 3 waves of enemies in Tranquility Reach within the time limit.
  • Phase 2: Clear the mini-areas of Deception Reach.
  • Phase 3: Defeat 20 Coral Golems in an Offering Circle in Desolation Reach.
  • Phase 4: Defeat the Barrier Bastion in Desolation Reach.
  • Phase 5: Defeat Soaring Legs in the Temple of Manannan.
  • Phase 6: Defeat Kraken Rex in the Temple of Manannan.


  • Requires the completion of Generation 23: Tempest part 2 to enter, at which point players will receive the quest "Ascent to the Throne".
  • All enemies, unless noted otherwise, has 18,000 HP on Normal difficulty, 36,000 on Advanced, and 60,000 on Elite.
  • During Phase 1, the party will have 200 (Normal), 150 (Advanced), or 100 (Elite) seconds to clear 3 waves of enemies in Tranquility Reach, otherwise the mission will automatically fail. During each wave, at least 10 enemies (even those from a past wave) need to be defeated to move on. After defeating 10 enemies, the party must attack a barrier crystal before the next wave will spawn.
    • Turtles will spawn during the first wave, Millipedes during the second, and Crabs during the third.
    • The dungeon orb-like barrier crystals have an area of effect that damages players inside the aura overtime for massive amounts of health. Like dungeon orbs, however, Rock Throwing can be used to activate the switches if the player so chooses.
    • After clearing the third wave, the party must destroy four crystals surrounding the portal to the next area.
    • This is the only phase of the mission with a time limit or an auto-fail condition.
  • During Phase 2, the party will have to travel through the eight islands of Deception Reach (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Coral), and clear them of all enemies, including Haunted Corals and Carnivorous Plants. Once all the enemies on an island are defeated, a colored warp crystal will light up, allowing the party to use it to move to the next island.
    • On the Coral island, rather than fighting enemies, the party must use Phantasmal Sight around two separate groves of coral reefs to find the teleporter. Striking the wrong tree will spawn enemies, while striking the correct tree will cause it to glow. If enemies are spawned during this time, they must be defeated before the party can continue.
    • Along the path through the islands, players using Phantasmal Sight have a chance of finding a hidden Far Darrig. This Far Darrig will change a random colored transport gem to another island farther on the list.
    • There is also a chance of finding a regular Mimic during the trip. Defeating it will yield a small amount of gold and one of the Runes of Command introduced in G23 or, rarely, an Unadorned Commander's Emblem totem in which to place the runes.
  • During Phase 3, the party must defeat 20 Coral Golems inside an Offering Circle within Desoltation Reach. However, the circle will rotate its position every 10 seconds in a counterclockwise circle around the arena. In addition, a large amount of golems (20-30) will spawn at the same time, all of whom can multi-aggro and swarm the party.
    • The Offering Circle will always return to fixed locations, so try to gather a large number Golems in one location using skills such as and use crowd attack skills such as Spinning Slasher, Act 6: Crisis, and Meteor Strike to defeat multiple Golems at once.
  • Immediately after Phase 3, the party will start Phase 4, where they will have to climb the hill behind the Golem arena and defeat every Barrier Guardian Spirit along the way. Once at the top of the hill, they will have to face the Barrier Bastion. The Barrier Bastion will summon a large number of Guardian Spirits, and will take no damage as long as there is still a Guardian Spirit still standing. In addition, new Guardian Spirits will spawn every 10 (Normal, Advanced) or 8 (Expert) seconds to replace any fallen spirits, up to the maximum. In essence, the party has 10/8 seconds to defeat every Guardian Spirit and deal damage to the Bastion Spirit, until the Bastion Spirit is defeated.
    • The Bastion Spirit can always be attacked, whether damage is inflicted or not, and so using Death Mark on the Bastion is highly recommended for its ability to draw in nearby Guardian Spirits. Work quickly to draw all the Guardian Spirits close to the Bastion Spirit.
    • Inflict as many debuffs on as many Guardian Spirits as possible.
    • Use attacks that strike over a large area, such as Meteor Strike, Flame Burst, and Bachram Explosion, to deal as much damage to every Guardian Spirit as possible. Members of the party should try to synchronise the use of each skill with each other to ensure maximum damage output.
    • There is no delay after defeating all the Guardian Spirits - after even one is defeated, the countdown for the replacement wave to spawn starts. Attack the Bastion quickly while there is time.
  • In Phase 5 and 6, the party enters the Temple of Manannan, where they will have to fight the Soaring Legs in Phase 5, before moving on to face Kraken Rex in Phase 6. In both phases, the party will also have to face Junior Krakens.
    • Upon reaching the Temple of Mananan, everyone player present will receive a Rune of Command Box containing 1-4 (verify amounts) of a single Rune of Command.
    • Juniors Kraken have no Defense or Protection, but spawn in large numbers and multi-aggro.
    • The party must defeat 8 (Normal), 10 (Advanced), or 12 (Expert) Soaring Limbs before moving on to Kraken Rex. Clearing this phase will complete the quest requirement for "Ascent to the Throne".
    • Kraken Rex has two separate tentacles to either side of its head that can be attacked. Defeating these tentacles yields cooking ingredients.
      • Kraken Rex will not spawn until the party leader has finished their cutscene.


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