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Revived Illusion

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For other missions, see Category: Tech Duinn Missions.

Temporary Order of Black Moon Icon.png
Mission Information
Time Limit None
Party Count 1~4
Quest Board Location Tech Duinn

We thought we defeated an illusion of Balor...

But I don't think it was completely defeated, due to the strength of the Fomor ritual. Some Fomors deny that they are being exploited by the Order of the Black Moon, and so they remain unwilling to turn their backs on it. Recently, they kidnapped some followers of Hymerark to continue their ritual. We have stood constant watch here, day and night, so we've no idea how they got back into the ruins. I assumed the members of the Order must have done something to attract those foolish Fomors. Enter the ancient ruin through Tech Duinn Geata. Save the followers of Hymerark, and stop the Balor revival ritual.




  • Hallway 1: Clear all 5 rooms and rescue the hostages in order to proceed to Hallway 2. There will be:
    • 3 Orb rooms - these will spawn enemies. Defeat them to clear the room.
      • 1 Orb room will consist of Bomb Bats and Red-Tipped Tarantulas followed by a wave of Black Moon Followers (Warriors and Archers)
      • 2 Orb rooms will consist of 2 waves of Black Moon Followers. (A Mage spawns in the second wave)
    • 2 Circle rooms - these will have a white circle in the center of them. Standing on the circle will cause Black Moon followers to spawn and attack. Clear the room by standing on the circle (and staying on it) for a certain period of time. The size of the circle will gradually shrink over time until it disappears. If all party members are knocked off of the circle for a certain period of time then the room will reset itself and all progress on shrinking the circle will be lost.
      • Mobs spawned in these rooms do not give EXP.
  • Intermission: A number of NPC hostages will spawn in the middle of Hallway 1. Talking to the hostages will cause a Gate to appear at the entrance. The Gate will continually spawn Black Moon followers who will then proceed to rush towards the hostages. Whenever a Black Moon follower reaches a hostage, the number of hostages will decrease. Defeat the Gate to clear this part of the mission. If all the hostages disappear, then all progress for this part will be reset and the lost hostages will respawn in the middle of the hallway.
  • Hallway 2: Clear all 6 rooms in order to proceed to the final battle. There will be:
    • 4 Orb rooms - 2 will spawn one to two waves of monsters, while 2 will spawn Red Lizard Witches and Bomb Bats. Defeat them to clear the room.
    • 2 Monolith rooms - these will have an un-targetable Evil Eye Monolith which can cast spells and Shock, while surrounded by enemies. Defeat them to clear the room.


  • Certain changes occur based on the difficulty chosen:
    • Mob spawn sizes and variety increases scaling against the difficulty.
    • On Elite, Evil Eye Monolith have the following changes:
      • They will be able to cast an Interrupted Connection debuff.
      • Four of these will spawn alongside Balor in the boss fight.
    • On Elite, Grendel enemies will spawn in the second hallway of rooms.
      • The Grendels that spawn will have the Hard Buff that boosts its physical and magical defenses and protection. This buff can only be removed from the Grendels once they touch a Salamander's Lava Spot.
    • Two waves spawn in orb and monolith rooms on Advanced and Elite, unlike Normal which has one.
    • Balor gains access to a new skill similar to the Cleric Stage in Seven Nightmares, with the added effect of restoring its own HP.
    • Salamander's spawn earlier in the Hostage rooms on Elite.
  • Lava Spots casted by Balor and Salamanders scales up in damage dealt by difficulty.
  • Hostage Rooms:
    • The time it takes to undo the binding circle varies with the amount of players. The more players that are on the binding circle, the faster it will be undone.
    • Skills that grant knockdown immunity such as Shield of Trust, Nascent Divinity, the Iron Will Technique etc., may be useful for staying in the circle.
    • Skills that drop or manage aggro such as Crisis Escape and Shadow Cloak cause the player to not be considered as being on the circle and so cannot be used to buy time. All enemies are immune to Shadow Bind.
    • The Tenacious Taunt Technique could be used on a pet to redirect the aggro onto a pet, so long as their owner does not enter the binding circle.
    • In Elite, two Salamanders spawn with a ~10 second self-destruct timer periodically. Upon its death, it casts a lava spot, stunning and damaging players within it.
      • This can be mitigated with Mana Shield and high Magic Defense and Protection.
      • It is recommend to use Spinning Slasher to easily group the Salamanders away from the binding circle.
  • Intermission:
    • Using Death Mark on the Geata with a high damage skill with large splash radius may help keep the enemies in check.
      • Flame Burst is a good skill to continuously use, especially on higher difficulties.
    • Final Hit may be used with caution, as summoned Followers may have Counterattack loaded.
    • A player guarding the hostages can continuously stun the Followers rushing in using Thunder, redirecting aggression to said player (or pet if divine linked) instead of the hostages.
    • Another way to deal with the massive amount of enemys is by using Dance of Death.
      • Using Dance of Death while linked with a Pet will redirect aggro to your pet. If done right, it's possible to let all Enemys aggro your Pet.
        • It's important to NOT kill any of the enemys. Killing any enemy will cause new ones to spawn which have to be aggroed again.
        • Make sure to only use Attacks that targets a single enemy. Any melee splashdamage will damage Enemys. That either can cause the enemy to die or to trigger Counterattack.
        • Make sure your Pet stays close to you so Divine Link won't be canceled.
        • A high rank of Guardian Oath, Sacred Revival or Floral Shield can make this section easier aswell since it will prevent your pet from dying.
  • Red Lizard Witch Rooms:
    • The Red Lizard Witches have Reflective Damage (up to 25% damage dealt back, bypassing Mana Shield).
      • Players using high burst damaging skills, such as Meteor Strike and Nova Obliteration, must be aware of the Bomb Bats caught in the range of such skills. The player may most likely be put in deadly, which could lead to death from said monster(s) once it explodes from its death.
      • A well-timed Blessing of Protection cast by another player before the Meteor Strike lands will completely negate the reflected damage, allowing one to kill all the Lizard Witches in one attack with no risk of death.
      • The use of 1H Spirits Ultimate Skill can fully negate the Reflective Damage as the heal is strong and frequent enough.
  • Boss Fight:
    • Like the Grendels, Balor will have the Hard buff so it is recommended to kill a Salamander near Balor to clear the buff. (such as using Death Mark)
    • Lava Spots casted by Balor's Flaming Towers scales up in size and damage dealt against the difficulty of the mission.
      • On Elite, the casting radii cannot be seen until 0.5-1 second of execution.
    • On Elite, the Evil Eye Monoliths summoned will continuously rotate throughout the battlefield via Teleportation on a 10-20(?) second interval. Certain alignment patterns include: a diagonal line, large square, small square (near the center of the room), and a straight line against a 4x4 grid.
    • Per every time a player dies before the boss room, Balor gains a buff in various stats.


  • At Intermission, the Tech Duinn Geata will spawn near the entrance.

Revived Illusion Map.png


Monster Spawn Patterns



  • It used to be possible to use Anchor Rush to enter Hostage Circles without drawing aggro by anchoring into the circle from the hallway.
    • This and many similar tricks have been procedurally patched out over time.