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The Final Chapter

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For other Generation 12 missions, see Category:G12 Shadow Missions.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.
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  • This mission is part of Generation 12.
  • The difficulty of the mission is set for you and is based on your total level. See Generation 12 for more information.

Mission Information


  1. Talk to the Falias Gatekeeper. He will give you 5 Fire Crystals, 10 Wind Crystals and a Cylinder.
    • You may talk to the Gatekeeper again to receive a reminder of what to do.
    • If you fail the mission and reattempt it, you will not receive any more crystals and cylinders.
  2. Restore the stonehenges.
    • Stand near the lithograph in the center, cast Shock on yourself, and click on the lithograph. A panel will glow blue, pointing to which stonehenges need to be fixed.
      • DO NOT transfer Shock's ability to the Brionac or it will not work.
    • Click the stonehenge to attempt to restore it.
      • There may be Aonbharrs guarding the stonehenge.
      • If the repair fails, the stonehenge will crumble, and Aonbharr will appear either around the stonehenge or further out near the Falias Floating Stone. Defeat the Aonbharr and collect any Falias Stonehenge Fragments they drop. Use the fragment to repair the stonehenge.
      • Beware of the Falias Floating Stone's Fireball or Thunder.
    • After restoring a stonehenge, another of the litograph's panels may glow blue. If so, repeat the above process.
      • Once enough stonehenges have been restored, a portal will open at the altar North of lithograph. Enter the portal to trigger a cutscene.
  3. Defeat Nuadha. There are four phases to this fight.
    1. Use Morrighan's Feather on Nuadha when he is poised to strike with Light of Sword.
      • This is done by using the feather and then clicking Nuadha, though you must be close to him in order for the feather to work.
      • The feather can be dragged to a hotkey for ease of use.
      • It is best to avoid Nuadha's attacks until you can use the feather on him.
      • Successful use of Morrighan's Feather will trigger a cutscene, marking completion of phase 1.
    2. Defeat the 3 Daols.
      • You will be using Awakening of Light for the remainder of the quest without time limit. If you revive at any point during this part, Awakening of Light will automatically be reactivated.
      • You will also acquire the Wings of Eclipse and Wings of Rage skills from Morrighan. Wings of Eclipse can lose EXP and may rank down.
        • Neamhain's powers of Spear of Light and Fury of Light are disabled.
        • Cichol's Shadow Spirit skill remains available. If your Shadow Spirit count is empty at this point, a message saying "A dark power fills your spirit" will appear and the shadow count will be replenished.
      • The Daols can be defeated by cutting away at their protection using Shadow Spirit or Brionac.
        • AOE summons bypass their protection so you may apply a hit and run strategy.
        • Flameburst and Life Drain are effective.
      • Though you begin this stage outside the mob's normal detection range, Nuadha will immediately detect you and commence walking slowly towards you. However, if you can break his aggro before he gets too close, he will not re-detect you provided you keep your distance.
        • Elves may do this by using Hide.
        • You can summon a pet, have it attack Nuadha and then desummon it. Usually Nuadha will then walk the small distance to where the pet vanished and stop.
        • If you manage to make Nuadha stop very close to the center of the circle, it is possible to run around the outside of the circle without him detecting you again. This makes it easier to deal with the Daols.
      • In this stage, Nuadha will not fly. When he detects you he will walk towards you for a normal attack, will sometimes run at you and Smash, and only rarely attacks with Spear of Light.
      • When all 3 Daols are defeated, a cutscene triggers, marking completion of phase 2.
    3. Defeat Nuadha.
      • Morrighan will arrive to aid you in battle. If she dies, the mission fails.
      • In this phase, Nuadha loses his invincibility, but will often fly. When he is in flight, attacks only do 1 damage to him. Using Wings of Rage has chance of knocking him down. Simultaneous use of Wings of Rage with Morrighan will almost always knock him back down.
        • Do not use Windmill or Sandburst. Due to the nature of Windmill resetting the AI, it tends to make Nuadha use Flight. Sandburst drops aggro, so when you attack him again, he will fly.
      • Wings of Rage will only do 1 damage to Nuadha, despite its inherit ability to ignore the opponent's defensive stats.
      • In this stage, Nuadha can run with Fury of Light and will sometimes pound the ground to produce a shockwave. He will no longer use Smash.
      • Defeating Nuadha will trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, you will be warped back to central Falias.
      • Destroy any of the several stonehenges. This triggers another cutscene that marks the end of Generation 12.
        • It is not necessary to engage any Aonbharrs, if any are still alive.



Basic -
Intermediate 81,000