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Stomp (Monster)

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For the Giant player skill, see Stomp.
For Bran's skill, see Bran's Shockwave.


Stomp (Monster).png
Causes seismic wave upon crashing the ground.


Zebach's Stomp.
  • Monster-only Skill.
  • Effects varies by the monster using it.


  • The monster will pound/stomp/smash the ground which causes knock back to all targets when impacted.
  • Stomp's range is affected by two factors:
    • The monster's hitbox size; the larger the hitbox, the larger the range, and the smaller the hitbox, the smaller the range.
    • The target's moving action. Stomp is more likely to hit a running target than a target standing still.
  • The monster will usually attack after two seconds when the skill is loaded.
  • Being knocked down by skills such as Firebolt with the skill loading can cause the monster to use the skill instantly (although in this situation it will usually miss) or cancel the raised hand/hammer/etc. animation while still allowing the monster to use it.
  • The range of Stomp is dependent on the type of monster that uses it.
  • Ignores Protection for calculating critical rate.
  • Not to be confused with the Giant skill Stomp.
    • Monster's Stomp is different in that their stomp attack will always knock one down.
    • This skill does a much higher damage than Giant's Stomp at the relative ranks.
    • This skill has a much larger range than Giant's Stomp, depending on the monster. For example, Argus's Stomp has the width of a regular dungeon room.
    • Monster's Stomp does not always involve the foot. For example, Ogres use their fist or weapon; Golems, Cyclops, Argus, and Giant Headless use their fist; and Grumbills and Gargoyles fly up and then stamp the ground.
    • Unlike Giant's stomp, a monster's stomp triggers Heavy Stander instead of Natural Shield.
    • Always knocks player out of Play Dead when in range.
      • Giant Guards are an exception to this because they are Giants and use Giant's Stomp.

Claimh Solas/Nuadha

  • Their stomp strikes in a 360 degree radius and has a very large range.
  • Their stomp knocks back rather than knocking down.

Black Dragon

  • Its stomp instantly sends the target 100 HP into Deadly.
  • Its stomp range is directly under its foot.

Korsek Raptor

  • Their stomp does fixed 70 damage, ignoring defensive stats.
  • Their stomp reduces the impacted target's Damage by half.
  • Their stomp range is an arc in front of it.
  • Their stomp grants them Advanced Heavy Stander during the entire duration of its usage, but is rendered immobile for a few seconds after using it, allowing one to repeatedly hit it without knocking it down.


Rank F E D C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Maximum Damage ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Minimum Damage ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Additional Will (Total) +3
Load Time [sec] 0 1.1 0

Monsters with Stomp