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Wings of Eclipse

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Wings of Eclipse.png
A skill that can be used when Awakening of Light is active. Summons crows to protect you from attacks. While under their protection, you cannot be knocked down. However, your EXP decreases each time an attack is blocked. Taking powerful damage may cancel the skill.


Rank 1 Wings of Eclipse
  • Can only be used with prior usage of Awakening of Light.
  • Invokes the "Demigod Invulnerability" status on the user.
  • Summons crows to create a shadow barrier.
    • At higher ranks, the shadow barrier becomes physically larger.
    • The shadow barrier greatly reduces damage. The damage reduced depends on rank.
    • Can negate passive damage (i.e. Sulfur Poisoning). However, you will lose skill EXP instead of losing HP.
    • The skill will lose less EXP for a given amount of damage as it becomes higher ranked.
    • If damage received would be reduced to 1 point or less due to the user's Defense and Protection, the attack is rendered completely ineffective (no damage will be dealt) and no EXP will be consumed.
    • When damage is taken, the skill's EXP decreases in proportion with the damage. Use of Defense and Protection boosting gear is advised for maximum effect (Defense and regular Protection is calculated on before the reduced damage from the skill).
    • The user will exhibit 100% Auto Defense similar to the Berserker Magical Music.
    • The user will exhibit Advanced Heavy Stander and will not be knocked down/back or stunned by any attack.
    • When the damage begins to exceed the tolerance limit, the barrier will appear to become unstable and the crows will scatter temporarily. This does not fully cancel the skill, however.
      • When this occurs, the player will take the remainder of the damage normally.
      • If damage from a single hit exceeds the tolerance limit by a large amount, the skill will be forcefully canceled and put into cooldown.
    • The barrier lasts infinitely long unless manually canceled, Awakening of Light runs out, too much damage is taken, or when the skill EXP count reaches 0.
  • Wings of Eclipse will not protect the player from Deadly status.
  • Requires the power of Morrighan.
  • Using this skill and taking damage while the skill is active causes it to lose experience.
    • If the skill EXP reaches 0, the skill will be disabled and the barrier will vanish.
    • If the skill is used when EXP is at 0, a single hit will disable the skill.


Rank F E D C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Damage Tolerance Limit 240 275 310 340 370 400 430 465 500 640 600 660 725 800 1000
Efficiency Ratio 4.82 5.44 6.09 6.4 7.02 7.67 8.28 8.95 9.55 10.21 11.23 12.41 13.66 15.11 18.88
Skill Exp Used from Damage ?
Reactivation Cooldown [sec] 20
Required Level-ups (Rounded up) - 35 36 39 41 42 46 48 50 53 56 59 64 69 75
Required Level-ups (Total Rounded Up) - 35 71 110 151 193 239 287 337 390 446 505 569 638 713
Exp Gain (Per Level) 2.64 2.46 2.30 2.23 2.10 1.98 1.88 1.78 1.70 1.62 1.55 1.52 1.45 1.40 1.35
Exp Gain (Per Rebirth) 52.80 49.20 46.00 44.60 42.00 39.60 37.60 35.60 34.00 32.40 30.20 28.00 26.00 24.00 20.00

Master Title

A master title for this skill does not currently exist.

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  • Wings of Eclipse ranks down during Generation 12's Final Chapter, unlike all other demigod skills.
    • It has been noted that after the skill ranks down it can also rank back up again to its original starting point. Whether this happens for all or some is unknown, you may have to lose substantial Exp before it will jump back up.
  • The skill used to rank down when you did not have enough Skill EXP to maintain the skill in your current rank, or if the using the skill meant you would reach negative skill EXP in your current rank. This was changed with the Reflections: Quality of Life 2 - Renewed Adventures update.