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For the monsters that look like trees, see Tree (Family).


Trees are found all throughout Erinn. These trees comes in various varieties. All trees can be struck with a player's weapon in hand, or bare hands. Simply click on the tree to strike it. When using an Axe-type weapon, or a Gathering Axe, a player will be able to gather Firewood.

All trees will drop Branches when struck. Most trees will drop Berries. Trees around Port Qilla will drop Coconuts on occasion. Certain trees in Vales when punched by a Giant will result in a Broken Log and a broken tree in its place. The broken tree will eventually "grow back" or respawn.

There are Apple Trees around the Dunbarton, Tir Chonaill, Emain Macha and areas that drops Apples, and the occasional Golden Apple.

In Tir Chonaill, there is a apple tree in the eastern meadows that commemorates the first day of Open Beta for Mabinogi.

In Gairech Hills, there is a red tree present in the forked road to the north. A post in front of it says it has a story, and it is Erinn's 223rd National Treasure. One rumor suggests that Redire and Aranwen had came and dated underneath that tree.

In Courcle, there is a tree found in the Herba Jungle that drops Courcle Coffee Beans when struck. These trees have red berries on it. They are not to be confused with regular berries.


Through Striking

Through Gathering

Log Trees

A giant hitting a log tree.

Log trees are tall trees found around Vales. They are characterized by their long, smooth trunks with no branches and small canopy.

  • A Giant can harvest Broken Logs by hitting it. The tree will fall, and yield one Broken log.
  • The tree will respawn in about 25 seconds.