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Corrib Valley

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For the Shadow Realm counterpart, see Corrib Valley (Shadow).
For the enchant of the same name, see Corrib (Enchant).
Corrib Valley


Top of the Waterfall

Corrib Valley connects the city of Tara and the town of Taillteann.

Corrib Valley is a valley between Tara and Taillteann. Honeycombs can be harvested from the trees within the area. Corrib (pronounced /kɒrɪb/) likely comes from the Lake Corrib (also known as Lough Corrib, Loch Coirib, or Loch nOirbsean) and the river that runs out of it.

While the words corr (meaning projecting point, rounded hill, or hump) and coirb (meaning ridge of rock or sharp-backed stone as in coirb cloiche) both suggest the visual appearance of Corrib Valley, the real-life Lake Corrib actually gets its name from poor handling of the name Loch nOirbsean (think: cOirb). Oirbsean, meanwhile, is another name used for Manannan.


Statue icon.png Byrun Spawn Point
Not all Byrun points are known.
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Local Monsters

Local Animals


If you gift colored small gems to Yellow-breasted Bunting or Mushrooms to the deer, they will give you a random item.