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Portrait of Aranwen
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Combat Instructor
Location Dunbarton
Part-time Job 12:00 Midnight
(3rd Dan Lightning title required)


A lady decked out in shining armor is confidently training students in swordsmanship in front of the school. Unlike a typical swordswoman, her moves seem delicate and elegant. Her long, braided silver hair falls down her back, leaving her eyes sternly fixed on me.

Aranwen is the martial arts teacher of Dunbarton. Neatly groomed and dressed in a suit of armor, she is undoubtedly a person of strict self-discipline.

Her genius in combat quickly won her a job in the guard regiment of Dunbarton. She is even rumored to have been equal in strength to the regiment captain. That same talent, however, became the basis for undesirable attention in the male-dominated milieu. Because of an unspecified circumstance, she quit her post and became a teacher instead.

Her blunt tone of speech and the disciplinarian manner by which she comports herself are surely habits from her former life in the military. Men, in spite of all, confess their love for her. Aranwen always replies to them alike: that she is only interested in those strong enough to defeat her in combat.

Music Track Title: Woman's Heart Behind the Armor

Aranwen's Quote: "Hey, you there! You should have better things to do rather than stalking women."[1]

Training Poles

Hitting the training poles around Aranwen will cause dialogue to appear.




Secret Part-time Job