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User:Aerunis/Personal Skill Progression (Life)

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Image Skill Rank Mastered
Fishing.png Fishing Rank 1 Mastered
Campfire.png Campfire Rank 1 Capped
Rest.png Rest Rank 1 Capped
First Aid.png First Aid Rank 1 Capped
Commerce Mastery.png Commerce Mastery Rank 1 Mastered
Exploration Mastery.png Exploration Mastery Rank 1 Mastered
Artifact Investigation.png Artifact Investigation Rank 1 Mastered
Transformation Mastery.png Transformation Mastery Rank 1
Taming Wild Animals.png Taming Wild Animals Rank 1 Mastered


Image Skill Rank Mastered
Production Mastery.png Production Mastery Rank 1
Mining.png Mining Rank 1 Mastered
Metallurgy.png Metallurgy Rank 1
Refining.png Refining Rank 1 Mastered
Blacksmithing.png Blacksmithing Dan 1 Mastered
Handicraft.png Handicraft Rank 1
Carpentry.png Carpentry Rank 1
Herbalism.png Herbalism Rank 1 Mastered
Potion Making.png Potion Making Dan 2
Sheep Shearing.png Sheep Shearing Rank 1 Mastered
Weaving.png Weaving Rank 1
Tailoring.png Tailoring Rank 1
Shyllien Ecology.png Shyllien Ecology Rank 1
Magic Craft.png Magic Craft Rank 1
Rare Mineralogy.png Rare Mineralogy Rank 1
Hillwen Engineering.png Hillwen Engineering Rank 1


Image Skill Rank Mastered
Cooking.png Cooking Rank 1 Mastered
Harvesting.png Harvesting Rank 1 Mastered
Hoeing.png Hoeing Rank 1 Mastered
Mushroom Gathering.png Mushroom Gathering Rank 1 Mastered
Egg Gathering.png Egg Gathering Rank 1
Milking.png Milking Rank 1 Mastered
Ingredient Hunting.png Ingredient Hunting Rank 1 Mastered
Tasting.png Tasting Rank 1 Capped
Catering.png Catering Rank 1 Mastered
Wine Making.png Wine Making Rank 1 Mastered

Pet Trainer

Image Skill Rank Mastered
Fynni Catching.png Fynni Catching Unlearned
Fynni Blossoming.png Fynni Blossoming Unlearned
Fynn Sync.png Fynn Sync Unlearned
Fynn Crafting.png Fynn Crafting Unlearned
Fynn Bead Burnishing.png Fynn Bead Burnishing Unlearned