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My Characters

My Human

My Elf

My Giant


My "Job" Here

In General

I'd like to contribute to the Wiki by helping to "fill in the blanks" and to do minor editing of grammar and spelling.

Specific Projects

Lightning Bolt - Ego casting vs chaincasting - mana loss at max charge?
Magic Shields - block an attack w/ multiple shields - testing/clarification
Abbreviations/Glossary - Ongoing...

Magic Shields

Tested out just a few moments ago. My wife and I tested it out in Math Dungeon on Kobold Archers. Isolated one, fell back, casted both shields up. She had been aggroed by the archer, it set up a magnum, and shot her. She got the training for it. I got no training.

So when it says "Shield attacks with more than one _____ magic shield", it literally means, "block attacks with more than one overlapping shield."

  • Whoever gets hit gets the training.
  • The other person gets no training.

Questions that still need answering:

  • Do both members have to be in party?
  • By how much is damage reduced due to two overlapping shields? (May not be able to directly measure this easily)

Soon to be tested used a method proposed by Sozen

People on the Wiki I have met In-game


My Contributions



I am usually on the Wiki when I'm at work, cause yeah, I'm a contributing member to society as a whole as well!

If anyone would like to discuss anything with me, please comment my Discussion page or you can contact me while at work in AIM, sn:Demaetri.

Quicklinks For My Reference

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