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Ability Points: Points that allow for the ranking/leveling of skills. You gain Ability Points as you age or when you gain a level. Usually abbreviated as AP by players.

Advanced: When referring to dungeons, it is the advanced version of the dungeon. Ex: Ciar Advanced or Alby Advanced. When referring to magic spells, formerly referred to Fireball, Ice Spear, or Thunder. These were reclassified as "intermediate" magic spells, with the new advanced tier including Hailstorm and Meteor Strike. Blaze is generally not a part of either categorization. When referring to Part-Time Jobs, it is the group of most difficult tasks offered by an NPC. Usually abbreviated as "adv" by players. Ex: Ciar Adv, Alby Adv; "What adv spells do you have?"

Aggro: The state in which an enemy is both aware of a player and attacking them, indicated by two large exclamation points above the enemy's head. A player who is being attacked by an enemy is said to have "aggro." Attacking an enemy to get its attention is considered to be "aggroing" it

Alexina: 1. A human female character who is the expedition leader of the Qilla Base Camp, in the Rano region on the Iria continent. Go to her NPC page for further details. 2. The name of a game server used to play Mabinogi in North America.

Area of Effect: Abbreviated AoE, usually refers to a skill or move's ability to have an effect within an area rather than a single point, which can then allows multiple targets to be affected instead of just a single target.

Arrow Revolver: A ranged skill similar to Icebolt that involves a collection quest for all 10 of its pages that expire. When loaded, you are able to fire five arrows in quick succession. Usually abbreviated as AR by players.


Bangor: A mining town on the south of the Uladh continent. It is the home of Barri Dungeon, a location that is very important in several Generation quests.

Barri: A dungeon in Bangor. It is a mine which contains many ores and spirit fossils. It is also home to the gateway to the Another World.

Barri Black Fomor Pass: A dungeon pass given to the player by Kristell which can be used to travel to Another World. This pass may only be used on Saturdays. One of these passes is given to the player during the G1 storyline, and more can be obtained from Kristell at any time during the week provided the player is level 25 or higher and wearing an appropriate "Slayer" title.

Best in Slot: Shortened to BiS, this is a player term used to describe a subjective "best" option with regards to the current options. Traditionally refers to Equipment inventory slots, but can be more broadly applied; other examples include Pets, Skill Hotkeys, and Totems.

Brionac: The sword of the Gods. It is awarded to the player upon completion of G11. It gains multiple abilities when wielded while the player is under the influence of Shock or Awakening of Light.


Camp Sharing: The process of sharing food with others sitting around a campfire. You can do this only by sitting near the fire close enough to get the "The fire feels very warm" message. While sitting with others right click the food you want to eat/share and click eat/use, a small window will come up with "Yes", "No", "Cancel" buttons to choose from. If you do not wish to share the food and eat it yourself, click "No", if you wish to do nothing with the food click "Cancel", and finally to share with others click "Yes." Another window will appear if you click "Yes", this will allow you to put in a note/message to all the people around the campfire when they receive the food. When other members receive the food they will get the note whether or not they choose to actually eat the food. If the shared food had a stat-changing effect, it will be halved regardless of the number of people the food is shared among.

Cash Item: Items that are purchased from the Item Shop.

Cash on Demand: When sending items through the mail, players are able to request a monetary compensation in order to obtain the item. When advertising sales over party chats, players sometimes add "cash on demand" at the end of their request, abbreviated as "COD."

Cernunnos:A being that acts as the guardian of Fiodh forest and owns powers received from the queen of fairies to that order.

Combat Power: A combination of a player's stats and skill ranks which determines the level of a monster (aka: awful, strong, weakest). Usually abbreviated as CP by players.

Current Offer: Current Offer is usually abbreviated to 'c/o'. Current Offer usually refers to an item being sold by a player and has someone already bidding on the item at a certain price but the player wants to see if another player wants to buy it at an even higher price. An example would be: Player A is selling a Japanese One-Handed Sword for 2 M gold. Player B would like to buy Player A's sword and asks what the current offer (c/o) is. Player A tells Player B that the sword is 2 M gold. Player B decides to buy or bid on the sword with a higher price of 2.5 M gold.


Dark Knight: A transformation that can be earned by completing G3 mainstream quest. A separate quest has to be done in order to get Dark knight. It is not available upon completion of the G3 Mainstream Quest. Usually abbreviated as DK by players.

Deadly: The state of your character having a skull below his or her health bar. Achieved by having over 50% HP when hit by a single blow that would otherwise kill the player, or at random (chance determined by Will stat) when the character runs out of HP while below 50%. It is the same as your health being in the negatives, except that you're still alive. The negative health that you have in this state is unknown unless you know exactly how much you were hit by. The higher your willpower (Will) the more likely you will be given this 'second chance'. You can recover from this state by resting, using potions, or being healed, but your health does not start recovering at 0; instead it will recover starting at the negative health. The extent of the negative health in this status is equal to the maximum of your current HP (I.E If you have 215 health and take a 500 damage hit, you'll still go down to only negative 215 health as opposed to dropping to 275, the extra damage is simply negated). No matter how hard the hit is, your health will not drop below that threshold despite it seeming like a larger drop into the negatives than it actually is.

Demigod: A type of transformation introduced in G10 and is activated by the skill Awakening of Light. It is available to all players who complete the G10 storyline, and can be used by all races. It can also be used in conjunction with the race specific transformations, or on its own. While transformed, a player receives the power of the gods, represented by an angelic specter image laid over their body, and gain access to powers granted by specific gods. Neamhain in G10, Cichol in G11, and Morrighan in G12 all provide specific skills that the player can use while they have Awakening of Light active.

Divine Light: According to Altam, the Alban Knights were blessed with Divine Light from Aton Cimeni. This Divine Light is the key to unlocking the Crusader Skills that the Alban Knights use.

DoT: An acronym that stands for Damage over Time. It refers to the loss of hp effect of some abilities and items such as Mirage Missile, Poison Bottle, or Poison Potion.

Durability: How long your equipment will last before breaking. Usually abbreviated as "dura" by players. Worn equipment such as clothing and weapons (except sheathed) will lose durability over time. An item can lose durability before the durability display shows any changes. An item that has lost a portion of its durability (displayed or otherwise) will have a slightly reduced resell value (this can be checked by recording the resell value of a weapon, use it a few times, and then check the resell value again, especially if the durability has not decreased on the stats screen).


Elf/Elves: A race of people native to Erinn, who mostly live in the harsh Connous desert far to the southeast of the Iria continent, see Category:Elf (NPC). Also, a possible race for a player created character, see Elf. The Elves that are native to Erinn are in conflict with the native Giants and these two races have gone to war in the past. Not all native Elves agree that they should be fighting the Giants, however.

Ego: A term used to refer to a Spirit Weapon. That is, an "ego" weapon.

Enchant: A skill for using enchants.

Enchants: Bonuses that can be put onto equipment. See Category:Enchants for more information.

Erg: The life force of Erinn, where HP is the same as Erg in Mabinogi. When Erg drops below 1 point, you either go into the 'deadly status' or more likely than not you will be knocked out, usually referred to as 'dying'. Palala is the source of Erg on erinn, while the Dark Sun is the source of the erg that powers Alchemy and the Shadow Realm.

Erinn: The world that includes most of the story and people in the game. Does not include the Shadow Realm or the alternate universe of Another World. See the page Erinn for further details.

EU: Abbreviation for Europe. Commonly used to refer to the European branch of Nexon and its games or players. Nexon Europe mainly services countries in the European and Middle East regions.

Eweca: The name of the small (red) moon in Erinn, and the source of all of Erinn's Mana. Also a general term used to describe the night.


Falias: The City of the Gods. It is the central location in the second half of G12. It is home to Falias Gatekeeper, Aonbharr, and Nuadha.

Final Hit: A melee skill that allows you to keep hitting a monster without knockback (if dual-wielding) or to knockback with each hit (if single-wielding). Some could consider this a "teleporting endless combo." Usually abbreviated as FH by players.

Findias: One of the cities of the gods that parallels Falias.

Finishing Materials: Items used in the final step of creating items with Tailoring or Blacksmithing skills.

Fomorian: Fomorians, also known as Fomors, The opposing race that is in conflict with the Humans on Erinn. Some monsters are Fomors and most other monsters on the Uladh continent are controlled by Fomors, which makes them more aggressive towards players. On the Iria continent the monsters that are not Fomors, are not controlled by them though they are naturally aggressive. However, there are also a few NPCs that are Fomors, some of which side with Humans or are neutral. Most of the Fomors that are against Humans believe that they are governed by the god Cichol. Some Humans have sided with the Fomors but as of yet the Elves and Giants native to Erinn have not sided with either.

Fynn: or the Power of Fynn, The very power which enables Pet Training.

Fynni: Fairy souls imbued in pets or monsters.

Fynni Gem: A jewel containing a slumbering Fynni. It can be obtained by defeating a monster that has a soul of a Fynni sleeping within them.

Fynni Pet: An in-game pet that can be obtained by Blossoming a Fynni Gem. It can only be used in a sub-pet slot when you perform Fynn Sync.

Fynn Pet: A pet on which Fynn Sync has been performed at least once.

Fynn Bead: An object in which the latent power of the Fynn is sealed.

Fynn Bell: A talent-specific equipment item that Pet Trainers need in order to manage the power of the Fynn.


Game Master: In online games, the Game Master, or GM, is a person hired by the company to police the game.

Geas: A special contract of divine order. Betraying it has heavy consequences.

Geata: A gateway to another dimension or area. It has a similar function to the Goddess Statues, and can even act on its own. Notably seen first in Tech Duinn during G22, multiple instances have since been seen such as the one leading to Mag Mell, which by itself contains two more geatas.

Generation: The storymode of Mabinogi. The game and its updates/patches are broken down into Chapters, Generations, and Seasons. Usually abbreviated as GX by players when referring to the story, where X is a number. See Category:Mainstream Quests for more information.

Genesis: The major patch update of Generation 16, Season 2, which changed many things as in but not limited to the user interface, gameplay, and storyline contents.

Giants: A large race of people native to Erinn, who mostly live in the snowy highlands of Physis, in the northern regions of Iria, see Category:Giant (NPC). Also, a possible race for a player created character, see Giant. The Giants that are native to Erinn are in conflict with the native Elves and these two races have gone to war in the past. Not all native Giants agree that they should be fighting the Elves, however.

Glas Ghaibhleann: A race of monsters that Fomors summoned to burn down Erinn. One of them is also the last boss in the G1 Mainstream quest. Another (considerably stronger) version appears in a G9 mission.

Goibne: A master blacksmith who made and blessed various advanced weaponry including demonic weapons. His manuals are used by Edern in Generation 2 to make the mythril armor.

Gorias: One of the cities of the gods that parallels Falias.


Hitbox: Hitbox refers to the actual size of a monster in which one can target. Most skills that uses distance, such as Assault Slash, aims for the center of the hitbox (some skills like Windmill are exceptions to this), while all non-distance-based attacks, such as Smash, can hit the "edge" of the hitbox. The creature's hitbox also increases the range of its non-distance-based attacks. Generally, large monsters such as Giant Spiders have large hitbox sizes, while smaller monsters such as Imps have smaller hitboxes, though this is not always true.

HP: Short for "Hit Points" or "Health Points." Refers to a character's or monster's life value. The light pink area represents the actual health remaining, the dark pink area represents health that can be regenerated (by waiting, healing or drinking HP potions), and the black part represents health that needs bandages.

Humans: The race of people who have populated the continent of Uladh (see Tuatha de Danann) and living as natives in the Courcle region of Iria. See Category:Human (NPC) for Humans that are found living on Erinn. These Humans are mostly in conflict with the Fomor race. Also, a race that can be selected for a player created character, see Milletian and Human.


Icebolt: A basic offensive spell with the elemental attribute of ice. Usually abbreviated as IB by players.

Ice Spear: An advanced offensive spell with the elemental attribute of ice. Usually abbreviated as IS by players.

Iria: A large continent east of Uladh created by the Irinid. It is comprised of 5 main regions,: Rano, Connous, Physis, Courcle, and Zardine Rano and Zardine both have settlements of Humans from Uladh. Connous is populated by the Elves. Physis is populated by the giants. Courcle is populated by native humans of Iria.

Item Shop: This shop can be opened by clicking on the button in the lower, right corner of the in-game screen. It sells items not available from the NPC shops or the Mabinogi website's Premium Shop. NX is required for these items to be bought.


JP: ISO 3166 symbol for Japan.


Keyword: Left click on an NPC, continue past their description window and usually the next window will have at least one button called "Start a Conversation." Click on the "Start a Conversation" button, continue past the NPC's introduction comment and on the right hand side of the next window will be an image of an open book. This book contains keywords with short descriptions underneath, and clicking on a keyword will obtain responses from an NPC. If an NPC does not have anything important to say about a particular keyword then the response will be vague. However, the NPC may respond with important information and these responses may also grant quests, knowledge of skills and other keywords. If certain conditions are met then new keywords can be obtained, the short description underneath a keyword may change or a keyword may disappear.

Kon: The Homestead's value and experience, needed to level up the homestead.

Knockback: Refers to the animation of being "pushed back" from an attacker by a combo attack. Being struck with a three-hit combo that does not end in a Critical Hit will result in knockback. There are many other attack combinations that will push an enemy or player away from the attacker; the previously mentioned combo was given only as an example.

Knockdown: Refers to the animation of being "knocked off one's feet" by a relentless or powerful attack. Being hit by Firebolt or Smash will result in knockdown. There are many other skills and attack combinations that will knock a player or enemy off its feet; the previously mentioned skills were given only as examples.

KR: ISO 3166 symbol for (South) Korea.


Ladeca: The name of the large (blue) moon in Erinn, believed to be the dwelling ground of space rabbits. The moongate reveals the path to Ladeca only once a year on Easter. The in-game phase of Ladeca slowly changes in real time and matches the real-world phase of Earth's Moon.

Lag: Lag is a common occurrence in online games that causes the connection to slow down or even disconnect. Lag is typically caused by a poor internet connection, however the problem may also be client-side or server-side.

Lightning Bolt: A basic offensive spell with the elemental attribute of lightning. Usually abbreviated as LB by players.

Lochlann: Lochlann refers to Scandinavia, and is sometimes described as the land of the Fomorians. Mores appeals to Fomors in both 'Erinn and Lohollan' in The Book of Revenge.

Log-Out Penalty: A warning message that appears when the player tries to log off thirty seconds after fighting or five minutes after entering a dungeon, deducting experience and gold from the player if they do so. The penalty still occurs if the player disconnects or changes channels, but are not warned before doing so.

Lucky Finish: A special effect upon killing a monster that causes it drops more gold in multipliers.


Mag Tuired: Sen Mag Prairie before an attack there by Fomors (the First and Second Battles of Mag Tuired). Mag Tuireadh is also known as Moitura, an anglicized version based on Mag Tuireadh's pronunciation.

Magic Counter: A method of attacking monster by first using a magic bolt to stun the target, then using the Counterattack skill. Once the monster has been hit by counter, another bolt is charged and used, and then counter again. The cycle repeats indefinitely. See also Battle Tactics for more information.

Mana: Allows a player to cast spells. Once a player has run out of mana, they are unable to cast spells. Mana is replenished by waiting (faster when Eweca and Ladeca is up), while meditating, standing near an active Mana Tunnel or drinking MP potions. The light blue part represents mana that is ready to be used, and the dark blue part represents mana that can be recharged. Usually referred to as MP (mana points) by players.

Mana Tunnel: Also called sungates, these are Iria's version of Uladh's Moongates, and are open all day and night. Instead of sending the user to a predetermined location, mana tunnels can send the user to another mana tunnel they have visited before. The user will manually choose which gate to go to. Sometimes abbreviated as "MT" by players.

Master Title: This is a title a player obtains when fulfilling 100 points of the training requirements of a skill at Rank 1. Each master title corresponds to their respective skill, meaning you can have more than one. You originally required to do all of the requirements of a Rank 1 skill in order to obtain its corresponding Master Title.

Memory Cipher: An item that has been enchanted to hold its owner's memories. The memories they contain can typically be viewed by someone else when used up as a sacrifice on an Altar. The Crystal Balls function on a similar principle.

Moongate: Gates in Uladh that are open all day and night. As of G16S1 Moongates now function similarly to Manatunnels. Players are able to use Moongate to visit any moongate that they have once entered through and used indefinitely so long as it remains open.

Multiaggro: A situation in which multiple monsters in aggro state have locked onto the same player.

Murias: One of the cities of the gods that parallels Falias.


NA: 1. Abbreviation for North America. 2. Abbreviation for Nexon America.

NPC: This is a general term in online games to describe the game's characters that are made by the game for players to interact with (the acronym means 'non-player character'). This includes the shopkeepers, quest-givers, etc. In Mabinogi, these characters have the letters "NPC" written in smaller front in front of their name, and most do not walk around, making them easy to identify.

NX: 1. A web currency that is the equivalent of real world money but is restricted to Nexon's website and games (formerly called Nexon Cash). It's not Mabinogi's in-game currency. NX is used on Nexon's website in their Premium Shop, in-game but only for the Item Shop and has similar uses in other Nexon games. $1 USD is equivalent of 1,000 NX. NX is non-transferable between accounts and expires one year from the purchase date. It comes in two forms NX Prepaid and NX Credit. 2. Abbreviation for Nexon.

NX Credit: Bought by using the Paypal or Pay By Cash options on the Mabinogi website, as well as on websites of other Nexon games. Has restrictions on its use. The following Gachapons cannot be purchased with NX Credit until a player's character has reached level 30; Soldier Gachapon (2012), Fashion Gachapon (2012), Exploration Gachapon (2012), Production Gachapon, Fixed Dye Gachapon and Magician Gachapon (2012). There is also a maximum limit to the amount of NX Credit that can be bought per month and gifting NX Credit to another Nexon account is not allowed.

NX Prepaid: Obtained by using the coupon code on Nexon Game Cards which can be bought at many stores in the United States and Canada. Does not have the restrictions applied to NX Credit.


Paladin: Holy warriors who are supposed to fight for justice and morality. However, as they are human, that definition may become distorted. The Paladin Training Grounds are located to the west of Emain Macha. Craig oversees the training of new recruits. See Generation 2. Usually called "pally" or "pali" by players.

Palala: The name of the sun in Erinn, and the source of Erg in all of Erinn.

Part-Time Jobs: When asked about jobs, an NPC may give the player a job to perform for money, item, and/or experience rewards. Completing these jobs is a good way to become friends with an NPC. Usually abbreviated as PTJ by players.

Partholonians: Partholonians are the earliest known clan of Humans on the Uladh continent and the ancestors of Tuatha de Dananns. They were wiped out by a plague brought on by Cichol.

Peeling: The act of reducing a monster's Defense and Protection through various means, such as Brionac and Seal: Pragarah.

Premium Shop: This shop is only available on the Mabinogi website and sells premium services, character cards and pet cards (there is a button on the in-game System Menu to go directly to the Premium Shop web page). Note that these products require NX to be bought and are not available from the in-game Item Shop or NPCs.

Proficiency: Over time this builds up when the item is used. For example, weapons earn proficiency when it is used against a monster of weak level or higher, while armors earn proficiency when simply worn or the character wearing the armor is hit by a monster. These points are used to permanently upgrade the item. The speed at which an item builds proficiency goes up as the character gets older. A weapon can increase 4.3% proficiency per use/hit at max (Age 25+ on Thursdays). Usually called "prof" by players.

Props: Is the term used on this wiki to describe inanimate objects that can be interacted with, usually by gathering from them to harvest materials or hitting them to make items drop. However, a few props use different methods of interaction, e.g., Mailboxes, Party Boards, etc. Props can include living things such as trees and bushes but basically nothing that is animated (including plant monsters, which really should be considered magical rather than just vegetation).


Rank: The level of a skill, for example, Rank 5 Smash or Potion Making rank E. Usually abbreviated as either RX or rX, where "R" or "r" represents the word "rank" and "X" is the actual rank of the skill being referenced (e.g., R5 Smash or Potion Making rE). Ranks ascend through the letter ranks (F->A) before going through the number ranks (A->9, 9->1). Note that, the actual rank is given as either a single digit or a single, capital letter. When referring to the rank of a production skill used to acquire an item, it usually means the minimum required skill level needed to acquire that item. Be aware that some production skills allow you to attempt certain items that are just a few ranks above your current rank, albeit at a lower percentage chance of success.

Resell/Resell Value: Neither term is used in-game but, on this wiki, both are used for the fixed amount an NPC pays for an item sold to them by a player. The resell value is not used for the fluctuating price obtained by selling an item to another player's Personal Shop. Where applicable, the resell values quoted on the wiki are for items that have their maximum total durability/uses, have never been repaired and have never been equipped or used. If an item can be stacked then obtain a resell value for a single unit, rounded off to 2 decimal places if the price is not a whole number. Note that NPCs truncate resell values to the nearest whole number rather than rounding off. For example, a single unit that should be 2.75 g will be truncated down to 2 g, for 2 units it will be 5 g instead of 5.5 g, for 3 units it will be 8 g instead of 8.25 g, for 4 units it will be the correct value of 11 g and so on. Therefore, it may be better to obtain a single unit price by dividing the price of a large stack by the number of items it contains rather than selling a single unit to an NPC. Also, some NPCs do not have a shop and therefore cannot buy an item from a player. With some exceptions, most items have a resell value (rounded up) equivalent to 10% of their shop purchase price when in perfect condition.

Ruairi: 1. A human male character who only appears in the mainstream story, where he can be role-played. Go to his NPC page for further details but be warned that they will contain spoilers. 2. The name of a game server used to play Mabinogi in North America.


Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh: The last battle that took place in Sen Mag Prairie between the Fomors and Humans. Main cause of the devastation seen there today.

Soul Stream: The place in which Nao resides. Here, she is able to call on the souls of worthy people from other dimensions and channel them into Erinn.

Soul Streamer: A content creator of the Mabinogi community that applied to and got a partnership with Nexon. They are players with certain benefits that produce content, usually through streaming. See here for more information.

Splash Angle: The angle of a splash attack.

Splash Damage: Damage applied by using a normal melee attack (and Smash and Magnum Shot beyond Rank 5) that hits other monsters close to the original target. Colossus and Pierrot Marionettes' normal attacks do not inflict splash damage. It does not cause additional aggro, unless the splash damage hits any nearby monster using Defense, causing that monster to aggro as well. If splash damage makes contact with a monster with Counterattack, it will activate as well. Not to be confused with Area of Effect.

Splash Radius: The radius of a splash attack.

Spirit Incarnation: When a Spirit Weapon is satisfied with the care it has received from its master (i.e. Social Level 21), it can materialize for a devastating attack on enemies.

Spirit Weapon: A weapon imbued with a soul or spirit. Eiry, the beginner's sword, is an example of a spirit weapon. A player may make a weapon into a spirit weapon, which requires regular care and attention, much like a child.

Stamina: Refers to a player's energy. The light yellow part represents stamina that can be used (in attacking, life skill, music skills, etc.) and the dark yellow part represents energy that needs to be recharged by waiting, sitting down or drinking stamina potions.

Sungate: See Mana Tunnel.


Tabhartas: The guardian of the Fomor wisdom, also a G2 final boss.

Tarlach: 1. A human male character who is a druid residing in the Sidhe Sneachta region, on the Uladh continent. Go to his NPC page for further details. 2. The name of a game server used to play Mabinogi in North America.

Thunder: An advanced offensive skill with the elemental attribute of lightning. Usually abbreviated as TH by players.

Tir Na Nog: A mythical paradise in Erinn. Some believe it is a physical plane where the dead will arise, the sick will be healed, and conflicts will cease to exist. Others believe it is a spiritual plane for archetypal deities. [1] Sometimes referred to by players as TNN.

Transformation: A group of skills which boost your stats and skills, and open up a few other skills. Transformation generally refers to Paladin, Dark Knight, Falcon, and Beast. Sometimes abbreviated as "trans" or "morph" as a whole, and "pally", "DK", "falcon", or "beast" individually. As of G10, this also include the Demigod transformations.

Tuatha de Danann: Tuatha de Dananns refers to Humans, Elves, and Giants that are native to Erinn. Human, Elf, and Giant players are known as Milletians, meaning "from the stars." Most NPCs on the Uladh and Iria continent appear to be Tuatha de Dananns. All Humans, Elves, and Giants native to Erinn are considered Tuatha de Danann. Most Tuatha de Dananns are the descendants of the earlier Partholon clan which lived in northern Uladh. Note that, some in-game books use other spellings of Tuatha de Danann, such as, Tuatha Dé Danann, Tuatha de Danaan and Tuatha de Denaan. Tuatha Dé Danann appears to be the correct spelling for the real-world Irish mythology, according to searches on Google and Wikipedia, but Nexon predominately uses Tuatha de Danann in-game.

TW: ISO 3166 symbol for Taiwan.


Uladh: The original and only accessible continent on Erinn, when Mabinogi first began. Mostly inhabited by Humans and is to the west of the later implemented continent of Iria.

Unholy Light: Otherwordly, corrupted Divine Light, which clashes with Erinn's natural light. According to Altam, it makes people extremely vulnerable to being controlled by others. It also acts as the catalyst of Nascent Divinity and Apostles's birth.

Upgrade: Weapons and armor may be upgraded at an NPC to become stronger. The equipment must have earned sufficient Proficiency in order to be eligible for upgrades.


Windmill: 1. An offensive skill that attacks multiple enemies at one time. Players abbreviate this skill as WM. It is considered by many to be one of, if not THE most useful skills in the game. 2. the Windmill tool used to grind Flour located in Tir Chonaill.