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A gallery of background images used at the login screen. Click on the image to see it in full.


Generation 17: Shamala and Nightmare

Shamala Login A.png Shamala Login B.png

The Saga: Iria

The Saga - Iria Login.png Gunslinger Login.png

The Saga: Iria II

The Saga - Iria II Login.png The Saga - Iria II Login 2.png

The Saga - Iria II Login 3.png

Generation 19: The Divine Knights

Generation 19 - The Divine Knights.png

Generation 20: The Gate of Sanctuary

Generation 20 - The Gate of Sanctuary.png

Talents and Game Updates


The Classic Login.png


Genesis Login.png


Maestro Login.png


Puppeteer Colossus Login.png Puppeteer Pierrot Login.png

Druid (Merlin)

Merlin Login.png

Soul Star (Starlet)

Starlet Login.png

Vates (Professor J)

Vates Login.png

Culinary Artist

Culinary Artist Login.png

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter Login.png

Ninja (From the Shadows)

Ninja Login.png

New Beginnings

New Beginnings Login.png


Renovation (Close Combat) Login.png Renovation (Magic) Login.png

Renovation (Archery) Login.png Renovation (Alban) Login.png

A New Dawn For Dungeons

Rabbie Phantasm Login.png

Festia Festival

Festia Festival Login.png


MusicQ Login.png


Memento Login.png


Hatsune Miku Event

Hatsune Miku Login 2013.png

Cursed Labyrinth Event

Halloween Login 2013.png

Doki Doki Island Event

Doki Doki Island Login.png

Sword Art Online Event

Sword Art Online Login.png

Chapter 6 Prologue Event

Chapter 6 Prologue Event Login.png

Couple Breaker Event

Valentines Day 2015 Login.png

MabiLand 7th Anniversary Celebration Event

7th Anniversary Login.png

Master Plan Event

Master Plan Event Login.png

Samhain Event

Samhain Event 1st Movement Login.png Samhain Event 2nd Movement Login.png

Return to Doki Doki Island Event (2016)

Return to Doki Doki Island Login.png

MabiLand 8th Anniversary Celebration Event

8th Anniversary Login.png

Fate/stay night (UBW) Event

Fate-stay night (UBW) Login.png

Cookie Island Event

Cookie Island Event Login.png

The Tale of the Scariest Little Ghost Event

Halloween Login 2016.png

Utawarerumono x Mabinogi

Utawarerumono Login.png

9th Anniversary Festival

9th Anniversary Login.png


Spring 2016

Spring 2016 Login.png

Summer 2016

Summer 2016 Login.png

Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Login.png