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For the character, see Ascon.


  • Anonymous, sometimes known as Ascon's sidequest, is a sidequest that provides background information on the Ascon and Belvast's History. It is set right after the events of Generation 14 and right before the events of Generation 15.

How to start

NPCs involved in Anonymous


Torn Letter.png
Ferghus's Letter.png
Name Anonymous NPC Austeyn, Augustine

I have a favor to ask. Could you please stop by the Bank when you come to Dunbarton? - Austeyn

  • Throughout the story and unless otherwise noted, you will be prompted with two choices. Regardless of which you choose, the outcome will still be the same.
  • You'll receive this quest upon logging in after completing Generation 13: Hamlet.
  1. Talk to Austeyn in Dunbarton.
  2. Talk to Augustine in Port Cobh.
  3. Put the pieces of the torn letter together.
  • Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [15,000 EXP]

Ascon and His Lanterns

Thin Spars (Part-Time Job).png
Average Firewood (Part-Time Job).png
Name Ascon and His Lanterns NPC Ascon

Who did Fergus write a letter to? Find the owner of Ferghus's letter.

  1. Read Ferghus's letter carefully and find its owner.
  2. Make 4 Thin Spars (Part-Time Job).
  3. Deliver 4 Thin Spars to Ascon.
  • Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [10,000 EXP, 2 Wood Board] (Wait approx. 20 minutes)

The Lost 50 Years

Combat Mastery.png Name The Lost 50 Years NPC Ascon

Ascon would like to talk to you. Stop by to see him when you have some time.

  1. Talk to Ascon.
    • Without prompt, you will enter the RP mission Attack of the Pirates
  2. Listen to Ascon's stories.
    • You will roleplay as Ascon as a child battling pirates named Tiny Billy and Maurice the Engorged.
    • Ascon is extremely weak, having Rank Novice Combat Mastery, Rank 8 Defense, and Rank 8 Counterattack.
    • The RP will automatically end once either Maurice or Billy's HP drop below 50%, Ascon gets defeated, or the Shadow Mission lingers for more than 5 minutes.
      • Although there is a time limit, there is little to do other than be defeated. There are Rank 1 Barrier Spikes on the pathway from the lighthouse, preventing escape. It is possible to survive by hiding behind the lighthouse and anchor statue.
  • Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [10,000 EXP] (Wait approx. 16 minutes)

A Letter From the Past

Letter from Ascon.png Name A Letter From the past NPC Ascon, Walter, Siobhanin, Annick

Ascon seems to have an urgent matter at hand. Hurry over to him and find out what it is.

  1. Talk to Ascon in Port Cobh.
  2. Read the letter from the past.
  3. Talk to Walter in Dunbarton.
  4. Talk to Siobhanin in Port Cobh.
  5. Talk to Annick in Port Cobh.
  6. Read the Letter for Ascon.
  7. Deliver the letter to Ascon.
  • Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [20,000 EXP] (Wait approx. 4 minutes)

Kind-Hearted Videk

Tough String.png
Courcle Taming Cane.png
Taming Bait.png
Name Kind-Hearted Videk NPC Rich person, Gordon, Ascon

Find Ascon's family friend, Videk. he might know who the crook is.

  1. Talk to the Rich Man of Emain Macha.
  2. Find the Jewelry Pouch in Coill Dungeon using the Rich Man's Pouch String.
  3. Talk to the Rich Man of Emain Macha.
  4. Tame the Kid Cyclops in Rundal Dungeon
  5. Talk to the Rich Man of Emain Macha.
  6. Talk to Gordon in Emain Macha.
  7. Talk to Ascon in Port Cobh.
  • Complete the quest. [30,000 EXP]