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A Theatre Mission or Theater Mission is a special type of quest that takes place in the Globe Theatre in Avon. There are many similarities between a Theatre Mission and a Shadow Mission.

How to Obtain a Theatre Mission

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Theatre Mission Comparison

Name Party Size Time Limit Reward
Beginner Intermediate Advanced Hard
The New King's Request 1~3 40 Minutes 18000 EXP, 1200g 32399 EXP, 1679g 54000 EXP, 2400g 90000 EXP, 3600g
Guardian of Avon 1~3 40 Minutes 20000 EXP, 1400g 36000 EXP, 2520g 60000 EXP, 2800g 100000 EXP, 4200g
Fortinbras's Expedition 1~5 60 Minutes 28000 EXP, 4200g 50400 EXP, 5880g 84000 EXP, 8400g 140000 EXP, 12600g
Warden of the Gods 1~4 40 Minutes 21000 EXP, 1500g 37800 EXP, 2099g 63000 EXP, 3000g 105000 EXP, 4500g
Erinn Martial Arts Competition 1~6 15 Minutes See here for more details.

Experience Rewards

  • Completing a Theatre Mission will give you a certain amount of Experience.
  • The formula for EXP rewards are as follows:
    • Total Mission EXP = [(Mission EXP * (1 + Crystal Bonus + Event Bonus)]
      • If you are wearing the Mysterious Robe, then:
        • Final Mission EXP = Total Mission EXP * (1 + 0.1)

Stage Dungeon

  • Ice Mines, Campfires, and Barrier Spikes cannot be used.
  • Like Shadow Missions, you do not receive EXP from killing monsters labeled "Weak" or "Weakest".
  • You cannot fly using flying Pets or Hot Air Balloons.
  • There is no Goddess Statue or revival point; if your party wipes out, you must quit, use a Nao Soul Stone or an Advanced Feather to be revived.
  • Blessings and Holy Flame on equipment do not disappear when knocked out.
  • Royal Alchemist points are given for completion of Theatre Missions.
  • Sometimes a spotlight will appear over a monster.
    • If a player, their pet, or a Colossus or Pierrot Marionette kills the spotlighted monster, that character will obtain the spotlight. The spotlight will expire if a new one has not been obtained after a certain amount of time, the player moves on to the next stage, or the pet or marionette is unsummoned.
    • The spotlight gives a stat bonus to the player ranging from +50 to +200, depending on the difficulty level of the mission.
    • The stat bonus will count for "the Strong," "the Skillful" and "the Wise" titles. Leveling up with the spotlight on you can earn you the corresponding title.
  • All Theatre Missions are timed. Most last up to one hour.