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For the Rank 9 Enchant, see Rank 9 Enchants#Ambush.
Bandits prowl the trade routes, looking to steal whatever they can. Listen to the guide Imp and be cautious, but your best bet is to always be ready for a fight.


Goblin Trade Helper

Caution warning when Bandits are nearby.
When a Bandit Ambush appears.
An example of a bandit you may see while traveling with goods.
  • While transporting goods in Dangerous Zones outside of towns, Bandits may attack. An onscreen message appears followed by a faint heartbeat, warning you if the Bandits are nearby. Going near the Bandits triggers an "Ambush."
    • During this time the background theme music will mute as well as the ambient field theme.
    • The player will hear their heartbeat pulse faster and louder as one nears a Bandit.
      • If the 3D sound option is enabled, players can hear the direction the bandit is in as well.
    • An Ambush consists of up to eight Bandits, and possibly a Bandit Boss.
      • If a Bandit Boss appears, there will be an on-screen quote.
      • On rare occasions, two teams of bandits may attack at once, leading to a maximum of sixteen Bandits and two Bandit Bosses.
    • An Outlaw may appear before summoning the Bandits.
    • Bandits will not appear in Safe Zones which are located near and at towns and trade posts.
      • You can however, still trigger an Ambush from within a Safe Zone.
    • Bandits will only aggro those with the Commerce Status.
    • Players cannot see or trigger any bandit spawns if they have lost 25% of their current cargo load.
    • During an Ambush, up to two Bandits will try to occupy you while two more will attempt to 'steal' from your Transport Mounts.
      • Every 5 seconds of 'stealing' will give the Bandit one star. After a Bandit gets five stars, it will attempt to Run Away. If the Bandit is successful, a portion of your cargo will be permanently lost.
        • Each star equals to 1% of your cargo.
          • If the 25% cargo limit loss has been reached while ambushed, any bandit with stars will stop stealing and will attempt to Run Away. Any left over bandits will follow one by one.
        • Although the others may not be attacking you nor the cargo, defeating any Bandit will automatically trigger anyone in the Ambush to go after you or the cargo.
        • Every Bandit in an Ambush can steal goods.
        • If engaging Bandits as an Elf using Hide, the moment any of the bandits obtains a star, then the Elf loses Hide and the counter will be reset as if the Elf had engaged combat.
        • Sometimes Bandits will attempt to escape with less then 5 stars, however it is very rare.
          • If this happens and the bandit escapes, they will be counted for the whole 5 stars.
        • Taming any Bandits with stars may result in the loss of goods.
          • However, taming any Bandit Imp, Goblin, or Ogre will count towards the Taming Journal in their respective categories.
      • Any skill used by the Bandits, such as Stomp or Windmill, is in range of the cargo may cause harm towards it as well.
      • If the Bandits are a big hassle for you, it would be wise to have others accompany you.
      • In the case of one Bandit stealing from two different transport mounts, the last mount that was robbed will lose their goods.
    • If any Bandit possesses any amount of stars when they flee, they will make off with some of your cargo.
    • You cannot run away to escape an Ambush.
      • However, you can log-off or disconnect, and the bandits will disappear, but a portion of your cargo will be lost.
      • Being rendered Knocked Unconscious and choosing "Revive at Town" can be used to escape an Ambush, however you will lose approximately 10% of your commodities.
    • A Bandit will only be seen and detected near your Transportation Mount, however they can still be triggered anywhere.
      • If the Bandit has been triggered, more ambush spots may spawn elsewhere on the map.
      • Bandits may respawn directly on top of the player's cargo, forcing another ambush.
    • Similar to monster spawns, more Ambushes being triggers will increase the total number of ambush spots on that map.
    • The difficulty of the bandits is based off of the purchased value of the goods as well as how far the player has traveled from the original trading post.
      • Traveling more maps will increase the likelihood of stronger bandits appearing.
      • The standard bandit spawn type is determined by the amount the player paid to purchase the goods, not the profit the player would make.
      • In general, hardened bandits become common at 55,000 ducats with the most common difficulty going up by 1 for every additional 45,000 ducats.
    • Each map has a maximum number of simultaneous ambush points.
    • The farmlands around Taillteann may have more reoccurring spawns of Bandits unlike most locations.
  • Players traveling through Osna Sail and Corrib Valley should be wary as the tight spaces within the passageways make it nearly impossible to go around a Bandit on the path.
    • Bandits may be hiding up above the cliff face or down the ledges, especially in Osna Sail.
  • Taillteann and Dunbarton may hide bandits behind their high-walls especially those at their southern gates.
  • At Blago Prairie, the eastern 'portal' and the path leading to the city of Tara may become blocked by bandits. The player does not need to worry for the portal when clicked on will not trigger the ambush. If the player was from Tara entering Blago Prairie has become blocked by a bandit; the player may only need to re-enter the portal to Tara until they can re-emerge in Blago Prairie away from trouble.
    • The portal can be clicked on as far away as the fence-posts leading to it.
  • It is best to hide your cargo behind trees, rock out-crops, fences, or other obstacles when attempting to trigger an Ambush. Dropping your cargo far off and away may work on open field maps.
    • If your cargo is behind an object, you can bait the Bandits to it. Since they are unable be able to reach it, this will allow you to effectively take them out without putting your cargo at risk.
    • If one were to run away a certain distance from bandits, like other monsters, they will go back to their original place of spawning. This enables you to use long-range attacks to further deter them from your cargo, provided that your goods are at a safe distance.
      • However, their aggression towards you or the cargo may not change.
  • Triggering bandits will cause previously spawned bandit points to go invisible, any newly spawned bandit points will be visible. This can be fixed by leaving and re-entering the map.
  • Should you encounter an issue with remounting your trade mount where it says you are too far from the mount, and a friend can verify that your trade mount is in a different location than where you see it at, then sit where your friend sees the trade mount at and then press "R" without getting up. You will be back on your mount without having to relog.