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Double Rainbow Event

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Double Rainbow Advertisement (December 7th, 2012)
March 10th, 2016 - March 15th, 2016[1]



Okay yeah, about the title of this event. We were sitting in a meeting trying to figure out what to name it. What does the event do? Well, it effectively doubles a lot of stuff – combat experience (including party experience and dungeon experience), drop rates, and skill training. It's a pretty awesome event. We were spit-balling “Double Them All!”, “Double-Double” (some of us were reminded of cheeseburgers at this point), among others. Then, obviously, “Double Rainbow” hits us. It was just absurd and silly enough that we decided to roll with it. [25]


  • 2x AP gained from leveling through Combat
  • 2x AP gained from leveling through Exploration
  • 2x Quest experience
  • 2x Shadow Mission reward experience
  • 2x Theatre Mission reward experience
  • 2x Combat experience
  • 2x Experience from completing part-time jobs
  • 2x Skill Training
    • Stacks with the corresponding Talent Skill Bonus, Skill Training Potions, and other events
  • 2x Tikka and Ancient Taming Cane reward chance
  • 2x Lucky Finish Rate
  • 2x Monster Item Drop Rate
  • 2x Gold Drop Rate
  • 2x Gold Drop Amount

Specifics Not Affected


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