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For the boss of Forest of Four Seasons, see Fleur (Monster).
Portrait of FleurFile:Fleur.png
Race Fairy
Gender Female
Occupation Fairy Village Chieftain
Location Mag Mell
(Forest of Four Seasons)
Track A Floral March

Website Description

Fleur was a Fairy who possessed unparalleled beauty and might. She was adored by all others and considered to be their chief. Fleur was widely respected, and took it upon herself to train the Fairy youth. This ultimately led to her decision not to leave with the Queen of the Fairies. Fleur made a choice to stay behind in Mag Mell in order to support those who were incapable of following the Queen on her journey. To this day, Fleur yearns to show off her grace and power. Who could possibly be a more interesting target to her than the Milletian who wanders into Mag Mell?[1]


When your eyes meet with hers, you smell the strong scent of flowers and sweet fruits of the breeze. Her gaze seems confident and composed, and she smiles as though intrigued by the situation.

Personal Story


Track Title
A Floral March
Fleur's Boss Theme


  • Her dress is loosely based in the image of the Lily of the Valley
  • In Korea, Fleur's translated name is Fflur.
    • Fleur is a French word for flower while Fflur is a Welsh word for flower.