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For an explanation of how to restore fossils, go here.


Inventory icon of Fossil

2 × 2

An ancient stone that has withstood years of weathering because of the rugged volcanic rocks that cover its surface. Animal bones that are partially protruding outwards can be seen.

Methods to Obtain

Monster Drops

All of the following monsters are within the same map. For their specific locations, click their respective links.

What Where
Sulfur Golem Zardine
Carnivorous Plant (Brown)
Black Leopard (Field Boss)
Stag Beetle (Black)
Blue Blind Crab
Red Blind Crab
White Blind Crab
Volcano Wolf
Volcano Wild Dog
Volcano Horned Wild Boar
Horned Wild Boar (Brown)
Horned Wild Boar (Black)
Plateau Wild Boar
Brown Ixion
Piked Horn Deer


  • Fossils may be occasionally mined using a Pickaxe in the following locations:
    • Rocks at the Sulfur Pits. Fossils are relatively uncommon as the primary drop is Sulfur Ore.
    • Flaming rocks near Raspa Volcano. It must be raining in the region to extinguish the fire and allow access. Fossils are relatively uncommon as the primary drop is Flint.
    • Sulfur Golems may be mined directly. They have a high rate of dropping Fossils, but are more dangerous as they are aggressive.
      • Each golem provides up to four successful collections, which is slowly restored over time. Alternatively, they may be killed to instantly become fully restored.
      • Lullaby and Harvest Song may be used to safely collect from the golems.
      • The use of Crisis Escape, Play Dead or Hide may also be useful to avoid aggro.

Used in

Fossil Restoration

Synthesis (Fixed Recipe)

Name Total Materials Needed to Make Rank
Fossil Piece of an Ancient Spirit x3 Fragment of the Stone Spirit Monolith x1 Fossil x2** B
Ancient Spirit Fossil Crystal of Stone Spirit x1
Fossil x2
  • The two fossils used for synthesis must be different. If one pair of fossils does not show the recipe image then try switching fossils until you see it. Or check fossils before hand by clicking restore then typing /logout to preserve it in an unrefined form. Also when placing the fossils in the synthesis window you will see either Fossil x2 or Fossil x1 Fossil x1, two instances of the word fossil indicate two different types are being used.
    • Fossils may have to be a particular type in order for the recipe to work.