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Vital Feather

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Inventory icon of Vital Feather

1 × 1
Stack: 100

Traces of vitality still linger on this feather. Use it to make magic quill pens using stationary crafting.

Resell Value is 0.5g per feather but NPCs round down for odd numbered stacks.

Methods to Obtain

NPC Stores

Who Where Cost
Malcolm Tir Chonaill 1,000g
Galvin Emain Macha
Walter Dunbarton
Lorraine Dugald Residential Town
Elain Sen Mag Residential Town
Ailbhis Abb Neagh Residential Town
Effie Qilla Base Camp
Granites Filia
Zeder Vales
Pierrick Taillteann
Ilsa Tara
Siobhanin Port Cobh
Vanalen Belvast Island
Butler (Partner) Anywhere

Used In

Stationery Crafting

Name Total Materials Needed to Make Rank
Magic Quill Pen x1 Vital Feather x1 Mana Herb x10 Gold Herb x10 F