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Overview of the arena.
Jousting Tournaments in the past were much different than those in the present. Back then, the matches were almost like real battles, so injuries were frequent after each match.
It became so dangerous that King Ethur Mac Cuill the First even banned the contest for awhile.
But since it was such a popular sport and it helped train soldiers, the rules were modified and evolved into what we know today.
Recently, the games have become more exciting with outsiders such as Elves and Giants competing in the tournament. You won't be disappointed!


—Lileas, Nearby Rumors Keyword

Basic Information

  • Jousting is a medieval sport which involves two opponents mounted on steeds to rush at each other, striking with lances as the competitors attempt to knock each other off their horses.
  • You can participate in a jousting match at Tara. Speak with Lileas at the jousting arena=to start a match.
    • You must register for the preliminaries in order to participate in the official tournament.
    • You may also do practice matches; it can be either with a party member or against an NPC.
    • Choosing to practice against an NPC (Lota, Melor, Gornevez or Adair) will incur a fee of 5,000 gold. The NPC will be randomly chosen.
      • Choosing the 'Battle Adair' option from Lileas's dialogue does not have a gold fee.
  • Your jousting record is recorded in the character window under the rebirth, etc. tab. It keeps track of your wins, loses and jousting points. Practice matches do not count in your record; only preliminary and tournament matches will count.
  • You may enter the arena while doing Commerce and register for a match, however you will not be able to participate.
    • Gold spent on cheer is not refunded and jousting points are not awarded to the opposing player.
  • Jousting tournament victories, losses, and points are kept track in the player's character window (default shortcut C), under the "additional info" tab.
    • You may reset your Jousting Records through Lileas for a fee of 1,000,000 Gold.
      • Jousting points are not reset.


  • Skills may not be used while in the arena.
  • Pets and partners may not be summonned.
  • PvP is disabled.
    • This includes alliance pvp such as elf vs giant and paladin vs dark knight.
  • The Dressing Room may be used normally.
  • You may be able to participate while Transformed if you enter the arena after using the skill.
  • If you attempt to participate in a jousting match while transformed into an NPC, the match instantly ends with no winner.
  • If you attempt to participate while using Nascent Divinity, the transformation will be removed before the match starts.


The sword points to indicate an advantage.
The player's controls during a match.

A round of Jousting consists of two players striking at each other on horseback until one's HP is reduced to 0. Each player starts with 100 HP and attacks deal a set amount of damage, which can be modified with skills and advantages. Players use WASD to select their attacks, and a rock paper scissors-like system to gain an advantage over their opponent. Skills can be selected with 1234 simultaneously with attacks to turn the tide of the battle.

  • Jousting HP is not to be confused with player HP. When a player's Jousting HP reaches 0 they are knocked from their horse and returned to the stands, and no blessings or durability will be lost.
  • When a player makes an advantageous strike, they avoid taking damage.
    • The disadvantaged player will gain 2 skill points in exchange.
  • When no advantageous move has been made, the players will trade blows and both deal reduced damage.
    • If both players were to reach 0 health from trading hits, the winner will be chosen randomly.?
      • The comparitive HP of each player has no effect on the tie-breaker, nor the strength of the attack.


Before each "run" each player has a ~3 second long command input time to choose their attack and skill. Once input, the choice cannot be changed.

  • Attacks can be used by clicking the four letter icons or using the keys W, A, S, D during the command input time.
    • The same attack cannot be chosen twice in a row.
    • If there is no key input during the command input time, the input is selected randomly.

Each attack has its own Base Power, which is increased by 50% during an advantageous attack, decreased by 50% during a clash, and modified a set amount by skills.

  • Damage calculation appears to be (Damage = [Base Power] + [Skill Modifier] (+/-50% of Base Power)) rounded down to the nearest whole number.
  • A
    • Has an advantage over both W and D. Has a disadvantage against S.
    • Has the least amount of base power in exchange for being comparitively safe.
  • W
    • Has an advantage over D, and has a disadvantage against A. Trades with S.
    • Has moderate base power, equal to S.
  • D
    • Has an advantage over S. Has a disadvantage against A and W.
    • Has greater base power to make up for its increased vulnerability.
  • S
    • Has an advantage over A, and has a disadvantage against D. Trades with W.
    • Has moderate base power, equal to W.

Jousting Skills

In addition to the WASD keys, the players may choose to use Jousting exclusive skills in order to spice up their strategy.

  • Skills can be used by clicking the skill icon or using the number keys 1, 2, 3, 4 during the command input time.
    • Each skill can only be used once per match.
    • If there is no key input during the command input time, skills will not be automatically selected.
  • Skill point costs are below the skill icon, and accumulated skill points are indicated below the health bars during a match. A player can accumulate up to 10 skill points.
    • 1 skill point is recovered when successfully dealing damage to the opponent.
    • 2 skill points are recovered when the player takes damage with a disadvantage.
  • It is recommended that you enter your skill commands first using the mouse, and not the keyboard due to current issues affecting skill selection.

Jousting Heavy Strike.png Heavy Strike
  • The skill will double the attack's base power, assuming it meets its mark. While it's less effective on weaker exchanges, Heavy Strike can also bring a match to its end almost immediately.
    • The modified damage of an advantageous strike or traded blow is calculated before Heavy Strike's modifier and then applied afterwards.
Jousting Counter.png Counter
  • The skill will reverse a disadvantageous strike, and deal +10 extra damage as well. Leading your opponent into an unavoidable counterattack is a lethally effective maneuver, but keep in mind it can only be used once.
    • For example, D will behave with advantage over A and W as well as S.
    • If both participants reverse their disadvantage in the same pass, neither of them will take damage.
Jousting Focus.png Focus
  • Landing an attack deals an additional +20 damage when trading hits with the opponent.
Jousting Unbreakable Defense.png Unbreakable Defense
  • Blocks all damage from the opponent's next attack. The opponent will gain 1 skill point.
    • The player still needs to select an attack, but they will deal no damage regardless of effectiveness.
    • If both players simultaneously use Unbreakable Defense, both players will gain 1 skill point.


Time/Channel Preliminary Registration period
Monday - Saturday
Channels 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
10:00am PDT100
10:15am PDT100
10:30am PDT100
7:00pm PDT100
7:15pm PDT100
7:30pm PDT100
Time/Channel Finals Registration period
Channel 8
1:00pm PDT100
  • Registration for Preliminary Rounds starts 10 minutes before the match starts, and registration for the Finals starts 30 minutes before the match starts.
  • If you win in the Jousting preliminary round two times within the same week, you will receive the Weekly Jousting Tournament Entry Ticket to enter the Finals.
  • A maximum of 64 participants will be selected in order of arrival for the Finals.
    • Finals need at least 8 players participating to begin.
  • If you have a Weekly Jousting Tournament Entry Ticket at the time of reception for the Finals, but are not selected, Lileas will exchange 200 points for Tickets.
    • The exchange is only available during the registration period.
    • This will occur if the maximum number of participants is reached.
    • Each Entry Ticket will reward 200 points.
  • After registering, a window will pop up in case the player wants to forfeit their participation.

Jousting Points

Jousting Points can be earned when participating in a Jousting match. Points may be spent in the Jousting shop managed by Lileas.

  • Preliminary rounds:
    • Win: 50 points
    • Loss: 25 points
  • Final round:
    • Win First Place: 3,000 points
    • Win Second Place: 1,500 points
    • Win Third Place: 300 points
    • Loss: 150 points

Jousting Tournament Board

The interface of the tournament board.

There are two boards near Lileas, next to the part-time board, where the player may do the following:

  • Review the schedule, registration details, jousting points rewarded, as well as the basic attack chart once in the field.
  • There are four lanes where players will compete against each other; their match may be spectated by clicking on the camera icon. The view will shift to that of the player chosen.
  • Cheering for preliminaries and finals is done from there.


  • Cheering allows for players to place bets on the participants in a jousting match on whether they will win the round.
  • In order to cheer, you must interact with one of the Jousting Tournament boards present near Lileas.
  • You can choose to cheer on a player participating in the match for 10 minutes before the start of the match.
  • Regardless of whether you are register as a participant in the Jousting competition, you can cheer for yourself or others.
  • Regardless if the person being cheered on wins or loses, Jousting Points are rewarded.
  • Gold must be spent in order to cheer.
  • The gold spent is not refundable.
  • The fee for cheering during the preliminaries is 50,000 gold.
  • The fee for cheering during the finals is 250,000 gold.
  • If the match is canceled because there are less than 8 participants in the final round, the gold used for cheering will be refunded.
Tournament Type Cheered Contestant Wins Cheered Contestant Loses
Preliminaries 30 Points 15 Points
Finals 300 Points 100 Points


  • Players will be paired two by two and compete in one of the four lanes, until all registered players have played a round.
  • Both players start with 5 skill points.
  • Successfully defeating an opponent in either tournament:
  • Participating in the tournament, regardless of whether the player wins or loses, rewards Jousting Points, which can be turned into Lileas for a variety of items.
  • To determine the priority and selection of competitors in the Jousting Tournament, additional points are applied based on cheering.
    • As the amount of participants and channel where the Jousting tournament is held is limited, the amount of points determine the selection.
    • If there are more than 16 people registered for the match before the preliminaries, selection will be determined according to the additional points each person has.
    • Bonus points are accumulated the more you cheer, and the higher the accumulated points, the higher the probability of being selected for the match.


Unlike original-style jousting, Magic-Spear jousting has no variable damage†, so the actual damages can be found easily and given directly.

Tied Hits
No Skill Enhancement
With Skill 1
With Skill 2††
With Skill 3
Clean Hits
No Skill Enhancement
With Skill 1
With Skill 2
With Skill 3†††

† When measuring the damages directly from a screen there will be some variability, but this is due to measurement error in interpreting how significant the shade of the final pixel is. If one uses a metric ruler graded with millimetres and measures the centre bars, on a sufficiently large enough screen, such that each bar is longer than 100mm and one measures to the nearest half-millimetre then the resultant apparent variability is, for all sizes of hits, less than half of a percent and always varys between a natural number "and a half" and the next natural number "and a half", which indicates that there is no game-borne variable damage.

†† Since these are tied attacks Skill 2 gives no bonus damage.

††† Since these are clean hits Skill 3 gives no bonus damage, except in the case of SW/WS splits, which inflict mutual damage.


Jousting Point Shop
Item Price (Jousting Points) Purchase Limit
Adair Figure 10,000 N/A
Royal Jousting Coin Selection Box 7,000 N/A
Royal Jousting Tournament Box 500 3 per week
Royal Jousting Tournament 2nd Title Coupon 30,000 N/A
Jousting Tournament Determined Gesture Card (Not tradable) 10,000 N/A
Jousting Tournament Clumsy Cute Gesture Card (Not tradable) 10,000 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Furnace for Silver Ingot 3,600 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Furnace for Gold Ingot 4,800 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Fine Anvil 3,600 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Finest Anvil 4,800 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Birnam Plate Helmet 7,600 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Birnam Plate Armor 9,400 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Birnam Plate Gauntlets 6,400 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Birnam Plate Boots 5,200 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Thames Plate Helmet 8,200 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Thames Plate Armor 10,000 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Thames Plate Gauntlets 7,000 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Thames Plate Boots 5,800 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Plate Mail 5,600 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Plate Gauntlets 2,400 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Dragon Fang 10,600 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Bracer Knuckle 10,000 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Knight Lance 5,000 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Battle Mandolin 4,400 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Lion Claw Lance 5,000 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Knight Lance 5,000 N/A
Blacksmith Manual - Two-handed Sword 3,200 N/A
Knight of Light Lance Appearance Scroll (Jousting Tournament Exclusive) 4,500 N/A
Knight of Darkness Lance Appearance Scroll (Jousting Tournament Exclusive) 4,500 N/A
Cloudborn Knight Lance Appearance Scroll (Jousting Tournament Exclusive) 4,500 N/A
Knight of Light Horse Appearance Scroll (Jousting Tournament Exclusive) 4,500 N/A
Knight of Darkness Horse Appearance Scroll (Jousting Tournament Exclusive) 4,500 N/A
Cloudborn Knight Horse Appearance Scroll (Jousting Tournament Exclusive) 4,500 N/A


Track Title
Jousting Arena


  • Trying to enter the Jousting Arena while clicking on the entrance from an inside perspective instead acts as if the player attempted to exit the arena.
  • The supply piles use a variety of weapons and equipment, including some that were never released in the North American servers, such as the Blutsauger from the Shakugan no Shana crossover.
  • Players are not able to choose which NPC they practice against anymore.