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Talk:Hydra Transmutation

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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Alchemy Mastery Training112:43, 15 February 2016
Description218:19, 6 September 2015
Hydra Attack Radius020:25, 26 August 2014
Master title training reqs403:35, 24 June 2014
Maximum damage211:51, 17 March 2014
Hydra vs Uroboros517:37, 26 January 2014
Max number of enemies effected?402:31, 25 January 2014
Stamina018:51, 24 January 2014

Alchemy Mastery Training

Doesn't count for Training Requirements for alchemic damage & kills for the Alchemy Mastery skill. Probably an oversight..

Zeplic (talk)09:50, 15 February 2016

Try reading the Alchemy Mastery page.

Never mind, swear to God it was on there.



Where did "A hydra that comes from the ground spitting venom out of its mouth" come from? It still says "Lethal Venom from the Underground" for me.

Infodude575 (talk)14:02, 6 September 2015

Well, peering at the history of the page, came from a user who's responsible for the Episode 4 bullet, but really wasn't eloquent enough for the wiki.

Read: No basis. I don't think there'd be any issue with changing it back.

Surrept (talk)15:35, 6 September 2015

Yep says the same for me, why did they change it?

Tamryu (talk)18:18, 6 September 2015

Hydra Attack Radius

I've done a few tests and from: rF-r9: ~600 Range r9-r5: ~650 Range r5-r2: ~700 Range r1: ~800 Range

Graffiiti (talk)20:25, 26 August 2014

Master title training reqs

So I'm training for the master title when I noticed I get training from only 6 awful enemies, as well as with only 7 strongs. Could anyone else test and confirm?

Marith (talk)18:06, 1 February 2014

I can confirm.

Meru (talk)15:09, 18 March 2014

One of my friends that has the title says you dont need to do all the reqs to get it. He said if you have the vates badge all you need to do is cap that 460.00xp and you get it. I'm ranking mine now to confirm.

Godwrath1 (talk)00:57, 24 June 2014

Sage of the Night Badge actually changes the requirements and multiplies end result by 1.5x. It is not to be confused with the 2x training bonus from talents.


  • AP: 40
  • Stat Improvement: Stamina +4
  • Effects: Damage 90~99, Magic Def -35, Magic Protection -18, Effect Duration 30 sec
Method Count Exp Total
Use the skill successfully.80000.0180
Apply it to 7 or more powerful enemies at once.40000.03120
Apply it to 6 or more very powerful enemies at once.20000.08160
Apply it to 3 or more boss-level enemies.10000.1100

Becomes this with the bonus from Sage of the Night Badge:

  • AP: 40
  • Stat Improvement: Stamina +4
  • Effects: Damage 90~99, Magic Def -35, Magic Protection -18, Effect Duration 30 sec
Method Count Exp Total
Use the skill successfully.80000.015120
Apply it to 7 or more powerful enemies at once.40000.045180
Apply it to 6 or more very powerful enemies at once.20000.12240
Apply it to 3 or more boss-level enemies.10000.15150

Note that the exp is changed. It acts much like the Skill EXP from Reforges.

Thank you but I am already aware of how the badges work and your post is kind of irrelevant to what I was saying in my previous post which was my friend saying for this particular skill you only needed to train the 460xp and didn't need to do every requirement. In any case he was wrong. I just passed 470xp and didn't get the title.

Godwrath1 (talk)03:35, 24 June 2014

Maximum damage

Hydra transmutation seems to deal more damage as the skill's duration continues. I'm only rB ATM, but I'll continue to watch the damage while i'm training it.

Hasley of Ruairi (talk)03:09, 24 January 2014

After extensive usage, it's clear that the way the damage increase works is that each tick the damage is applied, it is increased by 1 stack, up to 5 times, unless an enemy is damaged, this increase will not occur, if 1 enemy walks by, and takes 3 ticks and dies, the next enemy will take 4x the damage, no matter how long a period of time before the next enemy is caught in the cloud.

Marith (talk)01:21, 26 February 2014

It seems that at rF the hydras have 3 ticks, because it hits 3 times from the start of the duration. Then at rE it somehow has 4 ticks and can hit 4 times on one enemy who stays there.

15 second duration and 3 ticks means 5 second per hit? but in the 16 second duration for rank E, it hits 4 times so it's much shorter. At rank 1 with a lot of masteries in Battle Alchemy, Hydra Transmutation is practically the strongest skill in the game in regards to total damage done without needing assistance, since it has a 60 second cooldown but 30 second duration at rank 1. It practically ignores def/prot and such so it can hurt monsters that can't be normally hurt with some powerful skills.

The problem is the stationary of the target and the range to use it, meaning it's only best when you have way to stunlock or freeze a enemy in one position for up to 30 seconds, which most huge bosses and strong bosses won't do.

Dra6o0n (talk)11:47, 17 March 2014

Hydra vs Uroboros

I don't want to associate Uroboros with Hydra Transmutation. While the models are reused, I just call them hydras. Anyone agree, or is this just a thing going to my head?

ベリサ・マイルスター (talk)11:17, 24 January 2014

I'm for Hydras.

Meru (talk)20:52, 24 January 2014

I'm going to wait for a full consensus coming from the current wiki community...albeit the small number of active editors.

Either that or ask a bunch of people online...

ベリサ・マイルスター (talk)22:21, 24 January 2014

The skill's own name says Hydra, so... yeah.

Angevon (Talk)09:34, 25 January 2014

I'd like to call them mini Uroboros. "Hydra" doesn't strike me well enough.

But since the majority is going for Hydra, a trivial mention of Uroboros should be stated?

Infodude575 (talk)16:48, 25 January 2014

if it were up to me, I'd go with calling them Hydra (singular and plural, no S at the end), provided we mention their resemblance to four Uroboroi (and make sure we say four, not one like the common misconception).

Kapra - (Talk)17:37, 26 January 2014

Max number of enemies effected?

So, I'm rank E here and my hydra is only hitting a max of 4 enemies. Apparently this number increases?

Meru (talk)20:54, 24 January 2014

Are they in range? It has a very limited range to what I would say is comparable to r1 windmill but not sure.

ベリサ・マイルスター (talk)21:13, 24 January 2014

It's hitting enemies farther away from the hydra than the closer enemies. I tossed the hydra in the big friday prison sword pit in metus at 2am and also tried a huge pile of monsters in shyllien, just 4 were showing numbers each time. I'm very sure they were in range.

Meru (talk)00:42, 25 January 2014

I only just got mine (stupid guardcylindermasteryhnnng) and I have noticed that rF is only hitting 4....despite being in the center of a glitched sulfur spider center room...

ベリサ・マイルスター (talk)02:18, 25 January 2014
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15
Nope (talk)02:31, 25 January 2014

The page says the skill gets 5Stamina at rank 2, but goes from 32, to 36. That's only four? So is the +5 Stamina wrong and gives four, or did the total get messed up? Same thing happens from rank 2 to 1. For now I'm leaving those two ranks blank on the Stats and Skills page.

Willi096 (talk)18:51, 24 January 2014