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Rush of Love

"Horrifying" Herbert

  • The Milletian, after barely grasping Knuckle Mastery, is sent a distress message by owl from a trade imp named Meru in Emain Macha.
  • The message tells of high bandit activity in the Blago Prairie.
  • The Milletian decides to visit Meru personally, upon which he looks the Milletian down and asks "You're that Milletian, <playername>, right?" If the Milletian had said no, Meru would wish him good luck and end the conversation. However, the Milletian admits to his identity, upon which Meru discloses "You don't look THAT strong." Meru tilts his head in suspicion, but decides to not judge the Milletian as he too is often underestimated.
  • Deciding to cut to the chase, Meru explains that the bandit situation in Blago Prairie is out of hand, but expects that a milletian would be able to handle them in no time. He promises a reward if the Milletian completes his request but warns of the bandit leader, Herbert, before embarking together for Blago Prairie.
  • At Blago, the Milletian notices two women {Cecilia and Ysolte} on a wagon. The Milletian overhears the redheaded girl, who identifies their destination as Tara, as she expresses her anguish. The blue-haired girl doubts even bandits would be out in the cold, then proceeds to console the other. The redhead explains that Herbert loves Berry Granola, and would eat both the shipment and the traders should he encounter any on the roads. The blue-haired girl accuses the redhead of believing Fraser's farces, then assures them that should bandits appear, they'll just turn around and go back home. The moment is interrupted by a large Ogre, drooling over the granola shipment as he paces towards the wagon. The redhead yells for help and the Milletian steps in.
  • After defeating all the aggressors, the redhead thanks the Milletian whilst trembling. The blue-haired girl claims to have had the situation under control without outside help. But then another Ogre approaches, angry about the suffering inflicted upon his underlings, vows vengence towards the group and ownership over the granola. The blue-haired girl then begins to throw whatever she could at the Ogre. From behind them we hear a blond woman asking a boy named Keane, who is eating granola out of his hair, what he is doing. Then suggests practicing combat on real enemies, as another battle breaks loose, this time led by Horrifying Herbert.
  • However, Horrifying Herbert escapes alive. The blue-haired girl compliments the newcomers, claiming they're "actually pretty helpful, unlike that Milletian over there." The distressed redhead identifies the blue-haired woman as Ysolte and thanks everyone else, as her legs give out and she collapses in the mud. She begins to cry, and as Keane watches, he begins to cry himself. The blond woman chastises Keane, whilst doing so, unintentionally identifies herself as Mina. Keane continues to weep and Mina attempts to console him with a hug, ignoring the muddy girl. She explains "Keane is the Strongest Fighter in all of Uladh, but he's... sensitive. The sight of others crying pains him deeply." She yells at the muddy girl, accusing her of hurting Keane's feelings. She then goes on to belittle their commercial efforts. The redhead stares at Mina fiercely, with tears still in her eyes, without a word. Mina expresses humbleness sarcastically, then drags Keane away, as he stairs at the duo.
  • Back in Emain Macha, Meru expresses his appreciation for what he has heard the Milletian has done, and rewards him 10,000 ducats. Meru also suggests sharing the reward with the two other adventurers that helped the traders.
  • Towards Emain Macha square, the Milletian finds Ysolte and the redhead, who Ysolte identifies as Cecilia. Cecilia is expressing her admiration over Keane, and Ysolte seems to be in disagreement. Cecilia says that Keane is much better "than a skinny guy like Fraser." Ysolte explains that she doesn't like guys like Fraser but that doesn't mean she likes guys like Keane, and then avoids eye contact with Fraser when he looks in their direction. They then begin discussing Mina and her relationship with Keane. Cecilia begins whispering in Ysolte's ear to talk privately when she notices the Milletian beginning to notice the subject change. Ysolte will then ask the Milletian to pick a side to back.
  • If the Milletian sides with Ysolte?-
  • If the Milletian sides with Cecilia, Ysolte backs out and decides to clear herself from the matter. Ysolte leaves, and Cecilia remembers that she was going to ask a favor of her. She then decides to instead ask the Milletian.
  • If the Milletian decides to run away?-
  • If the Milletian decides to hear her out, she asks that the Milletian find Keane in Tir Chonaill and find out what kind of girls he likes, in a discrete manner. Cecilia promises gifts in return for providing detailed information.

Keane's Type

  • At Tir Chonaill's School, Mina attempts to ambush Keane, but Keane manages to move out of the way, leading Mina to crash. Mina is puzzled by Keane's instincts, but Keane remains silent when asked about it.
  • If the Milletian chooses to talk to Mina, Keane will wave at the Milletian in a child-like manner. Mina compliments the Milletian's combat ability, and mentions she is preparing for Keane's birthday.
    • If the Milletian chooses to ask about the party?-
    • If the Milletian chooses to ask about Keane's favorite food, Mina will ask why the Milletian wants to know. Keane will interrupt by tugging on Mina and whispering something into her ear. Mina asks that Cecilia and Ysolte be invited to Keane's party, at Keane's personal request. Keane then excitedly shakes the Milletian's hands, and Mina says farewell.
  • If the Milletian chooses to talk to Keane?-
  • Back in Emain Macha, the Milletian meets an ecstatic Cecilia.
  • If the Milletian chooses to talk about Keane's birthday?-
  • If the Milletian chooses to talk about Mina, Cecilia will get mad that she is always with Keane and accuses her of trying to steal Keane from her.
  • Ysolte chimes in, saying to instead focus on the free party food. Cecilia reminds Ysolte that they owe him their lives. Ysolte is concerned that they don't know much about Keane, and that it'd be foolish to fall in love with someone you barely know. Cecilia grows concerned of the possibility that Keane might be dangerous.
  • If the Milletian says Keane is dangerous, Cecilia will be upset with herself for being so obsessed. However, Ysolte will admit fallacy in not appreciating their savior, and agrees that they should get him a gift. She will also ask the Milletian to go ask Mina what kind of gift Keane would want. Cecilia agrees, saying that Mina may be honest to the Milletian.
  • If the Milletian says Keane is harmless
  • However, Mina who is in town joins in on the conversation. She will then hold out her hand.
  • If the Milletian chooses to shake her hand?-
  • If the Milletian chooses to leave her hanging, Mina will chastise the Milletian's etiquette. She will then attempt to shake Cecilia's hand, but instead have her hand slapped away. Mina accuses Cecilia of being afraid of strangers, then goes on to suggest food the two may bring ot the party. {Dialogue and quest abnormally ended after this point.

Cecilia's Pepper Grilled Silk-Striped Marlin

  • Cecilia sends a distress message asking for help cooking, with a rendezvous at Emain Macha Restaurant. Once there, she greets the Milletian by holding hands and verbalizing her appreciation. She asks the Milletian if she understands how important (s)he is to her.
  • If the Milletian says yes, Cecilia will be grateful.
  • If the Milletian says no?-
  • Cecilia admits having treated the Milletian and Ysolte badly, and having not thought about anyone but Keane. She mentions her cousin Shena expressing concern for her as well. She then asks the Milletian if she should continue pursuing Keane.
  • If the Milletian says sure?-
  • If the Milletian says to just be careful, Cecilia will look away in disappointment.
  • She begins recollecting a time when the restaurant belonged to her father and she used to bat her feet in the water, and how those days now seem distant. She explains that her father had to sell the restaurant because the gusts from the water were too much for his tuberculosis, and is ashamed of his inability to work. She continues to recollect her fathers struggles, having to wipe tears from her eyes. She recounts having a crush on Gordon because of his strength, and having Shena be mad at her for it. She will then apologize for getting off topic.
  • If the Milletian says to not even mention it, she says the Milletian is good to her and hugs.
  • If the Milletian says she does have a rambling problem?-
  • She explains that she needs Silk-Striped Marlin but Mina wasn't able to Acquire one. Mina had told her that a man named Cadoc in Port Cobh sells the freshest Silk-Striped Marlin in all of Uladh, and asks that the Milletian buy it for her, and hands a pouch of 10,000 gold.
  • The Milletian heads to Port Cobh to talk to Cadoc, who says that their Silk-Striped Marlin supply has been low recently, and asks for 20,000 gold in return. The Milletian purchases the fish.
  • When the Milletian returns to Cecilia, she asks if the money she had given was enough.
  • If the Milletian says nope?-
  • If the Milletian says it was enough, Cecilia expresses relief, explaining that Cadoc has a tendency to rip customers off and that she doesn't have more money at the moment.
  • Cecilia then asks the Milletian if (s)he is good at cooking.
  • If the Milletian says (s)he is the best at cooking, even though the Cooking skill is low ranked, Cecilia will accuse the Milletian of lying. She then offers to teach the Milletian how to cook as a present for being a friend. She shows the Milletian a technique, then hands a book on baking.
  • If the Milletian says (s)he is the best at cooking, whilst cooking is high ranked,
  • If the Milletian says (s)he cannot boil water?-
  • Cecilia will comment on how she knows a little bit about cooking, but is distressed that cooking Silk-Striped Marlin involves use of fire. Shena is currently in Tara for some unclear purpose, so she is unable to ask her to make the dish before Keane's birthday.
  • If the Milletian offers to cook for her, she will be surprised and appreciative, reaching in to hug the Milletian.
    • If the Milletian fails the recipe, Cecilia will be shocked and tell the Milletian to go away. She will then apologize for having shouted at the Milletian.
  • If the Milletian ignores her?-

Ysolte's Show-off Pork Steak

  • Ysolte too sent a message asking for help cooking, with a rendezvous at Emain Macha Restaurant. Once there, she complains about having to cook for Keane. She then asks if the Milletian thinks she should be cooking a dish for Keane, for Cecilia's sake.
  • If the Milletian says to prepare the present, Ysolte will complain about how greasy the dish sounds, and go on to call Keane disgusting.
  • If the Milletian says to get some rest?-
  • Ysolte will then ask if she really should take responsibility and help Cecilia.
  • If the Milletian says to help Cecilia, she will get mad at you for answering her question in a different way than she anticipated.
  • If the Milletian says to forget it?-
  • Ysolte reveals that she has never cooked before. Ysolte needs high quality pork and will ask the Milletian if he has heard of the cook in Tara castle.
  • If the Milletian says yes?-
  • If the Milletian says no, she will say that she thought milletians knew everyone.
  • She will then ask you to talk to chef Glewyas in Tara and ask what she needs. She also gives the Milletian a note that Ysolte claims could claim the ingredients for free.
  • In Tara Rath Castle, the Milletian approaches Glewyas who is eating a glowing green soup. He then brags that he has the best poison herb stew, then asks the Milletian why (s)he's here as he laughs.
  • If the Milletian says the best pork?-
  • If the Milletian says Ysolte, Glewyas will gladly give the pork, and recount how she had no etiquette as a child. He then requests that the Milletian tell Ysolte to write back, as he laughs and dives into a trash can.
  • After returning to Ysolte in Emain Macha Restaurant, she will begin to wonder if Glewyas or the Milletian short changed her, then change her mind and thank the Milletian for doing the delivery. She will then ask if the Milletian would like too cook for her instead because she is too lazy to cook for someone like Keane.
  • If the Milletian chooses to cook?-
  • If the Milletian refuses to cook, Ysolte will claim she doesn't really need the Milletian's help but that cooking is a pain. Ysolte will then fiddle with her bracelet and look at the Milletian with big eyes.
    • If the Milletian chooses to cook?-
    • If the Milletian refuses again, Ysolte will get teary, call the Milletian stupid, and tell the Milletian to get lost.

Mina's Crunchy Mushroom Cookie