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22 June, 2013 - G1 Script Upload is Complete! Here.

"Falcon Quest" Script Upload (Work in Progress)

Yoff's Memory

How to Get Quest

Log in after reaching level 5.

Briefing Can you come here, to Connous Arena, immediately? I am starting to recollect some of my lost memories. -Yoff
  • Talk to Yoff
  • 2000 Experience Point
Additional Information

On talking to Yoff, you receive the Irinid keyword and HP +2.

Talk to Yoff

The reason I called you over so abruptly is...
because I can't trust my faulty memory.
I wanted to leave something behind before
my memory slips away again.

  • Continue

It's about me and the past.
My real name is Phaselus. You won't believe it but I'm actually from Filia.
yeah, that's right. Before, I looked just like you,
A Connous Elf with pale clear skin and big bright eyes.

  • Continue

(Starts breaking down and cries.)

  • Continue

Ah... It wasn't only because of my greed
that I turned into this.
The curse! It was because of the curse of Irinid.

The Ancient Medal

How to Get Quest

Talk to Castanea twice about Irinid.

Briefing It's me, Phaselus. Wait, you probably know me as Yoff. I have a bad feeling. Something bad is about to happen. -Yoff
  • Talk to Yoff
  • 3000 Experience Point
Additional Information

You will receive Ancient Medal, a 2x2 quest item. It can be stored in the bank until you need it later.

Talk to Yoff

I heard what you've been doing in town lately.
You're not planning to tell Castanea about me are you?
Please don't do something like that.
Castanea won't let me live.

  • Continue

(Huffing and puffing, he continues to talk.)

  • Continue

As you can tell, I have very poor eyesight.
However, darkness has a way of making a person rational.
Here's the medal.
It's very precious to me.
It's something I need to let go of, so I'm giving it to you.

Castanea's Trust

How to Get Quest

Complete The Ancient Medal.

Briefing It could be nothing. But I don't feel good about it. Just in case, you should gain Castanea's trust. -Yoff
  • Talk to Castanea
  • I should find the lost Elf and bring it back to Castanea.
  • 4000 Experience Point
  • 1000G
Additional Information

Go out into Connous Desert and find a Lost Elf via Exploration.

  • If you have a quest named Bring the lost elf back home, and you finished it without clicking "Complete," the Castanea's Trust quest will automatically finish.
  • You will receive the quests, again, later on though if your Castanea's Trust quest finished. That gives you another chance to complete Castanea's Trust and earn Falcon.*

I should find the lost Elf and bring it back to Castanea.

He's our friend who'd lost his way because he'd lost contact with the Memory Tower...
You've brought home our dear lost elf.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
When you finish the quest, I'll send you a gift through the owl.

Hagel's Assignment

How to Get Quest

Complete Castanea's Trust.

Briefing I heard through the grape vine that you have recently obtained a very special item. Could you stop by sometime quietly? -Hagel
  • Talk to Hagel
  • Sketch the Guardian of Ruins
  • Deliver sketch to Hagel
  • Sketch the Stone Horse Keeper
  • Deliver sketch to Hagel
  • 4500 Experience Point
Additional Information

You will get the "Book of Irinid" keyword.

Talk to Hagel

So the rumors were true. The Ancient Medal...
I won't ask how you obtained this precious item.
But let me just tell you that
you have the power to decide a very important fate.
The destiny of Irinid, ancient Elves and even the Connous Elves
could possibly hinge on this one small medal.
What do you say?
Would you like to experiment with the fate that you hold in your hands?

  • Continue

Very well. But what you need from now is trust, absolute and complete trust.
Destiny's course that is about to unfold
can become much too heavy of a burden for just one person to bear.
I'll need you to prove to me what you're capable of.

  • Continue

Have you heard about the Ruins Guardian?
They say you can meet the Ruins Guardian
if you drop any item at the Longa Desert Ruins.

  • Continue

Bring me a sketch of this Ruins Guardian.
We'll continue this conversation when you come back.

Deliver sketch to Hagel

You really sketched the Ruins Guardian for me. I'm impressed.
This time, please bring me back a sketch of the Stone Horse Keeper at the Rano region.
I will be waiting.

Deliver sketch to Hagel

Amazing. You sketched the Stone Horse Keeper.
I have now seen what you're truly capable of, <player>.

  • Continue

I've been tracking this relic far before
you even obtained the Ancient Medal.
And every time a secret was revealed from the medal,

  • Continue

I realized that there was some massive power
which exists somewhere in this world.
Now I call this enormous power, 'destiny'.

  • Continue

The Book of the Irinid was discovered in the old Metus region.
Even though it had been contained in a plain box made of Tikka wood,
its content was something that hadn't existed in the world at that time.
Many decades have passed since then, but we have yet to figure out the exact purpose of the Book of the Irinid.

  • Continue

The one thing we were able to figure out was that the book reacts to the Ancient Medal that you have in your possession.
Currently, the Book of the Irinid is in Alexina's hands
at Qilla Base Camp so that more information can be extracted from it.
We're hoping that her archaeological expertise and knowledge will shed some new light on the subject.
I'll write you a letter, take it and go to Alexina.

Investigate Giant Marks

  • Equip the "Explorer of Rano" Title (To obtain this title, you must visit every landmark in the Rano region). Now talk to Alexina at Qilla Base Camp using the keyword "Book of the Irinids." She will give you the option to choose one quest out of three. If the quest you have chosen is too hard and you cannot complete it, you can quit the quest and talk to her again to choose another one. It's recommended to find medals while you're at the landmarks.

The three quests to choose from are:

Infiltrate Vales

How to Get Quest

Complete the selected Investigate Giant Marks quest.

Briefing There has been a new discovery regarding the Irinid's writings
  • 5500 Experience Points
Additional Information

The "Book of Irinid" that Alexina gives here cannot be opened and read.

If you talk to any other NPC in Vales, they alert the guards.

The Giant guards at Vales will attack and kill you if they see you. Hide is the best option if you are seen, although Stomp will not knock you out of Play Dead. Since Elves are faster than Giants, it is also possible to easily run out of Vales, just be careful to walk when a Giant Guard raises his fist in preparation of Stomp

Horses run faster than the guards and may be useful to escape on. If you have a flying pet, you can just fly over to Taunes to speak with him.

Continent Warp may be useful to escape after you've spoken with Taunes.

Castanea's Warning

How to Get Quest

Complete Infiltrate Vales.

Briefing This is Castanea. I am speaking as the representative of the Connous Elves. Please return to Filia immediately. -Castanea
  • Talk to Castanea
  • 4000 Experience Points
Additional Information

On talking to Castanea, you will see a cutscene and be transferred to Qilla Base Camp.

Irinid and the Ancient Elves

How to Get Quest

Complete Castanea's Warning.

Briefing A book arrived from Taunes. I will be waiting at the Qilla Base Camp. -Alexina
  • Talk to Alexina
  • 4500 Experience Points
Additional Information

Alexina will give you Irinid's Book, a collection book within which you must put ancient medals found in Connous and Rano via Exploration.

  • It is best to channel surf while doing the medal search. Start out in channel 1 and work your way to channel 7 . If you still need more go to other spot and do the same. Do the same for Connous.
  • You can only find medals in chests that are found on a landmark.
    • Chests tend to spawn in the same vicinities on landmarks, throughout channels. If you, or someone else finds a chest on a landmark, change channels, and you may find a chest in the same approximate area. If you try to put a medal that you already have into your book, it will display "Not a collectible item".
  • The medal obtained via chest is random and not fixed based on the land mark, any medal can drop from any chest. It is still best to visit multiple landmarks, as one individual landmark does not always possess all landmark medals.
    • You can use the medal that Yoff gave you at the start of the quest in the medal book.
    • You can only find medals with Rano landmarks on them in Rano and you can only find medals with Connous landmarks on them in Connous.
    • You also should visit different landmarks from time to time because you won't find all medals at just one.
    • There are 5 chests per marks, placed crosshair.
    • 1-2 of those chests have a slate spawn (Archer, Fighter, Queen, King).

When you have placed all the medals in the book, 'read' the book, and press Complete.

  • Upon completion of the book, you will receive the transformation skills.
  • It's useful to start collecting medals while performing the Giant Marks and Wild Animals quest while waiting for a boss spawn.

Note that the book can and will be placed in your shield slot, if you do not have enough inventory space.