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Lost Elf

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Portrait of Lost ElfFile:Lostelf01.png
Lost Elf
Race Elf
Gender Varies
Location Connous
(Found via Exploration)
Please take me to the Elf village. I don't know where the village is... Nor do I know how to fight monsters. Thank you.


—Lost elf talking to an Elf-aligned player

You...are allied with the Giants. I remember so little, and yet I know I cannot trust Giants or their comrades. I shall wait for someone else to come and get me.


—Lost Elf talking to a Giant-aligned player


The Lost Elf are elves who got lost in the deserts of Connous and have lost their memory. They can be found through L-Rod exploration and are to be escorted back to Atrata in Filia for combat experience, exploration experience, and gold.



  • This NPC cannot be interacted with Keywords.


Marked locations of the Lost Elves
  • The quest can only be done by Elves and Neutral or Elf-allied Humans.
    • If a Giant or Giant-allied Human finds a Lost Elf, they will not provide the quest.
  • To find a Lost Elf, simply equip an L-Rod and go exploring in the desert.
    • Lost Elves spawn in predetermined places. Refer to the map to help you decide where to look.
    • You may stay in place or switch channels if you see someone else find an Elf in the same spot that you're at, although this is time-consuming.
  • Many Elves are buried deep and require the Land Maker action to reveal their coffin.
    • Lost Elves in Rupes Desert do not require you to use Land Maker.
    • The Cold Wind L-Rod must be equipped to use Land Maker. A Human must be Elf-allied to be able to use this L-Rod, but the L-Rod needs to be modified at Hagel first.
  • The Elf will be trapped in a coffin. Click the coffin upon discovery to release the Elf. Then talk to the Elf to initiate the quest. The Elf will follow you wherever you go.
    • The Elf will be left behind if you do anything on the list below.
      • An Elf left behind can be recovered if you return to where you left it. However, it is possible another player can retrieve the abandoned Elf.
      • After losing an Elf, you can only continue the quest by finding another Elf.
    • You may allow the Elf to ride your mount pet for faster travel. Right click the Elf and select the mount option.
      • This also includes flying pets such as the Thunderbird, allowing faster travel through flight.
      • Some times a notice will appear saying "Cannot carry him/her on a pet." This can be fixed by first mounting then dismounting the Pet and then putting the Elf onto your pet.
    • You may only escort one Elf at a time. If you happen to find a second one, you must leave it behind.
    • It is possible for a Lucky Gather to occur upon opening the coffin, which will spawn many Lost Elves.
  • If you find a Lost Elf, they cannot be helped by another character until you have logged out or changed channels.
    • The Elf will stay in its initial position if you are already helping another. It is advised to erase progression data on the map, so finding the Elf again, later, will prove much easier.
  • Be aware that the Elf can be attacked and die, so it is recommended to avoid combat while escorting it back to town. If the Elf dies, you will have to find another one.
  • There are three different types of Elves with set rewards: 500, 1,000 and 1,500 Exploration experience. You will get the largest reward for collecting Elves on the farther half of Longa Desert. The ones in Rupes Desert give 1,000, while the ones closest to Filia are worth only 500.
  • Leaving Connous without completing the quest will remove the quest, even if it has the complete button up.
  • You can lose the Lost Elf through the following means:
    • Manually give up on the quest
    • Use a Mana Tunnel
    • Use a Wings of a Goddess
    • Use a Waxen Wing
    • Enter any building
    • Change Channels
    • Continent Warp
    • Logging off or Disconnecting
    • Move to a different region (Rano, Metus or Courcle)
    • Fall into Ant Hell Underground Maze
    • Moving too far from the elf
    • Get the elf stuck behind props
      • Be careful especially around the fence posts that surround Filia; it is very easy to lose an elf there.
    • The elf dying



Picture Lost Elf's Closed Coffin.png Lost Elf's Open Coffin.png
Closed Open

Types of Lost Elves

  • Locations not complete
Picture Lostelf01.png Lostelf02.png Lostelf03.png Lostelf04.png Lostelf05.png
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5

Picture Lostelf06.png Lostelf07.png Lostelf08.png Lostelf09.png Lostelf10.png
Type 6 Type 7 Type 8 Type 9 Type 10