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User:Rydian/Equipment Tips

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This page is a list of suggested weapons and armors, mainly aimed at newer or returning players.

This is not an endgame gear guide, it prioritizes availability, cost, and efficiency over min-maxing a few more stat points.

  • The tables list two types of items.
    • Items with a green background are efficient choices for new/returning players.
      • Generally items that are sold often or even dumped by stronger players (due to imperfect rolls) can be good for newbies.
      • If you're a new/returning player, you can try asking around if people have any spare copies of the green items.
    • Items with a pink background are stronger, long-term goals.
      • This is generally due to rarity/cost of the item itself or the materials.
  • All listed repair costs are at the 98% chance.
    • Repairing items at lower repair rates costs a lot less, but will also wear the items out much faster.
  • Damage value listed is max damage after upgrades have been done.
    • If a range is listed, it means it varies based on upgrade choices, crafting rolls, and things like that.
  • Demonic weapons require a specific master talent to wield. Players without that master talent literally cannot use them.

General Tips

  • Upgrade your equipment.
    • As you use weapons/shields and body armor, they'll gain Proficiency. Upgrade them at NPCs for better stats.
  • Protection is better than Defense.
    • Defense is a flat damage reduction, Protection factors into a percentage damage reduction.
    • If you were to take a 500 damage attack, 25 defense reduces it to 475 damage, but 25 protection reduces it to 345 damage.
  • Max damage is generally the best stat to increase on non-magical weapons.
    • The main exception is the rare few weapons that have Piercing, you should always get Piercing upgrades.
  • For magic weapons, focus on Magic Attack.
    • Artisans can give a large amount of Int which can be better than Magic Attack until you reach endgame stats, but are heavily randomized.



  • Light Armor doesn't penalize any stats, so it's useful for archery, puppetry and fighter.


  • Heavy armor is expensive, cuts dexterity when worn, and lowers third-chain fighter skill damage.
    • However it has the best defensive properties with no downsides for melee, magic, gunner, ninja, and alchemy.


  • Simply holding a shield grants large invisible defensive bonuses.
    • Guard Cylinders can use some Alchemy skills, allowing for easily mixing them with melee or magic.



  • Due to Bash and Final Hit being so strong, normal speed or faster weapons are preferred.
    • Weapons that are normal speed or faster can attack twice with one activation of Bash, greatly increasing DPS.

1H Swords

  • If dual-wielding swords, the Balance stat can be mostly be ignored due to all the balance bonuses from skills.

2H Swords

  • Higher Smash damage, splash can hit multiple enemies, only need to repair one thing.

1H Axes

  • Axes can temporarily reduce enemy defenses when using Smash.
    • This lets you and/or your party deal more damage to that target.
  • Ideal for use with a shield since nobody can dual-wield them.

2H Axes

  • Slow, but highly-damaging, getting the higher multiplier from Smash.
  • Axes can temporarily reduce enemy defenses when using Smash.
    • This lets you and/or your party deal more damage to that target.

1H Blunts

  • Blunts can temporarily daze enemies when using Smash, which prevents the target from loading any magic or alchemy skills.


  • Difficult for people who aren't on the west coast, but huge theoretical DPS.
    • Higher range improves aim speed.
    • Attack speed affects reload time.


  • Guns'N'Roses Bows 'N Arrows


  • Lower range, but more freedom of movement and they tend to have a piercing upgrade.


  • A variety of attacks, some crowd control, and the ability to rapid damage enemies at range.
    • There's only one weapon style for this skillset, I just wanted the categories to match.
      • Pretend I said something else helpful here.


  • Rapid normal attacks can pick off lots of enemies at a distance.


  • Some of these can be upgraded for less MP use, but it takes up slots that more damage upgrades could use.
  • Most magic weapons also have a very high possible Int artisan, granting lots of extra magic damage if you're lucky.


  • Able to use all three magic levels (basic/int/advanced), but doesn't specialize in any of them.


  • Able to use basic/int magic, can specialize in one type or the other.