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Portrait of Eirawen
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Princess (later Queen)

Track Upright Pride


The princess carries herself with all the grace and elegance you would expect from the heir of Aliech. A pair of violet eyes burn with determination on her snow-white face.

Eirawen is the princess (and later queen) of the Aliech Kingdom and a main character of Generation 16: Macbeth. She is impatient and rude, even to her loyal subjects. Her father was Ethur Mac Cuill II.

She mentions that Callow served as her surrogate father while Betty was her most recently hired maid.

Players who have completed Generation 16: Macbeth will have the option to receive healing treatment from Eirawen at no cost when speaking to her in Rath Royal Castle's Throne Room on the Second Floor.

Mainstream Story


  • Depending on the choices made in Macbeth, Eirawen may become infatuated with the Milletian.
  • In History's Curtain Call, Eirawen seems to possess Chain Casting.
  • Eirawen is based on Érimón, a male Milletian leader. Her name on the Korean servers (에레원 / Eremon) more closely resembles this relationship.
  • In Welsh, Eirawen's name would roughly mean "Snow White." Eirwen is the feminine version while the masculine counterpart is Eirwyn.