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Portrait of Unknown ManFile:Unknown Man (No Mask).png
Unknown Man
Race Human
Gender Unknown
For the monster data, see Unknown Man (Monster).
For the storyline NPC, see Cessair's Heart.
For the white-robed unknown man, see Black Mask.
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The Unknown Men, later revealed as Cessair, are an unidentified, mysterious cult who seem to have connections with demons, and are the primary antagonists behind Iria: Episode 0 - Prequel: Shamala and Nightmare, The Saga: Iria, and The Saga: Iria II. Their goal is to eradicate the Gods and Milletians.

Black Mask assumes status of authority in the Cessair, who, unlike his brethren, wears white garments and an orange scarf rather than black garments and a red scarf. Cessair's Heart is also of the higher ranks of the organization, and is Black Mask's right hand. Dian is revealed to be the true leader of the Cessair, pulling strings from the shadows. They are also supported by the Black Dragon Knight, Bhafel, Languhiris, and the Commerce Bandit Fomors, and possibly the Goblin Trade Helper of Bangor, Digo.

Due to Black Mask's interference with the Soul Stream, the Cessair's magic, called "Red Eye" or "Eye of Death", can instantly disable and possess Milletians and then transform them into demonic-like creatures to use as the Cessair's puppets. Even the specific Milletian, who possesses the power of Demigod and wields the Brionac which contains the power of Aton Cimeni, is vulnerable to this. The Cessair use this not only to put the Milletian race under their control, but also to have all their allies turn against them. The only known counter to their magic is a special charm containing the powers of the divine that are in the hands of Courcle's shamans.

Mainstream Storyline

Unknown Man's Equipment


  • All of the Cessair, including Dian and Cessair's Heart, have red eyes resembling their "Red Eye" or "Eye of Death".
    • The The Red Eye.png "Red Eye" and its mechanics resemble the real-world evil eye, with Akule even giving the player an unseen charm to ward it off.