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For the NPC, see Prophet (NPC).
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Basic Information

The Prophets are a group of heretic Fomors serving as the primary antagonists behind Chapter 6. They worship Ladeca and use their divine power to mutate creatures of Erinn and can create beasts known as the Apostles in their attempts to assault Erinn. They are rivaled with the Alban Knights, a human organization who dedicates protecting Erinn.

Wild animals mutated by the Prophets jut out crystal-like minerals from their body and are very aggressive, known to actively attack livestock and farms. Humans on the other hand become Apostles, they become mutated into mindless puppets controlled by the Prophets.

Currently, nothing is known about the Prophets' origins.


  • Pennar: A Wolfman of the Prophets. He has a very chivalrous, knight-like spirit, but will take any action necessary even if it means sullying his honor.
  • Brilluen: A Succubus of the Prophets. True to her race, Brilluen is very teasing and flirty, and this carefree and talkative attitude tends to annoy her comrades.
  • Marcan: An Ogre of the Prophets. Little is known about him since he speaks very little.
  • Black Wizard: A Black Wizard is briefly seen using divine power to convert humans into Girgashiy. Nothing else known about this specific Black Wizard.

Mainstream Story