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Future content.png This article is outdated.
This article is outdated and may contain contents that are missing or inaccurate.

Basic Information

  • Keywords are words that are collected within a journal that can be used in conversation with NPCs to learn more information about a specific topic.
  • Some keywords are available from the start. Various others can be unlocked by talking to NPCs about certain topics or doing quests.
  • In some cases, the keyword will be lost after being used for its intended purpose.
  • See Category:Keyword Responses for each NPC's individual response to a keyword.

Keyword Journal


Keyword Description How to Obtain
Private Story Talk about a topic that is a bit more personal. Available from character creation.
Nearby Rumors Talk about ongoing rumors or specific people. Available from character creation.
Skills Talk mostly about skills. You can obtain information on how to get skills and train for them. Available from character creation.
Part-Time Jobs Talk about available jobs for money or food. If I'm lucky, I just might get a job. Available from character creation.
Classes and Training Talk to the School teacher. It is used when studying at the School. Available from character creation.


Keyword Description How to Obtain
General Shop A place that sells various items necessary for daily life. Ask about the location of the General Shop. Malcolm [Private Story],
Bebhinn [Lute],
Nora [Clothing Shop],
Atrata [Fishing Skill],
Vena [Nearby Rumors],
Meriel [Nearby Rumors]
Grocery Store Talk about the Grocery Store in this town. You can obtain information on its location or other related information. Duncan [Reservoir],
Caitin [Private Story],
Dilys [Tailoring],
Piaras [Restaurant],
Wanst [Private Story]
Tupai [General Shop]
Healer's House You can obtain information on the location of the town's Healer. Dilys [Private Story],
Endelyon [Nearby Rumors],
Lassar [Town Office],
Glenis [Nearby Rumors],
Heulfryn [Private Story],
Kousai [Private Story],
Atrata [Private Story],
Castanea [Nao's Letter of Introduction quest],
Krug [Chief's House]
Inn Talk about the location of the town's Inn. Piaras [Private Story],
Bebhinn [Windmill],
Caitin [Tailoring],
Dilys [Weapons Shop]
Bank A place for storing items. You can obtain information about the Bank. Bebhinn [Private Story],
Dilys [School],
Nora [Church],
Devi [Private Story],
Castanea [Memory Tower],
Weide [Private Story],
Taunes [Town Square]
Blacksmith Shop A place for obtaining weapons and armor. Caitin [Weapons Shop],
Alissa [Nearby Rumors],
Ferghus [Private Story, General Shop],
Piaras [Weapons Shop],
Trefor [Smash Skill],
Ibbie [General Shop],
Edern [Private Story],
Nicca [Private Story]
Rest This skill helps quickly recover the lost HP caused by fatigue or injuries. Nora [Learning the Rest Skill quest],
Nele [Campfire Skill],
Castanea [Campfire Skill, Visit the Healer's House quest],
Krug [Visit Queen Kirine quest],
Meriel [Clothing Shop]
Ranged Attack A method for attacking faraway enemies that cannot be damaged with melee attacks. For detals, speak to the town residents. Trefor [Skills] and Ranged Attack not learned (at Novice or higher),
Lepus [Bow],
Meles [Bow],
Vena [Bow]

Removed and replaced with Bow when used with Ranald.

Playing Instrument It's a must to know how to play an instrument to play a song. I better find an instrument that fits me. Deian [Skills] if Playing Instrument not learned,
Granites [Lute]
Composing A skill that will enable me to write on Music Scores sold at the General Shop. Maybe I should read a book about this? Bebhinn [Skills] if Compose not learned,
Granites [Playing Instrument],
Atrata [Skills] (after learning Herbalism if Elf)

Removed when used with Endelyon, in exchange for Music Score quest.

Tailoring A skill for making clothes using fabric materials. I might be able to gain more information through some related items. Endelyon [Skills] if Tailoring not learned (first time will get her Gather Eggs quest instead),
Castanea [Clothing Shop],
Meles [Clothing Shop],
Kirine [Clothing Shop]
Magnum Shot A skill for inflicting huge damage to faraway enemies with a bow. Detailed information can be obtained by talking to town residents. Duncan [Skills] if Human and Ranged Attack learned (at Novice or higher),
Meles [Ranged Attack],
Hagel [Smash Skill]

Removed when used with Ranald to learn skill.

Counterattack A skill that counters the enemy's attack. Both normal attacks and the Smash skill can be countered. Additional information can be obtained from someone in town. Dilys [Skills] if Human and Counterattack not learned,
Hagel [Windmill Skill],
Zeder [Weapons Shop],
Wanst [Windmill Skill]

Removed when used with Trefor.

Smash Skill An attack skill that focuses your normal attack rate into one huge blow. Speak to the town residents for additional information. Lassar [Skills] if Human and Smash not learned,
Atrata [Magnum Shot],
Meles [Magnum Shot],
Zeder [Counterattack],
Taunes [Weapons Shop, Windmill Skill, Defense training quest]

Removed when used with Ferghus.

Gathering A method to obtain useful materials from animals or nature. Caitin [Private Story] if she likes you,
Bebhinn [Grocery Store, Farmland],
Wanst [Skills, Collect berries Giant beginner quest]
Town Square An open space for large gatherings. Duncan [Nearby Rumors],
Piaras [Chief's House],
Meven [General Shop],
Reservoir A water storage facility for the town's water supply. Malcolm [Adelia Stream] or [School],
Deian [Nearby Rumors]
Farmland Land upon which farmers work for harvesting grains. Bebhinn [Nearby Rumors],
Lassar [Nearby Rumors],
Piaras [Reservoir],
Ferghus [School]
Windmill A wind-powered mechanism meant for grinding crops and/or to draw water. Malcolm [Inn],
Lassar [Reservoir],
Ferghus [Nearby Rumors]
Adelia Stream A small stream flowing through eastern Tir Chonaill. Caitin [Nearby Rumors],
Malcolm [Blacksmith Shop],
Ferghus [Farmland, Reservoir],
Meven [Campfire Skill],
Lassar [Windmill]
Chief's House The house of the Town Chief. I better be on my best behavior when talking to the Chief. Tin [Nearby Rumors],
Duncan [Private Story],
Bebhinn [Graveyard],
Ferghus [Graveyard],
Nora [Town Office],
Krug [Private Story]
Church A Church where people worship God. It is said that the place is always open for seeking help on religious issues. Endelyon [Private Story],
Meven [Private Story],
Duncan [School],
Nora [School],
School A place suitable for learning skills and for satisfying your curiosities. The instructors will provite valuable information, but only to students. Duncan [Classes and Training],
Dilys [Counterattack],
Ranald [Private Story],
Lassar [Private Story],
Alissa [Private Story],
Aranwen [Private Story],
Aeira [Nearby Rumors],
Manus [Counterattack],
Nora [Healer's House],
Piaras [Smash Skill],
Meriel [Skills]
Windmill Skill A useful combat skill that attacks multiple enemies at the same time. Speak with town residents for details. Granites [Counterattack],
Hagel [Ranged Attack],
Kirine [Skills] (after learning Herbalism if Giant),
Taunes [Grocery Store]

Removed when used with Aranwen.

Campfire Skill There is word of a certain skill that starts campfires. Piaras [Skills] if Human and Campfire not learned,
Trefor [Restaurant]
Deian [Inn],
Aeira [Inn],
Atrata [Rest],
Zeder [Fishing Skill]

Removed when used with Deian, and after Deian's quest to learn skill completed.

Restaurant Talk about the town's Restaurant. Glenis [Private Story],
Manus [Nearby Rumors],
Kristell [Nearby Rumors],
Aeira [Grocery Store],
Fraser [Grocery Store],
James [Grocery Store]
Pierrick [Grocery Store]
Weapons Shop Ask for a shop in town that might sell some weapons. Walter [Nearby Rumors],
Nerys [Private Story],
Nerys [Blacksmith Shop],
James [Blacksmith Shop],
Castanea [Bow],
Taunes [Private Story],
Zeder [Nearby Rumors]
Clothing Shop I'd like to know where I can buy clothes. I better head over to the nearest Clothing Shop. Simon [Private Story],
Brenda [Private Story],
Castanea [Bank],
Meriel [General Shop]
Bookstore I need a book, any book. I'd better ask for the location of a place where the books might be available. Aeira [Private Story],
Austeyn [Blacksmith Shop],
Simon [Nearby Rumors]
Town Office Talk about the Town Office. Eavan,
Stewart [Town Square],
Graveyard It is said that there is a Graveyard behind the house of Chief Duncan in Tir Chonaill. Duncan [Healer's House],
Malcolm [Healer's House],
Dilys [Nearby Rumors],
Nora [Blacksmith Shop]
Magic Shield Skill This skill forms a magic shield around you. Rafting
Fishing Skill A skill that enables me to fish with bait and a fishing rod on the water. Ferghus [Skills],
Lepus [Skills],
Granites [Gathering],
Wanst [Gathering],
Meriel [Rest]


Keyword Description How to Obtain
Bow The bow enables me to attack enemies from long range. I better find the Weapons Shop or Blacksmith Shop for more information on this type of weapon. Ranald [Ranged Attack] (but see above),
Meven [Ranged Attack],
Elen [Magnum Shot],
Atrata [Ranged Attack],
Granites [Ranged Attack],
Taunes [Counterattack],
Vena [Learn how to use Bows quest]

Removed when used with Ferghus.

Lute It is one of the easiest instruments to find in the area. I've heard that they are sold in the General Shop. Endelyon [Playing Instrument],
Alexina [Playing Instrument],
Granites [Skills]
Instigator So, this is what Trefor of Tir Chonaill is really doing... How disappointing. I'll give him a piece of my mind. Ranald [Nearby Rumors] if he likes you,
Wanst [Town Square]

Removed when used with Trefor.

Tir Na Nog The ideal land of eternal youth where death and illness do not exist. A word that means eternal paradise. Meven [Healer's House]
Mabinogi A word that refers to the song of Bards. It also refers to a story-like lullaby sung by mothers for putting children to sleep. Meven [Bookstore]
Music Score A melody written in codes over paper. They say that special knowledge is required to write and read these signs. Kristell [General Shop],
Nele [Composing],
Atrata [Composing],
Granites [Composing]
a Friend of Nao You wonder about the person who rescued Nao from the dungeon. Nao [Private Story] if Generation 1 not completed
Nao's Owl Talk about Nao's pet Owl. Nao [Private Story] if Generation 1 not completed

Removed when used with Nao and replaced with Owl Scroll. Can't be reacquired after G1.

Nao's Black Dress Talk about the black dress Nao is wearing. Nao [Private Story] if Generation 1 not completed

Removed when used with Nao. Can't be reacquired after Generation 1. Replaced with "Nao's Black Clothes" upon giving Nao an outfit.

Owl Scroll Ask about the scrolls delivered by the owl. Nao [Nao's Owl]

Removed when used with Nao. Can't be reacquired after Generation 1.

Chef Exam Every Samhain, there's a Chef Exam held at the town square of Emain Macha. In order to participate in this, one must hold on to the challenge coupon, and I can get this by completing a part-time job from Shena. Shena [Part-Time Jobs] (on weekdays, ch3)
Spirit Weapon's Contract Tarlach is the only one who can make a contract for the Spirit Weapon. I should ask him regarding the contract and the annulment using the keyword. Tarlach with a weapon spirit in your possession.
Elf and Giant Elves and Giants were known to be adversaries from the beginning of time. I better use this this keyword to talk to the chief of the town to find out which of the two races I want to support. Krug, Castanea (as Human)
Gem Gems, obtainable through Metallurgy, are more valuable in larger sizes. Why don't you give your gems to NPCs or Spirits as gifts? By completing the Collect Gold Ore Fragments quest
Spirit Weapon Transfer Talk about transferring the ancient spirit of a weapon to a different weapon. If you are interested, go see Berched, Tarlach, or Dorren. Spirit Transfer Magic quest


Keyword Description How to Obtain
Elemental Dungeon Pass Better talk to Nele with this keyword if the Elemental Dungeon Pass is needed to obtain Page 1 of the Book of Ice Spear. Completing Explorers Journal
Ancient Spirit Fossil Edern said he will refine the Spirit Stone if I get an Ancient Spirit Fossil. I should ask Gilmore about a pass.

Ancient Spirit Magic quest

Loeiz's Student Nele Loeiz mentioned something in his book "Erinn's Musicians" that Nele is his student. I'd better ask Nele about this.

By advanced reading Musicians of Erinn

Removed when Musical Knowledge advanced to rank 9.

Memory Tower A giant tower the Elves use to share their vast knowledge. Castanea [Town Square, Nao's Letter of Introduction quest],
Lepus [Town Square]
Magic Bean A magic bean that apparently will let me grow. Better talk to Goro using this keyword. Goro when holding a Fomor Bean received from Muro
Gift to Nao I want to give Nao a gift for always helping me. What can I give her? Nao [anything]
Twin Sword At Iria, the archeologists have found evidence that a notable few have fought using two swords, one in each hand. Nicca, who sells weapons in iria, may know a thing or two about the twin swords. Aodhan [Skills] if dual wielding one-handed swords

Removed when Final Hit skill obtained.

Burning Sword A sword embedded in Avon. It's ornate blade is engulfed in an everlasting fire. Is there truly a way to handle this weapon? Touch the Sword of Elsinore in Avon after completing Generation 13: Hamlet.
A Mysterious Land A mythical tale that was written on the Book "A Tale From a Land Far Away." Is this story really true? Talk to some that may be interested in this fascinating tale. Leslie [Nearby Rumors] then read book on library Literature/Philosophy shelf
How to Get On the Boat Apparently, if there's a way to get on the boat to cross the ocean, there may be a way to land on an undiscovered land. Where can the boat be? Talk to some people about it. Tarlach [A Mysterious Land]


Keyword Description How to Obtain
Head to Qilla Base Camp To quit the quest of Ffion and the exploration, and return to Base Camp, better use this keyword to talk to Ffion. Ffion
Head to the Town of Elves Better use this keyword when talking to Vena to quit Vena's tutorial quest on exploring and head to Filia, the Elf town. Vena for first time
Go to the Giant village I must use this keyword to talk to Meriel if I ever want to quit the quests where Meriel tells me about exploration and want to go to Vales, which is the Giant village. Meriel for first time
Rab's Dog Collar A dog collar for big dogs. Rab chewed away the old one. I better go to the Blacksmith Shop and ask how to make a new one. Fleta [Personal Story] if she has very favorable opinion of you
Fleta's Chore I received a request from Fleta asking me to place various items in the box. (Spice, 'A flower that shines even at night', and 'an herb grown by the angels'. I better ask people at Emain Macha using this keyword. By talking to Fleta with an Empty Treasure Chest in the inventory
Rua: Apple I should give an Apple to Rua as a gift. Rua [Gift]

Give Rua an Apple with Rua [Gift]

Rua: Chocolate I should give Chocolate to Rua as a gift. Fulfill Rua: Apple
Grave with Violets Placed on Top Ask the residents about the Violets in the Taillteann Cemetery. Pierrick [Nearby Rumors]
Nao's Black Clothes To see Nao in her original black dress, I should talk to her using this keyword. By giving an outfit to Nao
Clothes given by Rua Someone said that I can give the clothes Rua gave me as a gift to someone. Who would wear this? By completing Rua's sidequest
Nao's Black Coat The Black Coat I gave to Nao as a gift. Nao looks warm. By giving a Black Coat to Nao
Nao's Explorer Suit A suit for Nao given as a gift that exudes the look of an explorer. Seems to bring out her elegant nature. By giving a Nao's Explorer Suit to Nao
Birth of the Giant Spider It is now obvious how the Giant Spider inhabits Alby Dungeon. Discuss this fact with the shepherd boy Deian. By completing Deian's RP dungeon, Giant Spider Fomor Scroll

Removed when used with Deian to receive reward

Rescue Mission It is not easy to protect someone's life. Better talk to Trefor. By completing Trefor's RP dungeon, Trefor's Gauntlet

Removed when used with Trefor to receive reward

The Pretender [Unknown] Dilys [Private Story after completing Healer's House part-time job at least 51 times]

Replaced by "Lassar Loves to Party" when used with Lassar.

Lassar Loves to Party [Unknown] Lassar [The Pretender]
Cleared Alby Dungeon even when Drunk [Unknown] By completing Trefor's RP dungeon, Lassar's Wand

Removed when used with Lassar to receive reward

First impression of Manus [Unknown] By completing Nerys's RP dungeon, Nerys' Arrow
First Impression Manus (Memory) [Unknown] By completing Manus's RP dungeon, Manus' Potion
Nerys and Manus Encounter [Unknown] By completing Nerys' friend's RP dungeon, Nerys' Friend's Letter

Removed when used with Nerys to receive reward

Rumors about Aeira's Lunchbox I'd better ask around and see if others knew about Aeira making lunchboxes for Stewart. Complete To Stewart, With All My Heart quest.

Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess

Generation 2: Paladin

Generation 3: Dark Knight

Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid

Generation 8: Dragon

Generation 9: Alchemist

Generation 10: Goddess of Light‎

Generation 11: Sword of the Gods‎

Generation 12: Return of the Hero‎

Generation 25: Eclipse


Future content.png As of Generation 16, Season 2, the content in this section is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This content has been replaced by Generation 2.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.
Keyword Description How to Obtain
Irinid Who is Irinid that Yoff mentioned? I should go to Filia and ask the NPCs there about it.

Yoff's Memory quest

Book of Irinid Hagel said he lent the Book of Irinid to Alexina at Qilla Base Camp. I should go talk to Alexina with this keyword.

Hagel's Assignment quest

Investigate Giant Marks Alexina requested for me to investigate the Giant marks in order to get some information on the Book of the Irinids. If I want to receive another quest, I should quit this quest and talk to Alexina with this keyword. Alexina [Irinid's Book]


Future content.png As of Generation 16, Season 2, the content in this section is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This content has been replaced by Generation 2.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.
Keyword Description How to Obtain
Ancient Giant's Power What is the Ancient Giant's powers? I wonder if the NPCs at Vales know anything about it. Krug's Summoning Order quest
Book of the Ancient Giants Krug said he entrusted the Book of the Ancient Giants to Alexina at Qilla Base Camp. I should go talk to Alexina using this keyword. Giant's Honor quest


Some Exploration Quests use the memos as a reminder of your progress in addition to your quest log.


Keyword Description How to Obtain
Refreshing Shaved Ice Isn't there a good way to get through this blazing hot summer? Let's go talk to Gordon in Emain Macha or Ethna in Qilla Base Camp using this keyword. By logging in while the Shaved Ice Event was running.
Kristell's Reward You completed the 2010 Valentine's Day Event Quest. Female characters can receive a special reward during the Valentine's Day Event by talking to Kristell using this keyword.

Deliver the Valentine Chocolate quest

As a female, report back to Kristell after delivering her chocolate in Valentine's Event (2010).
Cherry Blossom Trees It is said that Cherry Blossoms effloresce during this season.

A request from Tir Chonaill quest

By logging in during the See the Blossom Event (2010) and talking to the Ghost found standing next to the large dead tree in the center of Tir Chonaill's Graveyard.
Cherry Blossom Decoration As a token of appreciation, you have received a beautiful head piece made of Cherry Blossom. Complete the See the Blossom Event (2010).
Ancient Treasure Chest Take the Ancient Treasure Chest Fragments to Eavan and start a conversation with her.
Collected 2012 Winter Limited Character card Costume You have collected a 2012 Winter Limited Character Card Costume set. Buying a Winter Limited Character Card (2012)
Laighlinne's Transformation You wonder how she would react if you said you wanted to see Laighlinne in her red hair. Raising a Laighlinne (Partner)'s Disposition to 180, then speaking to her about Private Story.
Laighlinne's Charisma Laighlinne must have been charismatic when she led her family. You want to learn Laighlinne's Charisma skills. Using Laighlinne's Transformation keyword on the Laighlinne Partner.
Laighlinne and Sera You understand it is an uncomfortable subject, but you want to learn a little about Laighlinne's grand father. Using Laighlinne's Charisma keyword on the Laighlinne Partner.
Laighlinne and Harp There was a harp in the fleet Laighlinne lead. You should ask Laighlinne, what she thinks of the harp. Using Laighlinne and Sera keyword on the Laighlinne Partner.

Alban Knights

Keyword Description How to Obtain
Altam Ask about Altam, a member of the Arthuan Unit.
Avelin Ask about Avelin, a member of the Arthuan Unit.
Kanna Kanna, the Baltane Squire. What do the other squires think of her?
Logan Logan, the Baltane squire. He's like a reliable older brother.

Interest Conversations

Keyword Description How to Obtain
Missions How are the missions going?
Training Talk about training methods and habits.
Playing What do others usually do for fun?
Cooking Chat about food!
Fashion What kinds of styles are poplar now?
Dating Relationships are complicated, but also exciting!