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Talk:Alban Knights Baltane Special Unit

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Squire training results221:24, 13 November 2016
About the conversation table.000:50, 17 September 2016
Cash shop squire?306:39, 21 May 2016
Homepage link to page201:28, 26 April 2016
Observations423:22, 21 April 2016
Training likeability reduction719:14, 18 April 2016
Treating Injuries118:39, 17 April 2016
Current Likeability observations521:05, 16 April 2016
Over Head Icons119:13, 16 April 2016

Squire training results

I noticed sometimes the training results are increased. I would like to know if there is a pattern to this, whether the amount depends on the squire or total level maybe?

For example: When training Eirlys' INT, the training "preview" shows a 25->31 increase. However, once the training is completed, the results are actually 25->36.

Digzol (talk)12:04, 3 October 2016

Training has a chance to increase a greater amount when it's the squire's specialty (Logan is Dex, Dai is Str, Kaour is Int), but sometimes you just randomly get an increase. Someone would need to track it - the day, happiness level, etc. to see if there's a pattern, since your squire can also just randomly receive bonus training when training is completed, even if not the squire's specialty.

Elide (talk)12:14, 3 October 2016

Going out also has a chance to increase. You can get +12 max? i know that ive had increased due to going out and specialty bonus stack.

asdfasd21:24, 13 November 2016

About the conversation table.

At lv3, if the npc isn't in the unit, special conversation will not appear, so just follow the normal conversations. The special conversations may spout out after the npc joins the unit.

After conversation 97, there won't be a simple repeat. The repeat pattern can be "97->failure(just stop and come back the next day)->1->2..."(Kaour and Eirlys) or "97->1->failure->2..."(Elsie). Repeat pattern of Dai may be different. The failure may not have to be experienced, maybe just leave and the conversation will change later.

Gdgzfallen (talk)00:50, 17 September 2016

Cash shop squire?

According to the mabi website.

"You will be able to recruit 3 of the 6 Squires, additional Squires can be recruited with a special item obtained from the Cash Shop"

Guessing not released yet but can anyone shed some more details on this?

L0stnumber (talk)19:49, 28 April 2016

I was worried at first that this was a translation error involving one of the existing "note" cash shop items. Likely they will not release this cash item for some time to provide some control over the availability of materials (a common desire to attempt to level the playing field between many players). Honestly I wouldn't be surprised (but i would be disappointed) if they waited until the end of summer.

I am personally almost level 20 at this time with 2 squires about ready to start trying their "medal" missions (average stat level 90+). No doubt several people are already nearly level 30 and are running adv level (level 20) missions for those materials. Of course, to run those with decent (80+%) success you would have to have average stats of like 250, which I don't think is entirely possible quite yet. On the other hand, if you throw enough money at your squires, anything is possible.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)13:53, 4 May 2016

I've gotten to the point of getting medals and no at 250 all stats is barely 50%. I'm not sure about when the cash items would be released or how much it would cost either, but I feel like it'l be a limited time item or something just like the maids etc

Jaivus (talk)14:54, 11 May 2016

I think I wrote that before I was command level 20, so I was guessing based on the progressions of prior missions that level 20 missions would need somewhere around average level 300-350. Success rate is still appears to be calculated by (Squire's levels) / (Required levels), so having about 250 all stats should give you about 55% success for medals and level 20 missions

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)06:39, 21 May 2016

Homepage link to page

Someone wanna do it?

Kinda hard finding this page and I'm pretty shoddy at html

L0stnumber (talk)20:27, 18 April 2016

Yea I think there should be a link in the General Information under the Miscellaneous section.

Terror1976 (talk)01:28, 26 April 2016


Hi, I don't usually write wiki things, so I'd like to add some things here that others might want to verify first. This is information I've written on my own guide; if you google Visions Mabinogi, you'll find it if you're interested.

  • Command level supposedly caps out at 30.
  • Specialization gives a squire a chance to gain increased stats from training. I've observed 1.5x stat gain and 2.0x stat gain. I've also observed that specialization bonus stats activates even when a squire's specialty stat is the one being reduce (Kanna was doing Stargazing, +6 LUCK/-1 DIV, but specialization kicked in to reward +9 LUCK/-1 DIV).
  • Success caps out at 95%, but I'm not sure about the lowest. Lowest I've observed is 2%.
  • Likability caps out at Level 5, 99%. If you kick a squire out, it removes 100%.
  • Significance on Subtle Hint. Is it relevant to the spreadsheet?
  • Outings. I've observed 20% gain in likability from best results, 10% from worst results. I'm assuming 15% for normal results. I've also read somewhere that it reduces stress by 50.
  • The Main Camp functions much like a Homestead. There's no cooldowns going to and from the main camp. Items left in the camp are lost permanently.
  • Not specifically for the wiki, but would anyone else agree that Kanna is the better starter? Kanna has likability quests with low requirements, whereas Logan has likability quests that actually has stat requirements.
BluntPoint (talk)23:02, 19 April 2016
  • merp
  • For me there is currently significant confusion as to the proper mechanics of the specialization/outing boosts (other thread)
  • the lowest I came across was 4, but someone on the mabi forums suggested that you could not run a mission below 20% success rate (i'm not gonna try)
  • I kicked out Logan and he went from above 4 to under 3. Also likability levels change based on points as opposed to fixed % Ex: Dai from 4-5 requires 200 points
  • what is "Subtle Hint" ?
  • I was wondering if the "right" choices made during an outing had an impact. Your values and my assumptions (100 points for your current squire's level) suggest that an outing will earn 10-20 likability points
  • You can summon pets in your main camp, and I cannot see a way to get visitors
  • Kanna's "sword" is bigger than Logan's "wand"

I think EVENTUALLY someone is going to want to submit a complete wiki table of answers for the squires, probably in a hidden content box. If i made it, it would be per squire with a table-in-a-table format with the answers and special convos. Eirly seems to have a rollover error though.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)14:01, 20 April 2016
  • Try running a mission below 20%, the game won't even allow you to. Probably to prevent people from trying to luck themselves into getting early medals.
  • The lowest success rate for missions is 1%, there was a screenshot of someone who still had Kanna at her base stats but already had the mission.
    • Success rate seems to be determined by the percentage of the total stats you have required for each mission.
      • e.g.: If a mission requires 50 DIV and 30 DEX, and you only have 40/50 DIV and 20/30 DEX, you'd have 60/80 stats, which equates to 75%.
      • This also means you don't need to cover al stats completely in order to reach 95%: Like so (40/42 stats = 95.23%)
      • Another example is here, in which I had 85/2700 stats, which is 3.15%.
  • Training bonuses appear to be somewhat random but can still be triggered even if it's not the Squire's specialty or you haven't gone out with them, it just increases the chances for it to happen.
  • "Subtle Hint" probably means the hints Squires give you (Dai and Eirlys). While it isn't entirely needed, it is still useful in case you're trying to find out where you are in the sequence.
  • Logan's quests may be more tedious, but he has the better Speciality for most missions as they often require more DEX than DIV (which is Kanna's Speciality).

There are already several spreadsheets and even a fancy tool for managing squire answers, it's just a matter of actually wanting to put that here on the Wiki.

Snowie Stormflower (talk)23:24, 20 April 2016
Edited by author.
Last edit: 23:22, 21 April 2016

Can you give me a link to the fancy answer managing tool?

Also, counseling removes all stress entirely.

asdfasd23:14, 21 April 2016

Your progress saves even if you close it, a more detailed explanation shows up when you click the "?" at the top.
(Also try hiding Logan, poor guy)

Snowie Stormflower (talk)23:21, 21 April 2016

Training likeability reduction

Likeability takes a hit when you start training for a squire, and in my experience with Kanna it seems to always be exactly 1%. This is probably a big request, but I'd like confirmation with higher level training (above 40 TRA PTS) across varying stat types and squires.

Rockabye (talk)00:36, 17 April 2016
Edited by author.
Last edit: 17:04, 17 April 2016

it's not so much 1% as it is 1 point out of the current level requirement, which is 100 points (hover over the bar). I think each level over 2 actually only has 100 points each, but I have no way of knowing myself. Back on topic though, I'll save for a couple missions and give her a big one for str. EDIT: the 55 point training only lost 1 point of likability.

It is probably also worth mentioning that "going out" will cause training benefits (ex, the +3/-1 method will earn +6/-1) to double for the squire involved. It either does not happen every time, or a specific date will boost specific stat training.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)15:52, 17 April 2016

Thank you. On the topic of the going out bonus, I think it actually may just be a +3. When I got a bonus from a +6 INT/-1 DEX stat training method, it became +9/-1.

Rockabye (talk)16:54, 17 April 2016

You might be mistaken or something funky is going on, I just now did a +6/-1 for will with Kanna and she earned +12/-1 (from 6 to 18 will).

I made a screenshot but this computer does not have puush.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)14:44, 18 April 2016

well I haven't had it hit on an expensive method yet, I just assumed it would because it was +1 -> +2 and +3 -> +6 when it boosted

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)17:11, 17 April 2016

Odd. I'm guessing either each training method has its own specific amount that it gains from a bonus, or it adds +3 with a maximum of +100%. I would also like to note that training a squire's specialty stat can also result in a bonus, and it's possible to gain both the specialty bonus and going out bonus simultaneously. Rolling both caused Kanna to gain +10 in DIV with a +6 training mission, so I'm assuming that the specialty bonus is +1. Needs more testing to confirm.

EDIT: May not be entirely accurate, as she gained +10 in DEX with just the going out bonus. I'm not entirely sure what's going on here after all.

Rockabye (talk)17:25, 17 April 2016

Kanna also gained +10 DEX for me with just the going out bonus and archery training. I took her to the library.

katsy (talk)14:59, 18 April 2016

I just got "Training went well thanks to their specialty!going out!"(sic) for DIV for Kanna and she went 11 -> 23 which is +12 (+6/-1 method)

I also got "Training went well thanks to going out!" for STR for Kanna, but only +11/-1 (9 -> 20)

I also got going out bonus for Kanna for INT that was +10/-1 (+6/-1 method)

I also got "training went well thanks to" (sic) for DIV for Dai (who i did not date, i dated Kanna) and i got +6 for the +3 training method


Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)15:24, 18 April 2016

Treating Injuries

My current observations from when Eirlys was injured from a mission:

Injury Successful Treatment
Shoulder bleeding Blood transfusion
Drained by plan to retreat Prescribe rest
Received Divine damage Grant divine power

Apparently, she also mentioned something in the beginning of the treatment that she expects you to have remembered, and I had a list of 3 options to pick from.

Sped (talk)17:45, 17 April 2016

There's also a being poisoned injury -> Giving antidote. I'm not exactly sure if the final answer you need is mentioned in the injury dialogue at all. When I got Logan injured, final question was to make him food of some kind, which seems like a silly thing to start out a "Ouch! I'm hurt" dialogue with.

Missmeliss (talk)18:39, 17 April 2016

Current Likeability observations

Sorted from the easiest to hardest to get to like you:

  • Logan/Kanna: They tell you flat out what topic they want to talk about.
  • Dai/Eirlys: They tell you flat out what topic they don't want to talk about. They may have more than one interest that may piss them off in a conversation, so be careful!
  • Kaour/Elsie: No hints whatsoever.

The safest (yet most costly) way to raise Kaour or Elsie's likeability (or Dai and Eirlys) is to shell out a seal or two to Shuan for the hint for the first conversation, use that topic, then end the conversation prematurely; selecting further interests may negate the increase you just paid for!

Oh yes, the cost for the first hint for any squire's first liked topic is 1 seal, but becomes 2 for subsequent hints.

I have not yet tested if their dialogue for conversation changes depending on their Likeability levels.

Ari-kun (talk)16:19, 16 April 2016

This kind of relates to what you're talking about; but it was discovered that the conversation responses follow a sequence. (1-97, before starting over) I translated a KR "cheat-sheet" for the correct answers to each, if anyone wants to format that into this page somehow since I don't have the patience.:

Missmeliss (talk)18:52, 16 April 2016

I think there are multiple such spreadsheets based on an original korean one, but there is a note there about special conversations which occur at prescribed intermediate likeness levels. In my own experience, triggering one of those seems to advance or jump to an unexpected part of the sequence.

Additionally, though it might be my own mistakes in keeping track, I have been following it and have observed possible errors in the table (that might be caused by the special conversations). Otherwise it has bee mostly right.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)19:21, 16 April 2016

Another user on the Nexon forums claimed to have made it completely through it without issue. IMO it typically seems to be user error, and I haven't personally had any problems. Albeit I'm only at mid-60s for responses.

Missmeliss (talk)19:26, 16 April 2016

i have had problems surrounding special convos for dai and eirlys, but the sheets match. My most successful run was elsie, with only one hole. but talking to multiple people it's super easy to forget to cross off, esp when the special convo can replace an entry so if they claim to have made it i'll definitely believe them.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)19:42, 16 April 2016

in addition:

  • the cost of shuan seems to be equal to the "like" level of the squire
  • Squire difficulty is directly related to the initial stats of the squire (harder is higher)
  • logan/kanna seem to need 100 points for 2 -> 3
  • dai/eirlys seem to need 150 points for 2 -> 3
  • kaour/elsie seem to need 300 points for 2 -> 3
  • then 100 points per level after
  • I seem to recall a level using only 70 points, perhaps level 1?
    • these might not be completely correct
  • the new Cash items assist in conversations greatly
    • Truth Note (1) will (give an option to) force the squire to tell you what they want to talk about
    • Reunion Note (1) will (give an option to) allow another conversation for a squire once per day (for a total of 2 convos or 6 keywords)

When recruiting a squire you are faced with a choice of words. For example, when recruiting Dai, if you say "Please work for me!" he will reject Otherwise I conjecture that there are two wrong answers, one right answer, and three neutral answers.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)19:12, 16 April 2016

Over Head Icons

It seems that Certain actions that are done with them, Mission, Training, etc. seem to cause an Icon to appear over their head or them being gone entirely with a message board in their place.

Should we add a small gallery with those options or just a small note of whats going on?

Dark10300 (talk)16:27, 16 April 2016

I think the swords icon is always there for any training, and any mission will replace them with a "brb" sign. In either case attempted interaction makes it clear that you have to wait.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)19:13, 16 April 2016