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Emain Macha Collection Book

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Inventory icon of Emain Macha Collection Book

1 × 2

A MabiNovel Collection Book about the Emain Macha region.

A MabiNovel Collection Book about the Emain Macha region.

MabiNovel Additions


Rundal Dungeon

MabiNovel Background Rundal Dungeon.png

Sen Mag Prairie

MabiNovel Background Sen Mag Prairie.png

Emain Macha

MabiNovel Background Emain Macha.png

Coill Dungeon

MabiNovel Background Coill Dungeon.png

Peaca Dungeon

MabiNovel Background Peaca Dungeon.png

Background Music

  • Strong Yet Tender Smile (Jocelin's Theme)
  • My Dream, Served Fresh (Fraser's Theme)
  • Primrose Beneath the Moon (Rua's Theme)
  • Marionette (Huw's Theme)
  • Final Resting Place (Peaca Dungeon's Theme)
  • Reflected Scenery on Water (Emain Macha's Theme)
  • Fairy of Water (Nele's Theme)
  • The Spirit's Tears (Aer's Theme)
  • When Two Hands Crisscross (Emain Macha Church's Theme)
  • Rawr (Fleta's Theme)
  • Twin Stars (Del's Theme)
  • Iron Chef (Gordon's Theme)
  • Fairy's Flight (Emain Macha Town Square Theme)
  • Nameless Tombstone (Sen Mag Plains's Theme)
  • For Justice (Aodhan's Theme)
  • A Flower Atop Ochre Silk (Ailionoa's Theme)
  • Smile like a Cherry (Shena's Theme)
  • Flag of Paladins (Craig's Theme)
  • Happy Happy Life (Osla's Theme)
  • Energetic Welcome (Galvin's Theme)
  • Twilight Memories (Hywell's Theme)
  • Viridian Emerald (Agnes's Theme)
  • Believe Your Force


Name Image Emotions
Aer Aer.png Base, Normal
Aodhan Aodhan.png Base, Normal, Shyness1, Shyness2, Shyness3, Smile, Sad, Angry, Happy, Calm, Surprise, Smile2, Sad2
Agnes Agnes.png Base, Normal
Ailionoa Ailionoa.png Base, Normal
Beggar Beggar.png Base
Craig Craig.png Base, Normal
Del Del.png Base, Normal
Delen Delen.png Base, Normal
Esras Esras.png Base, Normal, Shout, Anger, Anger2, Adverse, Smile, Giveup
Fleta Fleta.png Base, Normal
Fraser Fraser.png Base, Normal
Gordon Gordon.png Base, Normal
Galvin Galvin.png Base, Normal
Huw Huw.png Base, Normal, Smile, Sad, Anger
James James.png Base, Normal
Jocelin Jocelin.png Base, Normal
Lucas Lucas.png Base, Normal
Nele Nele.png Base
Osla Osla.png Base, Normal
Rian (Alive) Rian Revived.png Base, Normal, Shout, Attacked
Rian (Dead) Rian.png Base, Normal
Rua Dai.png Base, Normal
Shena Shena.png Base, Normal
Tyron Tyron.png Base
Wyllow Wyllow.png Base