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Threat in Renes

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Threat in Renes, also known as Renes Egg-Guarding, Renes Play, or Investigate Renes is a mini-game unlocked after completion of the Generation 8: Dragon. In Renes, players fight waves of monsters while protecting dragon eggs from their onslaught.


Threat in Renes
How to Get Quest

Complete Generation 8

Briefing There is an imminent threat in Renes. I need your help right now.
  • Talk to Legatus
  • Renes Investigation
  • 9000 Experience Points
Additional Information
  • Other players with this quest may complete this in a party.
  • Upon clearing the mini-game for the first time, you will receive the Journal Achievement "Crack'n Egg."

Game Structure

Starting the Game

  • To start the mini-game, you must have received the Dragon's Blessing from Legatus.
    • To receive one, click the button labeled "Investigate Renes" when talking to Legatus at Calida Lake. You will be prompted if you want to receive the blessing.
  • You may bring a party of up to 8 people.
    • Only the Party Leader needs the Blessing to enter Renes.
    • Party Count does not affect the number of spawns per wave, nor does it affect rewards.
  • All members of the party must gather near the entrance to Renes if they wish to enter. Everyone will enter as soon as the leader enters.
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can start the game. You may do it as many times as you like.

Game Mechanics

A player attempting Phase 1.
A flaming post found during the mini-game. You must attack all 4 posts, and extinguish the flames to end the game.
  • Upon starting, there will be a cutscene that plays. You are to survive as many rounds as possible and keep the eggs alive intact at all times.
  • Each round is composed of 7 phases. Each phase has multiple waves of the same monster. After each round is complete, the same 7 phases are repeated, becoming gradually stronger as the rounds go by.
    • All mobs reward 0 EXP and do not drop anything on death.
    • The maximum number of rounds you can play is 16, which equates to 112 phases total. Being well prepared is advised for anyone challenging 112 waves of monsters.
    • Monsters HP will stay the same, but they will gradually become stronger in damage and defense/protection as the rounds go by.
  • The game ends when the eggs are destroyed, 40 monsters are present at the same time, or the players hit the 4 flaming posts.
    • Flaming Posts appear and disappear during each phase. When you feel you have had enough rounds completed, you can end the game at any time by hitting the flaming posts.
    • By extinguishing (hitting) all 4 flaming posts before they re-ignite, the game can be ended when the players have had enough.
      • The posts can be hit with Rock Throwing. When all 4 posts are extinguished, monsters will no longer spawn. Any monsters still linger must be killed to end the game.
      • You may want to hit the post multiple times at the same time to ensure the end of the game.
      • Do not hit the posts using Mounted Combat while on a pet.
    • To end the game, you must have at least cleared 7 phases, or 1 round.
      • Make sure you hit the flaming posts after the Balrogs have been defeated, otherwise you will terminate the current round early.
  • All party members will receive a reward commensurate with how many rounds the eggs survived.
  • If the eggs are destroyed at any point during the game, the mini-game ends along with a failure cinema, and the participants will receive no reward.

Monster Spawns

Monsters in each phase:

  • Phase 1 - Volcano Wolf
  • Phase 2 - Volcano Wild Dog
  • Phase 3 - Volcano Lizard
    • Volcano Lizard tends to use Firebolt often. It is rather weak, and will cause multiple knockdowns if you do not strike quick enough.
  • Phase 4 - Volcano Horned Wild Boar
  • Phase 5 - Volcano Rock Scorpion
    • Volcano Rock Scorpions can poison you with their attacks.
    • Sheep Wolves, along with Caldera Goats, may spawn in Round 3 at the end of this phase.
  • Phase 6 - Black Leopard
    • Black Leopards are much stronger than their Field Boss counterpart.
    • During the Black Leopard phase, there is an intermission where nothing will spawn. Use this time to quickly heal the eggs.
  • Phase 7 - Balrog
    • Balrogs may appear smaller, but are still considered dangerous.
  • During each phases Hunter Ghosts will spawn in addition to the phase's main monster at least once.
    • Round 2 and forward, they may spawn in pairs.


  • Before entering, one should be well prepared, as you can not leave until you either fail or forcibly quit by hitting the flaming posts that appear during each phase after clearing at least 1 round.
  • Surround the eggs equidistantly and use Windmill. In the first few rounds, a high ranked windmill can one shot the monster.
    • Be aware that Hunter Ghosts will shoot you with their arrows.
    • Volcano Lizards may repeatedly Firebolt their targets in succession.
  • Using a high splash weapon may help fend off mobs, as they have low HP. However, the splash damage becomes less useful as the rounds go by.
  • Mages can utilize a high ranked Ice Spear and cause an explosive chain due to the close proximity of the enemies.
  • Rangers can pick of anything at given range. They should also use Crash Shot, as the mobs are usually in close proximity with each other.
  • Gunslingers can pick off mobs with Shooting Rush and/or Bullet Storm due to their close proximity.
  • Alchemists may utilized Flame Burst and/or Shock to hold off oncoming mobs.
  • Puppeteers can use Act 4: Rising Action, Act 6: Crisis, and Act 7: Climactic Crash against the large swarms to effectively take them out.
  • Having a member with a high ranked Lullaby will help with stalling the mobs.
  • Using Demigod while sided with Neamhain will allow the use of Fury of Light to hold off oncoming mobs, as well as anything around the eggs.
  • Having pets with on-summon attacks, such as the Dragon pets, will stun and or push the mobs away from the eggs.
  • After clearing at least 1 round, several Caldera Goats and Sheep Wolves has a chance spawn. They may spawn during any phase, so watch for them.
    • Kill all of the Sheep Wolves, and the Caldera Goats may drop some items in return.
    • The Caldera Goat has low HP, so be sure to kill all of the Sheep Wolves before they kill it.
  • The eggs can be healed with Healing, however one has to manually click on them.
    • Whenever there is time, heal the eggs. A person with a high ranked heal can be designated to always heal the eggs.
  • Hunter Ghosts always aggro players. Attack them first if possible.


  • You must finish at least one round in order to receive a reward.
    • Every player in the party will receive Legatus' Gift
      • You must turn it in to Belita in order to claim your rewards.
    • There's a small chance for each player to receive a Blue Dragon's Crystal, increasing with the number of waves completed.
    • If the party clears at least 21 waves, there is a small chance per player of a Golden Marble.

Legatus' Gift

This prize is a package of Gold, Experience and Exploration Experience.
EXP, Exploration EXP, and Gold varies how many waves were completed successfully, and will be within a certain range.

Warning: Gold is rewarded in single stacks. Be sure to have plenty of room in your inventory, as well as several Gold Pouches when redeeming large rewards.

rounds:floor(W / 7) waves:W - (floor(W / 7) * 7) exp:((W * 80) + (W * W * 2)) * B exp_exp:W * B gold:((W * 20) + (W * W * 4)) * B

Waves Completed: name=W;default=1;min=1;max=999

Rounds: formula=rounds;B=51, Waves: formula=waves;B=51
Character EXP: formula=exp;B=51 ~ formula=exp;B=58
Exploration EXP: formula=exp_exp;B=55 ~ formula=exp_exp;B=85
Gold: formula=gold;B=9 ~ formula=gold;B=12

Golden Marble

This prize is a rare weapon.
Note: The weapon is of a random Blacksmith Grade.

Blue Dragon's Crystal

This prize is a rare enchant scroll.


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