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Portrait of CastaneaFile:Castanea.png
Race Elf
Gender Female
Occupation Village Chief
Location Filia
Part-Time Job Church
12:00 noon - 9:00 pm
Report time: 4:00 pm
Repair Magical Weapon Repairs, 93%
Track Song of Blessing


The bleary voice coming through some wet paper... Her unfocused pupils glow in the coolness of the air.

Castanea is the chief of the Elves in Filia. She is adept at magic and can give Elves the quest to obtain Mirage Missile. She sells, repairs and upgrades wands. She also provides Part-Time Jobs that give Holy Water of Lymilark as a reward.

As the Village Chief, she is capable of controlling the Memory Tower, allowing her to control the memories of others.

Castanea will "bless" Elves and Elf-allied Humans when talked to. Elves will receive 15 Dexterity and HP, while allied Humans receive 10 Dexterity and HP. This blessing will last indefinitely unless a player logs out, changes channels, leaves Connous, or becomes Knocked Unconscious.

Mainstream Story



Part-Time Jobs

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Track Title
Song of Blessing
Speaking to Castanea/Entering Castanea's home


  • Castanea is a Latin word from the Greek word κάστανα (both meaning chestnut).
    • This is likely in reference to the fact that chestnuts are hard nuts that grow in sharp, spiny shells.
  • Castanea used to be stationed outdoors. Following the Filia rework update that came with Generation 17, she was moved inside her house.
  • Previously, Castanea had a blue eye color. This was erroneously changed to a green eye color with the 2021 Beauty Update.
  • Using the Private Story Keyword on Castanea can have her offer a story about a town similar to Filia that suffers from a curse of memory loss.
    • The story is a reference to the real-life book One Hundred Years of Solitude/Cien Años de Soledad by Gabriel García Márquez.
    • Castanea also retells this story to Kelpie during Generation 8.