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For the Rank D Suffix Enchant, see Caliburn (Enchant).
For the Two-Handed Weapon, see Caliburn (Weapon).
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Basic Information

The Caliburn was a sacred object left behind by Aton Cimeni, who used it to create Erinn. After its purpose was served, Aton Cimeni gave the Caliburn to a man named Partholon, and the people of the Partholon Kingdom. Partholon then used it to create the Caliburn Altar and guarded the Caliburn at all costs. However, during the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh, the altar fell into the hands of the Fomors.

Once the Caliburn Altar was returned, the world was at peace. However, the Caliburn itself disappeared from the Shadow Royal Castle and threatens Erinn. Cichol states that Caliburn itself could bring destruction to Erinn.

After continuing being cycled between Cai, the Fomors, Neamhain, Jenna, and the Python Knight, the Caliburn, in the form of Brionac finally ends up with Milletian and accepts them as its rightful wielder.

Mainstream Storyline