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Dump of observational data circa 2008; may be outdated due to recent patches. If someone wants to make a page of Enemy/NPC AI using all this, go right ahead.

Monster AI file (version edited to fit for Wiki)

General AI behavior

These are things that all types of monsters will do in certain situations. There are some exceptions, however.

  • When hit with an Icebolt or Lightning Bolt while charging up a combat skill, most (but not all) monsters will retry using the skill once (and will not cancel it, if cancelling is part of their usual AI behavior, e.g. Rat Men and Bears for Smash)
    • Stomp is an exception, as Stomp cannot be charged while in the "stunned" animation.
    • Doing this while an enemy tries using Defense or Counterattack is called "skill-locking." Some creature types, such as Wolves and Werewolves, are highly resistant to skill locks. Instead, they will change skills when 'locked' after a certain time period (usually five seconds).
  • When an enemy is finished off with Windmill (and you do NOT hit any other enemies), enemies with single-type aggro will not aggro you until your first target's corpse disappears. Use this time to do Windmill at least 2 times without worry of retaliation. You can further prolong the corpse by entering a party with yourself and changing the Finish rules to "Anyone" (be aware that you may still accidentally hit the corpse with a windmill, and you risk not getting the finish if you take too long).
  • Enemies will never charge a skill when knocked back with Windmill (most will use a skill during their recovery animation, however).
  • When monsters receive a Critical Hit, their AI 'resets' as if they first aggroed you. This behavior is similar to being hit by Windmill.
    • i.e. If you Ice/Lightning bolt a monster and it does a critical hit, they won't always melee attack you by default (which they usually would do in non-critical hits).

Alban Knight Golem

  • When hit, may summon one of many mobs. The type of mob it summons depends on its current mode.
  • Functions similarly to Nightmare Humanoid, except it doesn't change its weakness nearly as often. Its general AI is different depending on what 'mode' it is currently on. Its weakness is hinted from its hair color: Red is melee, blue is magic, and green is ranged.
  • During melee:
    • Only uses melee-type skills, which include Smash, Windmill, and Counterattack.
    • It may also use a Grim Reaper-like skill when it disappears and deals an area-effect-type skill at your position after 5 seconds. Run away to avoid damage.
  • During magic:
    • (this part under construction)
  • During ranged:


  • When aggro'd, will try to run around you for 3 seconds, maintaining a certain distance around you, then prepare an offensive alchemy skill (Water Cannon is the most common).
  • If knocked back or down, Alchemists will usually attempt Wind Blast next (if they have it), or Defense if they do not.
  • If Life Drain is usable, will not use until the next time they are knocked back/down while under 25-50% HP.
  • This AI includes all Arat, Shadow and Corrupted Alchemists, Cai, Leymore and other Alchemist NPCs.


  • Archer-type creatures include: Goblin Archer, Kobold Archer (all colors), Sahagin Ranger/Warrior. Red and Metal Skeletons (light armor) are excluded because they use a bow as their secondary, not primary.
  • Archers circle around you for about 3 seconds before preparing a shot. Depending on bow type, they may or may not walk closer once their skill (Ranged Attack or Magnum Shot) is loaded.
  • If hit with a bolt while Ranged Attack or Magnum Shot is loaded or loading, has a high (but not 100%) chance to cancel the skill, switch to their melee weapon and regular attack you.
  • If knocked down or knocked back while holding a bow, will automatically switch to their melee weapon while 'down' and use either Defense or Counterattack.
  • If not attacked while defending or countering for 3-5 seconds, will immediately switch to Bow.
  • Shadow Archers and Bone Archers are a special exception to this AI; they will usually attempt to re-load Ranged Attack or Magnum Shot each time they are hit but not knocked down or knocked back. They also do not switch weapons when hit.


  • When knocked back/down, Bears sometimes prepare a skill then cancel it while getting up or while running at you.
  • Bears stay in Defense and Counterattack for at least 5 seconds.
  • Bears walk around in Defense.


  • This behavior thread applies to Gorgons, Gnus, and other four-legged animals that emit cow-like sounds.
  • Bovines do not stay in Defense for more than 3-4 seconds.


  • If foxes detect Hens, Roosters or Chicks, they will circle around them for a few seconds before attacking.
  • Foxes tend not to complete 3-hit combos, instead opting to run away and stare at you or use Defense.
  • Foxes that only detect you simply circle around you and occasionally use Defense.
  • When knocked back, Foxes will almost always opt to melee attack you.
  • This pattern also applies to Mongeese and Fennec Foxes.


  • Pattern includes both Light and Heavy Gargoyles.
  • They often cancel their skills after they're finished loading, either immediately or after 1-2 seconds.
  • They use Icebolt or Lightning Bolt in one of three situations:
    • Interrupting a run toward you (because their AI was reset)
    • After coming out of Counter/Defense
    • You hit them with Icebolt or Lightning Bolt yourself (50% chance they'll bolt you back)
  • A Gargoyle's magic bolts aren't damaging by themselves (5-15 damage), but they always follow up with a regular hit. Your best defense (if you're not close or fast enough to interrupt the cast) is to simply run, then spam Counterattack once you're hit with the bolt.
  • One random gargoyle within aggro range, if another gargoyle has already aggro'd you, will have a "!" and strafe around you. Be warned, after a random amount of time it will take one swipe at you, even though it will never go "!!" unless you hit back.


  • This pattern also includes Kobolds, but not Goblin or Kobold Archers.
  • When Goblins aggro you, or get up without using a skill, they remain still for a moment and run at you (or around you) for a couple of seconds before attacking.
  • Goblins often walk while Smash is loaded and do not use it on you for several seconds. However, they may continue to run while it is charging up.


  • If a player is out of its immediate range of melee, instead of running toward him/her, Golems tend to use their Stomp excessively.
  • Golems, as with other monsters, do not need direct line of sight to detect players (i.e. walls, doors and other obstacles do not matter when escaping aggro). Sometimes this leads to a Golem spamming Stomp (which DOES need a direct line of sight to work) meaninglessly. Hiding behind a Campfire is one way to avoid Stomp.
  • For most golems (excluding Ciar Intermediate for 4 golems), when sighted from a distance it will be standing. However, when a player or pet approaches its detection range for the first time, the Golem will suddenly 'fall asleep' (using its Rest skill).
  • Golems do not walk around while using Defense unless you are not adjacent to it.
  • Though Golems have a chance to instantly use Stomp after being knocked back/down (shows the attack animation), it does not seem to work correctly. This is common behavior if a Golem is Smashed or Windmilled into a corner.
  • Golems sometimes try to fool you by rushing to normal hit, but use Stomp when adjacent to you.
  • Other giant creatures (such as Ogres, Cyclops, Argus and any monster with Stomp) follow this AI.


  • Gremlins do not always stay in Defense for very long, with the exception marked below.
  • When down to 25% HP or less, Gremlins will flee from the player, but will attempt to normal hit if being attacked while fleeing. After about 7-10 seconds of running, it will activate Defense and maintain it for over 10 seconds, as well as slowly walk back toward its attacker.
  • The New Gremlins (boss Gremlins in Barri Advanced) more or less follow this AI, but never flee when HP is <25%.


  • Once a Gunner aggros a target, begins with using Reload if it has not already done so since spawning. Though a Gunner never runs out of ammo, he/she does not spawn with pre-loaded guns.
  • If it is unable to use a skill immediately due to being out of range (such as Bullet Storm's short range), will cancel the skill after 2-3 seconds.
  • Ignores skill cooldowns associated with Gunner skills.
  • Currently, only Cessair's Heart uses this AI type.


  • DO NOT confuse this section with Rat Men, they are a whole different section!
  • Rats usually rush you with normal hits once aggro'd and occasionally use Defense (if applicable).
  • While they are using Defense, Rats tend to run away from you.
  • Sometimes after being knocked down/back, Rats stand and stare at you for at least five seconds before attacking.
  • Rats include all colors of Country and Town Rats as well as Black Ship Rats.
  • Pocket Mice are excluded from this pattern because they have Lightning Bolt; see Spellcaster section instead.

Rat Men

  • When charging Smash, tends to cancel it while running at you.
  • When HP is above 50%, tends to favor using Windmill when knocked back/down.
  • When HP is below 50%, tends to favor either Smash or Defense when knocked back/down.
  • Only uses Counterattack after running around or after successfully knocking back/down a player.
  • Other types of creatures that use this AI include Werewolves and Knolls.
    • Werewolves and Knolls, however, almost never cancel Smash. Also, when hit by Icebolt or Lightning Bolt while a skill is charged, instead of normal attacking, it may charge another skill instead.


Skeletons, depending on type, have some variations to their patterns. The general patterns are described below. (Rabbie Advanced skeletons not yet tested)

  • If it uses Defense (after getting up), will always stand still unless you are not within circling range.
  • If it is not attacked after loading Counterattack or Windmill for several seconds, has a chance to switch to its ranged weapon.

Variant 1

  • The Skeleton only activates a skill once after getting up, then cancel and pause for a second. They will run around for about 3 seconds before normal attacking or using another skill.
  • After being knocked down/back, the Skeleton sometimes stands still and then runs around for approximately 3 to 5 seconds before attacking or using a skill. If it does this, and it doesn't have Heavy Stander, it is safe to normal hit the Skeleton.
  • If the Skeleton activates a skill (excluding Smash) but is not attacked for at least 3-5 seconds, it will also do the above described behavior.
  • Most Skeletons (including Pirate Skeletons) except for Metal Skeletons use this variant.

Variant 2

  • Skeletons -always- activate a skill after being knocked back/down.
  • Metal Skeletons use this variant.


  • Snakes never move unless aggro'd or detects nearby players. If it detect players but does not aggro, it moves slowly and sometimes uses Defense.
  • Snakes only keep Defense active for approximately 3 seconds, barely enough time to attempt to Smash it. They prefer to hiss at you instead of moving while using Defense.
  • If hit by area damage (such as from Windmill) while under Defense, Snakes -will- aggro, regardless of single or multi-aggro ability.
  • If a crowd of Snakes (regardless of color) are Windmilled and you have already have a Snake's aggro, you may 'lose' the Snake's aggro and gain the aggro of another you hit.
  • Green Snakes often remain under Counterattack for long periods.


Spellcasters have no definite AI pattern; each caster has different tendencies in how they use their spells. For example, Flying Swords usually spam Lightning Bolt like no tomorrow, but Wisps are more conservative with their magic (probably because they have more combat skills in their repertoire). Imps and Flying Swords share a definitive variation below.

  • When inactive but within sight distance (able to see their name while holding the Alt key), Spellcasters will cast and keep one charge of a bolt spell at all times. This is usually meaningless, as when they aggro a player, they cancel whatever spell charge(s) they already have.
  • Casters typically do not care what distance you are from them when deciding to prepare a spell.
  • Casters tend to interrupt running at you with Smash or normal hit to prepare a spell instead, usually within 3 seconds.
  • Once charged, the caster will either use the spell on you then normal attack (common) or prepare another spell charge (rare).
  • Sometimes when seriously damaged (amount unknown), casters will run away from you far enough to safely cast a spell. If this happens, they will attempt to normal hit you back if you try to normal hit or Smash them (similar to the Intuition ability).
  • Spellcaster section include Wisps, Flying Swords, and Imps to name a few. Other creatures in general with spells (including Pets in default AI) also use this pattern (with varying degrees in favoring combat skills or magic).
  • The below behavior describes Imps and Flying Swords ONLY:
    • When knocked back, they use Defense or Counter, wait for 3-5 seconds, then prepare Lightning Bolt. They usually move one or two seconds while in Defense before they start casting.
    • When knocked back, and they prepare Smash, they usually cancel it after 1 or 2 seconds of running to charge Lightning Bolt.


  • Spiders that detect you but do not aggro walk close enough to normal hit you immediately after your current aggro target is dead (they're usually close enough to interrupt you charging Defense or Counterattack). However, this also means they are close enough to Windmill.
  • Spiders stay in Defense for approximately 6 seconds and walk around in random directions.
  • Sometimes, when repeatedly Smashed or knocked back by a single player, spiders continue to use Defense when they get back up.

Red Raghodessas (both Sickle and Spike) in Ciar Advanced have a different pattern (having Windmill changes their behavior by a lot). This AI is shared with Sulfur Spiders, more or less:

  • Raghos will always use a skill when knocked back.
  • Raghos will only keep Windmill loaded for 1-3 seconds.
  • When running at you for long distances, Raghos may sometimes 'pause' every other second. Take caution, as they may either continue running at you or charge Windmill.


  • Wolves that do not multi-aggro but detect nearby players will circle around them and immediately attack once the player(s)'s current aggro target is dead. Circling wolves will activate Defense or Counterattack on occasion.
  • Wolves sometimes rush to you as if attacking or using Smash, then change to a different skill or repeat Smash once they are adjacent to you. If you have good reflexes, now is the time to normal hit them.
  • If multiple wolves are hit via splash damage or Windmill while in Defense or circling around, Wolves -will- aggro (whether their usual aggro behavior is Single or Multi); sometimes this causes you to lose aggro of your current target in exchange for a new one.
  • Wolf-types that use this pattern include Coyotes, Hyenas, Jackals, Skeleton Wolves and Skeletal Hellhounds. See Spellcaster section for Hellhounds.

personal stuff to-do below:

Quest Item List

Rua's Sidequest

# Item Found Cost (gold) Done?
1 Apple Goblins, Raccoons, Fishing, or apple trees 0 No
2 Chocolate Glenis, or Cooking (Mixing) 100 No
3 The Story of a White Doe Aeira 200 No
4 Chocolate Gateau Fraser 990 No
5 Red Sunrise Cooking (Mixing) ~2760 No
6 Dagger Blacksmith, Ferghus, Nerys, Elen, Meles, Taunes 1350 - 1500 No
7 Ella Strap Boots Simon 36,000 No
8 Belt Buckle Boots Simon 12,000 No
9 Short Sword Blacksmith, Ferghus, Elen, Osla, Nicca, Meles, Taunes 1,800 - 2,000 No
10 Blue Rose Bouquet Delen 43,000 No
11 Long Sword Blacksmith, Nerys, Elen, Osla, Nicca, Meles, Taunes 2,700 - 3,000 No
12 Guardian Gloves Simon, Tailoring 8,200 No
13 Bastard Sword Blacksmith, Elen, Nerys 5,400 - 6,000 No
14 Fluted Gauntlet Nerys, Elen, Osla 30,500 - 32,000 No
15 Standard Gloves Simon 9,400 - 9,800 No
16 Round Shield Blacksmith, Fishing, Ferghus, Nerys, Elen 11,300 - 12,000 No
17 Cloth Mail Ferghus, Elen 50,000 - 51,000 No
18 Crossbow Nerys, Osla 9,250 No
19 Wave-print Side-slit Tunic Malcolm 76,000 No
20 Tight Belt Wear Simon 11,000 No
21 Brigadine Osla 243,000 No
22 Total Cost 545,950 - 550,800

RP Quests

# From Done?
1 Ranald Yes
2 Trefor Yes
3 Deian Yes
4 Dilys No
5 Tracy No
6 Nerys No
7 Manus No
8 Eavan No