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Year of the Black Dragon Event (2012)

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March 15th, 2012 - April 12th, 2012
Year of the Black Dragon Event advertisement.


Start the year off with a ROAR!

Mark your calendars, because this is one event you're not going to want to miss! On March 15th through April 11, we'll be hosting a bonanza of fan favorite events. Participate in each of them, and you'll get yourself a shiny ticket that summons a Black Dragon.

You can also collect enough tickets to get your own giftbox within each event.

And if seeing a Black Dragon wasn't reward enough in itself, the Black Dragon will also grant you one wish per day!

- Gesture Event
- Ski Jump
- Seesaw
- OX Quiz
- Mugwort Event
- Tara Festival - A whole new style

Here are some of the rewards that you can receive from participating in the events!

- Space Cat Helmet (M & F)
- Space Cat Clothes (M & F)
- Space Cat Gloves (M & F)
- Space Cat Shoes (M & F)
- Beam Swords (Comes in White, Green, Blue, Red, and Rainbow)[1]


  • Upon log-in, you will receive the quest Year of the Black Dragon Event Guide and a Yellow Event Wings (expires in one real hour).
  • Completion of the initial quest will give the quest Enjoy the Year of the Black Dragon Event.
  • The Black Dragon's Human Avatar can transport the player to any of the event locations. After starting a conversation, click Change Event and then click the desired event. You will receive a Yellow Event Wings (expires in 30 real minutes) to the area.
    • This can only be done once per in-game day.
  • You can access the Wish Upon a Black Dragon Event even if you haven't completed the Enjoy the Year of the Black Dragon Event.
  • All coupons obtained in this event can be traded and stored in pets.
    • Coupons obtained before completing the Year of the Black Dragon Event Guide quest will still count towards completion of the Enjoy the Year of the Black Dragon Event.
    • If you cash in all coupons for one of the events, you're no longer qualified for that part of the overall event. In order to complete the Enjoy the Year of the Black Dragon Event, you'll need to keep at least one coupon from each sub-event in your inventory when talking with the Black Dragon's Human Avatar.
    • The Enjoy the Year of the Black Dragon Event consumes one coupon from each sub-event.
A list of required coupons for a prize box from their respective events.

Gesture Event

  • Every 8AM and 8PM in-game time, player must perform a Gesture to receive a Gesture Coupon.
    • The gesture name will appear and a player only has 10 seconds to perform the required gesture.
      • The player must use the gesture via hotkey or clicking; typing it out will not work.
  • At 7:20AM and 7:20PM in-game time, a message will appear to signal that the event will soon start.
  • The gesture event does not run on the Housing Channel therefore it is not broadcasted there.

OX Event

  • This event occurs to the west of Vales, by the Mana Tunnel.
  • There are a total of 30 questions in one session. You have 10 seconds to move to the X or O side after the question appears on screen. After the timer counts down, all who answered correctly will receive a OX Coupon and will move onto the next question.
    • Those who answered correctly 20 times in a row will receive five OX Coupons.
  • Those who answered wrong will be transported out of the play area and cannot continue to answer questions until it starts again at the next top of the hour.
  • Players logged in as pets will not be able to see the questions nor will they receive tickets for correct answers, as they are not considered participants. Players that are mounted on an animal will also not be counted in for a quiz. Because of this, they will also not be removed for standing on the incorrect answer.
  • For the list of questions and answers, see OX Quiz Event/Questions.

Seesaw Event

  • This event can be done anywhere, provided the player has a Seesaw Construction Kit.
    • The Black Dragon's Human Avatar sells the Seesaw Construction Kit needed.
  • Seesaw Coupons are given once a player reaches a height of 10 m.
    • Two coupons are given at 12 m and three at 15 m.
    • Both players will receive the coupons simultaneously.

Ski Jump Event

  • This event is located west of Vales, past the OX event.
  • Purchase a Ski Jump Ticket from the Event Helpers.
    • They may be purchased for 100 g at the bottom of the hill or 500 g at the top.
  • Hit the flag pole at the bottom of the hill to be taken up the slope.
  • There are two slopes. Slope 1 is located to the west while Slope 2 is to the east.
    • Slope 1 has more lines bunched together.
    • Slope 2 has more lines spread apart, and the first line tends to appear very fast.
      • Overall, the number of lines are the same.
  • The letters A, S, D will appear along the slope path which must be pressed as you go by (just after passing each line).
    • Three effects will happen depending on how well you press the keys.
      • A smoke effect will occur if you press the key too late.
      • A speed up effect will occur if you press the key too early.
      • A speed up effect with a similar effect to Mana Usage Reduction active will occur if you press the key with the exact timing.
  • The spacebar is used at both the jump point and the landing.
    • The timing on hitting the space bar will affect both your jump distance and landing, as well as how well you pressed the keys while going down the slope.
  • To receive a Ski Jump Coupon you must get a score of at least 1600, or a score of at least 1800 for three. Talk to the event helper to receive your prize.
    • Score is based off jump distance multiplied by 10 then adding style points.

Torchlight Bazaar Event

  • Similar to the Tara Festival Event, however it does not take place within Tara.
  • The Bazaar appears at the various Landmarks scattered within Connous.
    • The Bazaar only spawns between 6:00PM and 6:00AM and the location of the event changes every in-game day. The location of the Bazaar also varies in location on each channel.
      • The Event Wing intended for the Torchlight Bazaar Event warps to the location of the Ski Jump Event.
    • The Bazaar does not appear at the Rhino Landmark.
  • The Dart Mini Game requires a party of 4 people, while the Hammer Mini Game can have 4-8 people.
  • The Bazaar also has 5 NPC Shops (Weaving, Handicraft, Carpentry, Ingredient, Iron), which all sell materials relating to their names.
    • Only 20 of each item in each shop are sold every night.
    • Shops will restock at midnight.

Wish Upon a Black Dragon Event

  • After donating a certain amount of Black Dragon's Fragments to the Black Dragon's Human Avatar, the Black Dragon will spawn at the Bird Landmark in Rano for 30 minutes.
    • Different messages broadcast to let players know how soon the Black Dragon will appear. Messages will appear in order from least to greatest Black Dragon's Fragments that have been donated:
      • Summon the Black Dragon and make a wish! The Wish upon a Black Dragon event is in progress.
      • Collect Black Dragon's Fragments from various events and bring them to the Black Dragon Delegate in each town. We need everyone's help!
      • We need more Black Dragon's Fragments to summon the Black Dragon! Bring Black Dragon's Fragments to the Black Dragon Delegates in each town.
      • We have about half of the Black Dragon's Fragments we need. Please keep it up so we can summon the Black Dragon!
      • We have almost all of the Black Dragon's Fragments now. Just a little more and the Black Dragon will appear!
      • We've got Black Dragon's Fragments from all over Erinn. The Black Dragon will surely show up soon!
      • The Black Dragon has appeared! If you want to make a wish, come see a Black Dragon Delegate.
    • When the Black Dragon has spawned, the Black Dragon's Human Avatar will temporarily stop accepting Black Dragon's Fragments.
  • Talk to the Black Dragon's Wise Slave and ask her to grant your wish to receive a reward.
  • The Black Dragon can be summoned multiple times in a real-life day.
    • You may only have one wish from the Black Dragon's Wise Slave every real-life day for each character.


Black Dragon's Wise Slave Rewards






Gift Box Rewards

Fixed Reward







Year of the Black Dragon Event Guide
How to Get Quest

Login during the Year of the Black Dragon Event

Briefing The Black Dragon is here to grant your wishes! If you're interested, go to Dunbarton and meet the Black Dragon's Human Avatar.
  • 5000 Experience Points
Additional Information

The NPC can be found in Dunbarton, in front of the Unicorn Statue, south of the Bank.

Enjoy the Year of the Black Dragon Event
How to Get Quest

Complete the Year of the Black Dragon Event Guide quest

Briefing Participate in the festivals you find around Erinn. A special gift awaits!
Additional Information

All activities are similar to past events. See the details section for more information.