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Skills Keyword

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Talk mostly about skills, You can obtain information on how to get skills and train for them.

How to Get It

Automatically given to every character.

NPC Responses

NPC Pic Location Gen Response
Soul Stream 1
  • Try to strike up a conversation with others using this keyword.
    You will either be able to learn new skills, or at least learn new things about them.
    There are a few instances where you can pick up a new skill just through conversations, but mostly, you'll just discover that the skill actually exists.
    In that case, you'll need second-hand experiences, such as watching someone else use that skill.
Qilla Base Camp (Tutorial) 4
  • Have you, by chance, heard of the saying that goes like this? "You can't teach an old dog new tricks..." Goodness... Am I getting old already? I don't notice any new skills or anything like that nowadays.
Vales (Giant Tutorial) 6
  • [gain School keyword]
    I'm actually really bad at studying. I don't know a lot of skills.
Tir Chonaill (Forest of Spirits) 1
  • In this world, skills are of utmost importance for you to do anything. Don't worry, it's much easier than it sounds.
    I mean, the fact that you are strong enough to eliminate raccoons that are constantly attacking the chickens... That's good enough.
    Well, it's not the first time that these raccoons have attacked the chickens, but it's been getting much worse lately.
    The chickens, in turn, act just as violently, so I made a wooden fence to keep the raccoons away. Even with the fence though, these raccoons just keep breaking in... It's really frustrating, you know.
    Don't quote me on this, but I think it has something to do with the evil spirits called the Fomors. Before this, I have never heard of raccoons wandering around in groups, breaking fences, and viciously attacking chickens.
Filia (Elf Tutorial) 5
  • A skill is sure to come in handy eventually at some point.
With the Milletian 21
  • (during First Memoir) Skills? Hmm... I think I used to know a lot of them, at one point. I can only remember a few now, though. If you know anything about exotic or esoteric skills, be sure to teach me!
  • (during Second Memoir) I remembered a few skills! I'll pass these skills on to you so you can use them too!
    What's my favorite skill, you're wondering? Hmm...
    ...Argh, I can't pick just one!
Tir Chonaill 1
  • [Production Mastery unlearned] [learn Production Mastery skill rank F]
    Have you heard of the Production Mastery skill? Learning it will give you more Stamina and Dexterity, and you'll be more successful at gathering and crafting.
    It's not a skill you have to activate manually, either. Simply gathering and crafting will trigger the skill, so it'll improve without any particular effort on your part.
  • Um... I only know about Production Mastery, you know.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • [Playing Instrument unlearned] Hmm...There's a skill you might be interested in, but I don't think you can handle it yet. Can you come back after you learn how to play a musical instrument.
  • [Playing Instrument learned] [gain Composing keyword]
    Haha. You do work hard at everything! Impressive. You seem to love music. Do you know anything about the Composition skill? I think that skill allows you to create your own tunes if you're tired of the songs at the General Shop.
    I know Priestess Endelyon knows a lot about it. Try talking to her with this keyword.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • ("Making Flour" quest not received) I want to bake some break for Duncan but I'm out of wheat flour. Could you lend me a hand? In return, I'll tell you how to make wheat flour. Wait outside and an owl will deliver a message with details on making wheat flour. (owl will deliver "Making Flour" quest when player goes outside)
  • ("Making Flour" quest received or completed) Hehe, skills? Well, how about cooking? Do you enjoy cooking? Oh, but that doesn't mean I can teach you the Cooking skill. I'm not good enough to teach you... Though I can share my experiences of cooking if you like. (menu options: "OK" and "No, thanks")
    • [OK:] Cooking isn't just for filling up your stomach. A well-made meal can make you happy, even if it's just temporary. You know, you can enhance your HP, or increase your Intelligence or Dexterity, by eating a Fruit Salad, which isn't hard to make.
      Drinking Strawberry Milk enhances your HP or your Intelligence. These effects change according to what food you eat. The better the quality of the food, the better its effects. Also, the effects of certain delicacies last longer.
      A high rank in the Cooking skill is needed to make such marvelous delicacies. The meals here have excellent effects because I do the cooking myself. Customers are always welcome! Hehe...
    • [No, thanks:] Sorry, (Character Name), but I can't. If I share my secret recipes with you, then all the other travelers around here will know them too... That means my sales will drop.
      Then I won't have money to pay for my mother's medicine. I hope you understand.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • [Playing Instrument unlearned] [gain Playing Instrument keyword]
    Know anything about the Instrument Playing skill? Only introspective guys like me can handle instruments. I wonder how well you would do...
    Priestess Endelyon knows all about this skill. You should talk to her.
  • [Playing Instrument learned] Alright, so you know about the Instrument Playing skill. It's always good to know how to appreciate art, haha!
Tir Chonaill 1
  • [human and Counterattack unlearned or Practice] [gain Counterattack keyword]
    Skills... Oh! A while ago, Ranald defeated a fox that had appeared in town using some skill or other... What was that called...? I think it's called Melee... Counter... Counterattack? Something like that...
  • [Counterattack learned or not human] I'm sorry... It doesn't seem as though there are any skills I can teach you.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • [elf or giant] Hehe. Sorry, but there's not much that I can teach you...
  • [Ranged Attack rank Novice] [learn Magnum Shot skill rank Novice]
    You seem much more comfortable conversing with people using the 'Skills' keyword now. Wait. You can shoot an arrow? Congratulations! You've only been here for a short time, yet you pick up things so fast.
    Now, have you heard about Magnum Shot? You see, a bow is great for attacking enemies from a distance, yet it's frustrating when you miss a target. Plus, the damage from a bow isn't as strong as a melee attack.
    Since you were so diligent, I will teach you Magnum Shot, which I learned from Ranald.
    The Magnum Shot skill helps you to shoot a powerful arrow with the power you have concentrated in your bow. Go on and work on your training...
  • [Combat Mastery learned] You know about the Combat Mastery skill? It's one of the basic skills needed to protect yourself in combat. It may look simply, but never underestimate its efficiency. Continue training the skill diligently and you will soon reap the rewards. That's a promise.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • (player has not received Gathering Eggs quest) Skills? I don't know if I can call it a skill, but you can gather eggs from hens. Some of the less fortunate among the faithful come to the Church seeking the blessings of Lymilark. To relieve their hunger, we prepare boiled eggs for them.
    If you bring me eggs, I'll reward you for your work. This will be a good time for you to learn how to collect eggs, too.
  • (player has received Gathering Eggs quest) [gain Tailoring keyword] I'm sorry, but I don't know much about skills. The only skill I know is tailoring. If you want to know more about making clothes, talk with Caitin at the Grocery Store. She's the best tailor in town.
  • (player has received Gathering Eggs quest and ?) Did you make the clothes you are wearing right now with the Tailoring skill? If not, I'm sorry. It's just that your clothes are very beautiful.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • [gain Fishing Skill keyword]
    Hmm... Well, CharacterName, since you ask, I might as well answer you. Let's see. Fishing. Do you know about the Fishing skill?
    I'm not sure about the details, but I've seen a lot of people fishing up there. I'm not sure if fishing would be considered a skill, though.
    From what I've seen, all you need is a Fishing Rod and a Bait Tin.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • [human, Smash unlearned or Novice and Smash Basics unread] [learn Smash skill rank Novice]
    [gain Smash Skill keyword]
    [receive Smash Basics book] I like dynamic skills. Like...umm. Something like Smash! Hee. I don't look it, you say? It is so powerful and spectacular, though, isn't it?
    I will give you a book. Read it and practice the skill.
  • [with the Elemental Apprentice title, Bolt Mastery unlearned] [learn Bolt Mastery skill rank Novice]
    CharacterName, what type of Bolt Magic do you prefer?
    Many younger mages tend to specialize in one type of Bolt Magic, but it's not a bad idea to learn many types. After all, you never know what kind of enemies you might face.
    That said, why don't I teach you Bolt Mastery? This skill raises the effect of all Bolt Magic you use. If you take the time to train it, I'm sure you'll find it most useful.
  • [human, carrying Smash Basics book] I gave you a book about the Smash skill before, right? Please read it first and then practice the skill.
  • [human, learned Icebolt, Firebolt, Lightning Bolt, and Smash] You must be CharacterName the so-called Elemental Master. How is your magic training going?
    (You tell her about all the skills you've learned so far.)
    Aha. You know the Smash skill. It seems to me that you have a great interest in combat magic... Is that why you're here?
    Hmm. I am afraid I can't do that... Magic doesn't exist solely to kill. If you really are interested in such magic, then why don't you talk to Stewart?
    Wait wait wait. Even if you can prove that you are an Elemental Master, you can't simply show up and tell him that you are interested in advanced magic. He probably wouldn't give you the time of day!
    I'm only telling you this because it's you... But first, you must show Stewart the title of the Elemental Master. If you are really interested in magic-based combat, then you shouldn't have any trouble, eh?
    Good luck...ha ha ha.
  • [elf or giant] I have no interest in bows so... I don't think I have any skills I can teach you, CharacterName.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • [Weaving unlearned, Delivering Wool quest not received] Have you heard of the Weaving skill? It is a skill of spinning yarn from natural materials and making fabric.
    Do you want to learn the Weaving skill? Actually, I'm out of thick yard and can't meet all the orders for fabric... If you get me some wool, I'll teach you the Weaving skill in return. An owl will deliver you a note on how to find wool if you wait outside.[owl will deliver Malcolm's Delivering Wool quest]
  • If you are interested in music skills, why don't you buy the 'Introduction to Composing Tunes' in my shop?
    I try to have as many items as possible in stock, but it's not easy to bring books to a rural town.
    There is a Bookstore in Dunbarton. So if you're looking for books on music, go there.
Tir Chonaill 1 -
Tir Chonaill 1
  • This is an inn. It's a place for travelers to rest. You seem to have come a long way... You have learned the Rest Skill by now, right?
  • [Rest rank F] Are you making good use of the Rest skill? Here's a tip. Only for you, CharacterName. If you continue to rank up your Rest skill, your HP will increase steadily.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • I'm sorry. I don't have the time to talk about that right now.
  • (Campfire Not Yet Learned) Do you by chance know about the Campfire Skill?
    If you start a fire using the Campfire Skill, people would come by one at a time after seeing the bright fire from afar...
    People share what they have in their inventory and spend long summer nights sharing stories about their adventures.
    But really, if all travelers knew the Campfire Skill, inn owners like myself would have to pack up and find a different profession.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • [human, Defense unlearned] [learn Defense skill rank F]
    [receive Defense Guidebook] It seems you are seeking a warrior's advice from me. Let's see, first, just lunging at your enemy is not everything. Defend your opponent's attack to break its flow and win a chance to strike back. It's really a critical part in a fight.
    That's the Defense skill. Hmm... If you haven't learned it yet, can you do me a favor? I'll let you know what it is so you can practice by yourself.
    How to use the Defense skill is described in this book. Read it well and practice hard. That's the only efficient way you can defend yourself.
  • [human, Defense learned, Windmill unlearned] [learn Windmill skill rank Novice]
    [receive Ranald's Armor Delivery Quest, Full Ring Mail to be Delivered] Now I can call you a warrior. What's your impression on the Defense skill? Was it good enough? I guess you are able to read your enemy's moves and respond to that by now?
    But don't rely too much on the Defense skill. The skill helps you defend yourself, but that doesn't mean you are immune to all attacks. No matter how good your Defense skill may be, you won't have a chance against a mob jumping on you.
    Defense skill is effective when you're facing a single enemy. When you're against more than one, especially when you're surrounded, the skill will yield little protection for you.
    Ah, the Windmill skill could help you better then!
    The Windmill skill is quite useful when you're surrounded by more than one enemy. You can escape from successive attacks easily.
    Hmm... If you haven't learned the Windmill skill yet, can you do me a favor?
    I need to ask Ferghus to repair my armor, and I don't even have enough time to answer questions here... Don't worry. I won't make you do it for free.
    I'll teach you the Windmill skill as soon as you come back.
  • [on Ranald's Armor Delivery quest] If you're interested in the Windmill skill, deliver the Ringmail I gave you first. If you are not sure what to do, press 'Q'. You'll see the delivery quest I gave you.
  • [human, Windmill skill learned] How was the Windmill skill? Was it of any help? You will one day become a great warrior as long as you remain an ardent student eager for training just like you are now.
  • [elf or giant] You want to learn a skill? I'll encourage you to the extent that you've willed yourself to come all the way here to learn. But I'm not sure that the attack skill that I am teaching right now would be appropriate for you.
Tir Chonaill 1
  • [Ranged Attack unlearned] [gain Ranged Attack keyword]
    I've been observing your combat style for some time now. If you want to be a warrior, you shouldn't limit yourself to just melee attacks.
    I'm sure Ranald at the School can teach you some things about ranged attacks which will allow you to attack monsters from a distance.
  • [Ranged Attack learned, Support Shot unlearned] Ah! CharacterName. Haha. Has your archery skills improved since I last saw you? Hmm...It seems like you improved quite a bit, even though you're not as skilled as I am.
    Are you interested in learning the Support Shot skill? It's a skill that will help other members when you're in a party. [menu: I am interested!, Can... I trust you?]
    • [I am interested!] I knew you'd be interested. Hahaha. Then, as a special courtesy, I'll teach you. Listen carefully and do as I instruct.
      Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself holding a bow. In front of you, your friend is struggling with a big sword against an enemy. Your friend calculates the right timing to hit the enemy while causing steady damage.
      ...In this case, how would you shoot your arrows? How can you shoot so that you won't interrupt your friend, while still injuring the enemy? Why don't you close your eyes and visualize it?
      • [I visualized it.] [learn Support Shot skill rank F]
        I'm not certain how well you followed my instructions with your eyes closed, but it's all good. I gave you an easy-to-follow guide, so you shouldn't have any difficulties using Support Shot.
        I pray in the name of Morrighan the Goddess that you, whose arrows fly with bravery, will always be surrounded by glory.
        Also, don't forget to drop by the Blacksmith's Shop when you run out of arrows.
    • [Can... I trust you?] Are you saying that you won't travel with other people? You're pretty confident.
      But you see CharacterName, there are limits to how much you can accomplish all by yourself. I hope you don't end up regretting not taking my advice, CharacterName.
      ...Come by anytime if you change your mind. I'll show you the true art of archery.
  • [Support Shot learned] Since you've learned the Support Shot skill now, why don't you start your training by going back to Alby Dungeon. You can hone your archery skills there.
    If you form a party, you'll be able to learn how archers assist warriors engaged in melee combat. I guarantee it, in the name of the number one town guard of Tir Chonaill.
  • [Smash rank C, Assault Slash unlearned] [learn Assault Slash skill rank Novice]
    Have you ever knocked an enemy down, only to be unable to attack it while it's on its back?
    The Assault Slash skill I'm about to teach is perfect for that situation! It's a skill that will allow you to jump into the air and slash your enemies when they're down!
    Assign the Assault Slash skill to one of your hotkeys and press it quickly after an enemy has been knocked down.
  • Hmm... I'm sorry, but I can't think of any skill that'd be useful to you at the moment, CharacterName.
Sidhe Sneacha 1 -
Tir Chonaill (during Chef Exam) 6 -
Tir Chonaill (Alby Arena) 1 -
Dugald Aisle 1
  • [Carpentry unknown] [receive Collect Average Firewood quest] Interested in Carpentry? It's a skill that lets you make lumber and bows. Buy a Lumber Axe, chop a piece of Average Firewood using that chopping block over there, and talk to me. I'll teach the secrets to carpentry then.
  • Why do you continue to pester me about that? I have nothing more to tell you.
Dugald Residential 3 -
Dugald Residential 3
  • Is there a particular skill that you would like me to teach you? (Giggle, giggle)...
    Honestly, I don't even know you all that well,
    ...Maybe it'd be better if you just told me what it is exactly that you want to learn from me...
Cuilin Residential 13 -
Cuilin Residential 13 -
Dunbarton 1
  • [Musical Knowledge rank F] I've talked a lot with other people regarding skills, but you seem be very knowledgeable about music, CharacterName.
    I'm impressed. Hahaha.
  • [Musical Knowledge unlearned] Oh, what a headache.
    I paid a large sum of money and ordered in a ton of music theory books a while ago. I don't know if it's because they are expensive, but no one buys them. Still, they even have the skill-related green seals on them. It's not like I can just give them away to Stewart, either.
    I'm tempted to give them away to someone who's nice to me. *Sigh* I should have just ordered poetry books that I like... It would be so good to have someone give me a poetry book as a gift.
  • [Musical Knowledge unlearned or Novice, high disposition] [receive Music Theory] It's so good to have you come by so often, CharacterName! Come to think of it, you've been really nice to me, but I don't think I've returned the favor...
    Hmm... I want to make that up to you, and for that, I'd like to give you a gift. Here you go. Hope you like it!! *Giggle*
  • [Musical Knowledge unlearned or Novice, Music Theory in inventory] Oh... That book on music - did I give it to you as a gift? Hehehe. Good. It makes me happy to know that you're cherishing it.
Dunbarton 1
  • [Human without the Fire Arrow title] ...I am sorry, but someone that has yet to master the skill should not be bluntly asking questions about skills like this.
    ...if you are interested in high-leveled bowman skills, then you should at least master the Fire Arrow skill first.
  • [elf] I wanted to give you information about skills that were related to using a bow... But I don't think there's much I have to teach such a skillful Elf like you, CharacterName.
Dunbarton 1
  • [under level 15] Hm? I'm not sure.
  • [Gold Strike unlearned, level 15+] What's sharper than a sword and more powerful than a hammer? Gold is! Gold can win battles, and I'm not talking about hiring goons to fight on your behalf.
    I'm talking about taking shiny pieces of gold and pummeling your enemies with them. Nothing smells better than freshly-spilt blood coating your hard-earned gold pieces. Interested in trying learning the skill?[menu: Teach Me, Maybe Later]
    • [Teach Me] [gain For the Wealthy Only quest] I can sense your enthusiasm beneath your deceptively calm facade! Here, these Wings of a Goddess will take you to Tara. Find Keith at the Bank. He'll fill you in on the details.
    • [Maybe Later] Really? How disappointing. Well, let me know if you change your mind. I really hope you change your mind.
      (Austeyn hands you a Wings of a Goddess, an excited look in his eyes.)
Dunbarton 1 -
Dunbarton 1
  • [Cooking unlearned, not carrying Step-By-Step Cooking Skill 101] Seeing how you are asking about skills at a Restaurant,. are you looking to learn some Cooking skills from me?
    Glenis Cooking 1.pngHahaha. Oh, my. It makes me feel like you're looking up to me and I'm flattered, but cooking actually isn't anything special in that it doesn't require a particular teaching process. It's simply a matter of getting cooking ingredients and mixing them well according to the recipe.
    Glenis Cooking 2.pngA recipe is merely a guide, not an essential like a sewing pattern. What's really important is the feel for cooking, you know. You have to figure out the precise combination ratio as you cook and taste the food.
    Glenis Cooking 3.pngOh, the excitement of finding the precise combination and creating a dish...
    Hmm... You don't really understand unless you experience it yourself, but let's see here...
    If you really want to learn the Cooking skill, I can give you a book. Would you be interested at all? [menu: "Of course!", "Not really"]
    • [Of course:] [receive Step-By-Step Cooking Skill 101] Good choice. That book I just gave you is an essential introductory cookbook, written by Mochail, for anyone who wishes to learn the Cooking skill. Follow that book step-by-step and you should have no problem picking up the Cooking skill.
    • [Not Really:] [receive Step-By-Step Cooking Skill 101] Ha ha. A thoughtful one, are you? Are you worried about us going into the red? Hahaha. Just take it, I won't charge you for it. This is an introductory cookbook, so read through it carefully.
      • [whichever you choose:] Glenis Skills Keyword.pngBy the way... Do you have any cooking tools, CharacterName? To use the cooking skill, you need to have the proper cooking tools that the recipe calls for. You will learn lots of different recipes as you skill improves but, for the time being, you will need to have at least a cooking knife and a cooking table.
        Don't forget. A cooking knife and a cooking table! You'll find them at Walter's shop. Hahaha.
  • [Cooking unlearned, carrying Step-By-Step Cooking Skill 101] Hmm. You'll have to at least read a book that teaches you the Cooking skill before talking to me.
  • [Cooking learned] Hmm. You've read the book I gave you, haven't you? But cooking is something you learn by actually doing it yourself.
    Glenis Skills Keyword.pngFirst, you'll need a cooking knife and a cooking table.
    You'll probably find them at Walter's shop.
    Remember. Actually cooking yourself is the best way to learn.
Dunbarton 1 -
Dunbarton 1
  • [Rest rank F, completed Healer's House part-time job < 3 times] Oh, I see that you know the Resting skill. Do you find it handy? If you want, I could raise the skill level for you by one.
    Ah! Ah! Of course, it comes at a price. Hahah... Let's see...
    I know! I always need more help, so why don't you do some work around here? It doesn't have to be with me. You can help any healer in any town. I'll raise the skill level for you if you do some healer part-time work. Any questions?
  • [Rest rank E+] Hmm. You know the Resting skill fairly well. I don't know if you're expecting anything more from me but I don't know anything more advanced, either.
    You... Aren't you being a little too ambitious? Hahaha...
Dunbarton 25
  • I hear you're very good at getting things done, CharacterName. To hear the stories, you're a master of several different weapons, and possessed of no small skill in handicrafts of all sorts.
    I'm not very good at actually making things with my hands, truth be told. I'm much better at drawing up designs and laying out the steps one would use to make a thing.
  • If you want to become the best in your field, you need to be diligent and put in the effort.
    I don't know... I honestly don't think one can ignore the power of innate talent.
    No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you want something to happen... Sometimes it's just not meant to be.
    That sense of futility and powerlessness is something I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Sometimes I wonder if my deciding to take this assignment was, in a sense, running away because of how much I despised feeling that way.
Dunbarton 1
  • [human] Yeah, CharacterName? You have something to ask me about skills?
    The only skill I know has to do with repairing items. It's not an easy skill to teach, though. But, if you're asking, CharacterName, I suppose I could tell you.
    Okay, are you interested at all in the advanced skills that archers use? I have heard that Aranwen at the School teaches a skill that allows you to quickly load your arrows and shoot successively. If you're interested, it would probably do you good.
    But Aranwen tends to be a little irritable. She probably won't teach it to you simply by asking about skills. Knowing her, if you are to learn the advanced archery skills, you'll have to be fairly proficient at the basic archery skills first.
    And showing the appeal is a different matter altogether. Let's see... How could you do that without making it awkward? ...Right. Try putting on the Fire Arrow title.
    It's inside information I told you, so make sure you do as I say. Fire Arrows and bow proficiency. Don't forget.
  • Hey, CharacterName, so you have something you need to ask me?
    ...There's not that much I could talk about so... I mean, all I know are weapons...
Dunbarton 1 -
Dunbarton 1
  • [Meditation unlearned or Novice]
  • [Firebolt, Icebolt, and Lightning Bolt at rank F or above] You've learned the magic involving all three of the Elements!
    I'm impressed that you worked so hard even though it was not a quest or a part-time job... To be honest, I'm amazed!
    Now that you know how to deal with the three Elements, I think you understand the elemental rules governing this world. There's nothing more I can tell you about this. By the way, there is a reason why I explained about controlling the flow of Mana through meditation.
    As you use all three magic, you'll often feel there's not enough Mana. Just remember to use the Meditation skill. [learn Meditation skill rank Novice]
  • [Firebolt, Icebolt, and Lightning Bolt not at rank F or above] Do you know what Elements are by any chance...? Haha... No, they are not skill names. You need to guess better than that. I'd like to tell you about the three Elements that make up this world.
    Fire, Ice, and Lightning. You must understand the relationships between the three Elements if you really want to understand the world of magic. Well, let's see... It'll take a long time to cover these topics, so how about this?
    Try learning the basic magic of Fire, Ice, and Lightning elements. If you try them one at a time, you'll have no trouble learning them.
    After you've done that, come back to me and we'll continue this conversation. Remember, you have to learn the Firebolt, Icebolt, and Lightning Bolt.
  • [Firebolt, Icebolt, Lightning Bolt, and Meditation at rank F or above] Have you ever tried combining different types of Bolt Magic?
    Combining different elements is essential in putting Bolt Magic to good use. You can combine Fire and Ice Bolts to repeatedly knock an enemy down, or combine Lightning and Fire to knock down many enemies at once.
    Most mages have to work in concert to combine their best Bolt Magics, but I imagine that you would have no trouble combining different types yourself.
    What do you think? Would you like to learn how to combine Bolt Magic?
    • [Okay!] If this is your first time combining Bolt Magic, you might want to find a partner this time.
      Form a party with another mage to combine Ice and Lightning Bolts. You should each equip a wand corresponding to the magic you'll be in charge of.
      Stand near each other and cast your Bolts together. Don't forget, you must feel out how the different types of Bolt Magic combine. Grasp this, and you can begin combining Bolt Magic on your own.
    • [Next time...] Come see me whenever you want to learn about combining Bolt Magic.
  • [Meditation rank E] CharacterName, did you find that Meditation skill that I taught you earlier helpful?
    Meditation will prove useful when you're short on mana, but you won't always have time for it to work. Especially when you are completely surrounded by enemies.
    As a mage, there will comes[sic] times when you need to restore your mana immediately, in the heat of battle.
    And that's what Inspiration is for.
    Inspiration is the name of a skill that can return your lost mana in an instant, using a Staff or a Wand.
    • ["How can I learn this skill?"] Ha, I appreciate your enthusiasm, CharacterName.
      Luckily, Inspiration is not a difficult skill to learn. All you need to do is focus on your mana usage.
      Take time to remember what you felt when you first used the Meditation skill, CharacterName.
      Try to recall the feeling of mana surging inside your body. Then, focus on an imaginary dot in your mind.
      • [Not sure how to do that.] Hmm, was I too vague?
        It shouldn't take much effort to learn this skill, so long as you concentrate on your inner self.
      • [I will give it a try.] ...
        [learn Inspiration skill rank Novice]
        Looks like you've realized what it feels like, CharacterName.
        So, what do you think? Was it easy enough?
        Magic is a challenge to master, but not all spells are so difficult to learn.
  • [on Earn Thunder Skillbook quest] Have you mastered the magic that I'd told you about before? ...I suggest you check the quest once more.
    If you wish to learn other types of magic, either finish the quest or quit it, and then let me know.
  • [with Elemental Apprentice title and Ice Wand equipped] CharacterName, an Elemental Master like yourself, who knows how to use the Ice Wand can only be asking me about the Ice Spear, am I right?
    The Ice Spear is a magic skill for attacking the enemy using a giant Ice Elemental. Other enemies who are inadvertently affected by the debris of the Ice Elemental are also damaged. One of the unique effects of the Ice Spear is that the damage usually spreads slowly over time.
    I would love to teach you how to use this skill but... Would you be willing to fulfill a request for me? If you are willing, I will teach you how to obtain the Ice Spear afterward... Although it's not something you can learn all that easily. You can't exactly just quit in the middle so... What do you say, would you like to give it a try?
    • [OK!] [receive Acquire the Ice Spear quest, Exploration Journal] For some reason, the Chronicle of Iria's strong wave of mana which belongs to a Magician, has been damaged. The copy that I've got is missing five pages. I've taken the remaining pages and organized it in a collection book, so would you mind filling up the rest of the book with the missing pages?
      I think the five missing pages were lost in Iria. It might be hidden on some monster in Iria, or perhaps deep inside a dungeon... When you finish, I will give you a Collection Book which you can use to learn the Ice Spear Skill in return for the favor.
    • [No, thanks...] Well, ok. If you change your mind, for whatever reason, just let me now. I'm ok with that.
  • [with Elemental Apprentice title] Hahaha... for an Elemental Master like you, CharacterName, to ask someone like me for a skill...
    ...That must mean you're quite interested in the Fireball? Hahaha...
    Ahhh, don't be surprised by my comments. A lot of people like you have been asking the same question lately. I mean, it's better for me to teach a spell like this to someone who's well-prepared for something like this, that is, someone like you.
    Besides, Fireball is a dangerous spell... Have you heard of it before? If the Firebolt is a bullet, then the Fireball is a cannonball.
    There's a big difference in the damage it can cause, and it's difficult to control that much ball of Mana energy, so... anyone wishing to learn the Fireball skill must first pass a test.
    ...If you, CharacterName, are also interested in it, then you'll have to pass this test, too. You can't drop out in the middle, so you'll have to be really ready and committed to do this. Are you interested?
    • [Yes I am!] [receive Learn Fireball quest, Book on Fireball] I knew you'd do it, CharacterName. Take this first...
      ...It's not a difficult task. All you have to do is make a book. The catch is, this isn't one of those ordinary books that Aeira stores in her bookstore.
      Follow the quest scroll and gather up each page of the Book of Fireball that's laden with magic power, and make a book out of it.
    • [Maybe another time...] Yes, I understand... it can seem quite daunting. If you ever change your mind, just let me know and I'll give you the quest.
  • [with Lightning Bolt rank F or higher and Lightning Wand equipped] Ah, CharacterName, you have the Lightning Wand. You seem to know of the Lightning Bolt magic... Do you also know the Thunder magic by any chance?
    ...Thunder is a very powerful, electric magic. It's a spell that is used by first freezing the enemy with a lightning bolt, followed by a huge thunder on the enemy's head. It's so much more powerful than the Lightning Bolt, that it's incomparable.
    If you can help me out here once, I'll help you acquire the Thunder magic. Are you interested?
    • [Yes I am!] [receive Earn Thunder Skillbook quest] I'd appreciate it if you can get this person, who borrowed a book from me, to return it. I'll give you the quest scroll through the owl, and your job will be to get the book back from the person written on the scroll.
    • [Maybe another time...] ...if you ever change your mind, then can you please come see me with the Lightning Wand?
  • [Meditation rank B and mana under 50%] Lassar has been conducting new magic research and she is in need of new High Capacity Elementals for her research. Do you think you can help her out?
    • [Accept Quest] [receive Collect High Capacity Elementals quest] Thank you. First, deliver 5 High Capacity Fire Elementals to Lassar.
    • [Cancel] Lassar's research seems pretty important, so come back and see me if you decide to change your mind.
  • [Hail Storm unlearned, Icebolt, Ice Shield, and Ice Spear each rank F] [receive Ice Travel quest] There's a new kind of ice magic that uses a staff. It requires careful control and concentration. If you defeat the monsters I ask you too, you'll be more than qualified to handle Hailstorm.
  • Haha, CharacterName, you seem to be a very curious person. This is not the right time, though... ...I'll let you know when the time is right.
Dunbarton 1 -
Dunbarton (during Chef Exam) 6 -
Dunbarton (Rabbie Arena) 3 -
Port Cobh 14
  • Skills? The only skill I can teach is navigation. I don't think I can teach a landlubber like you. And besides, I'm not much o' a teacher anyhow. It probably wouldn't work out.
Port Cobh 14
  • [Handicraft unlearned] You haven't learned the Handicraft skill yet? I recommend getting "The World of Handicrafts" from the bookstore in Dunbarton. It's the perfect book to learn the basics of the Handicraft skill.
  • [Handicraft learned] You've learned the Handicraft skill. You can use it to make various items required for everyday life.
    This is the skill that I build my life around. It's how I learned to make lanterns for this lighthouse. I'm the only person in Ulaid who can.
Port Cobh 14 -
Abb Neagh Bard Camp 16 -
Abb Neagh Bard Camp 16
    • [Musical Knowledge rank 2] What is it today?
    • [Ask about Musical Knowledge] (Yvona quizzes you, and you answer all of her questions.)
      I see you've accumulated quite a bit of musical knowledge. But the fact that you're asking me about it means you want to learn more, does it not?
      Very well. I can teach you... But it won't be cheap.
      • [Okay] [receive Deliver Yvona's Gem Pouch to Yvona quest] (Yvona hands you a pouch.)
        Collect one of each kind of gem in this pouch. I only want gems that are 3cm or bigger. Complete this, and I'll take your musical knowledge to the next level.
      • [No] There's no such thing as a free lunch. If you change your mind, return to me.
      • [Say Nothing] ...If you have no business here, please leave.
        (Yvona seems to feel bad.)
  • [Musical Knowledge rank 4] You're studying music.
    (Yvona looks straight at you for a second.)
    CharacterName... I have an offer that might interest you.
    • [Listen] (Yvona nods.)
      I'm looking for a bottle of Errans Crus. Do you know what that is?
      • [Yes.] [receive Deliver Errans Crus to Yvona quest] That's convenient. Bring me some Errans Crus, and I'll raise your musical knowledge to rank 3. Well? Does my offer suit you?
      • [No.] [receive Deliver Errans Crus to Yvona quest] Errans Crus is a wine vintage you can make at Lezarro's Winery at Blago Prairie. Gather the ingredients at the vineyard and take them to the manager to ferment them.
        You have to put in a new oak barrel every 24 hours. If you don't know how to make wine, ask the manager for details. I don't care about the wine's quality. Just bring me Errans Crus you made yourself, and I'll increase your musical knowledge.
      • [Refuse] I see. I hope you change your mind.
  • You could learan a thing or two about music if you buy my books. If you're just starting out, though, you should go meet Nele in Emain Macha. He'll teach you how to play.
Abb Neagh Residential 10 -
Abb Neagh Residential 10 -
Taillteann 9 -
Taillteann 9
  • [Blaze unlearned, Combat Mastery and Magic Mastery rank C or above] In recent years, Alchemy has been developing quickly through the effort and research of Vates. The Druids, however, have remained at a standstill for a long time. That is why I've been researching a new magic recently. I wish Tafney would be working on such things, but we haven't been in contact for a long time.
    If the wand can be considered a tool for controlling and emitting mana, the body can be considered the vessel that contains the mana. It's my belief that Druids should not bury themselves in books and neglect training the physical body. I see that you have been training your body and mind, so you may have what it takes.
    Do you still have the desire to learn a new magic? [menu: Yes, No]
    • [Yes] [receive Learn Blaze quest] Well, I can't just teach it to you for free, so why don't I give you a mission? For starters, why don't you harvest 20 corns for me? Haha! Hey now, don't look at me like that...
    • [No] I understand. Come talk to me if you change your mind.
  • I've resigned from my position a long time ago, *chuckle chuckle*. Why don't you ask someone else?
  • Magic doesn't feel like a skill to me anymore. After all this time, it's become almost second-nature, like eating and sleeping.
  • Magic training may be hard, but it's worth every second of your time and effort. Once you've completed the rigorous training, you'll find yourself able to use magic freely and at will. Keep up the good work, eh? Haha!
Taillteann 9 -
Taillteann 9 -
Taillteann 9 -
Taillteann 9
  • [Synthesis unlearned, Fragmentation known and level 30+] The Synthesis skill allows you to combine several items into a single new item. You won't know exactly what you'll get, the the[sic] process does follow certain rules.
    Since you've been practicing the Fragmentation skill, I'll teach you the Synthesis skill.
    Try putting several different items in this Dry Oven to create a new item. You can also follow recipes to create specific items. The recipes are included in the Fragmentation skill book. You did read it, right?
  • [Synthesis and Fragmentation unlearned] I could teach you the Synthesis skill, but it's quite complicated. You need more practice.
    Perhaps you could invest a little more effort to improve your training? When you are ready, pay me another visit.
  • [Synthesis learned, Water Cannon rank A or higher, Frozen Blast unlearned, not on Calming the Snow Storm quest] CharacterName, I see that you have been training the Water Cannon skill quite a bit. This time, I will teach you something even more fun. It is a skill that uses rapid freezing techniques to freeze your opponents.
    • [Accept] [gain Calming the Snow Storm quest] Hehe, make sure you learn it. You'll have a blast freezing your opponents.
    • [Cancel] I understand if you want to master your current skills. If you are ever interested, come see me.
  • Are you finding the skills I've taught you useful? You must keep striving to improve yourself.
Taillteann 9
  • [Wind Blast unlearned] [learn Wind Blast skill rank Novice]
    You know about Wind Blast, a skill that can fling targets backwards, right? Wind Blast can be used by equipping a Cylinder and using Wind Crystals.
    Because Wind Blast knocks opponents really far and has a short charge time, it's great to use in tight situations but hard to use repeatedly.
    It doesn't cause much damage though, so use another skill, like Water Cannon, with it.
    Sooo, since it's so helpful, I bet you want to know where to learn Water Cannon, right? Buy something from me and I'll tell you, hehe! Want to look at my items?
  • I think I've taught you everything that I can teach you. Maybe you should talk to someone else?
Taillteann 9 -
Taillteann 9 -
Taillteann 8 -
Tara 10 -
Tara 10 -
Tara 10
  • [Musical Knowledge rank 3] (You ask Eluned about Musical Knowledge.)
    I never knew you were interested in music, CharacterName. I'll help you, of course...if you'll do me one tiny favor first.
    (Eluned lets out a small laugh as she fans herself.)
    That dreadful Duke Lezarro is causing me no end of trouble these days! He won't keep quiet about his champion jouster, Adair. Perhaps if a strong adventurer were to defeat Adair in a Jousting Contest, Duke Lezarro would learn his place.
    Lileas will give you the details. Unseat Adair, and I will teach you what you want to know. [owl delivers Eluned's Request quest when you step outside]
  • Music. Etiquette. Dance. Books. Sewing. Design. Whoever masters these skills masters high society. Would you expect anything less from the leader of the Tara fashion world?
Tara 25 (unknown)
Tara 10 -
Tara 10 -
Tara 10
  • (Metal Conversion unlearned)
  • (Shock Unlearned) My specialty skill is Metal Conversion. It's a pretty useful skill, and the money it earns me is not too shabby either, hehe.
  • (Shock Novice Rank) CharacterName, have you heard? Alchemist Leymore recently discovered a new skill! I think it's called Shock or something...
    If I could learn that skill, I'd give up my business and become an Alchemist myself! But I hear Leymore only teaches it to a select few, and I doubt he'd teach it to me.
    What?! YOU know the skill? But it looks like you're not that good at using it. How about a deal? I'll give you a book that'll let you train that skill more, and you teach me the skill later!
    I got this book from a cute old man with a strange-looking mustache the last time I visited the Royal Castle with Eluned.
    It's called A Study of the Amplification of Electricity and Voltage. Only problem is, it's missing the most important pages! Figures. Why else would the guy just hand me the book? I've heard the pages have been seen throughout Erinn, why don't you try to collect them? [menu: Receive Book, Get it next time]
    • [Receive Book:] I knew you'd be interested! I've been a businesswomen long enough to know what people want. Now, don't forget your promise! [receive Rank up your Shock skill to F. quest, A Study into the Amplification of Electricity and Voltage]
    • [Get it next time:] Fine by me. Just don't blame me if you change your mind and I've already given the book to someone else...
  • (Received "Rank up your Shock skill to F" Quest) So how's your Shock training going? I'm really excited to see you use it! Do your best to master that skill!
  • (Shock F Rank or Higher?)So how powerful is the Shock skill? I so want to learn it, but no matter how many times I read the book, I just can't make heads or tails of it. I guess some people just aren't born to be Alchemists.
Tara 10 -
Tara 10 -
Tara 10 -
Tara 10 -
Tara 10 -
Tara 10 -
Tara Rath Castle 12 -
Tara Rath Castle 11 -
Tara Rath Castle 11 -
Tara Rath Castle 16 (unknown)
Tara Rath Castle 11
  • [Combat Mastery rank C, Evasion unlearned] [learn Evasion skill rank Novice]
    Seems like you have a good foundation. Since you're trying so hard, I'll teach you a skill that I learned while traveling to learn cooking techniques. It's a skill good against enemies that shoot arrows or bolts from afar.
    If you evade right at the moment an enemy is aiming at you, you'll be able to dodge that attack. Now, rolling on the ground may LOOK funny, but it's effective. Enemies won't be able to predict your movements. Go ahead and practice that skill.
  • [Evasion rank Practice] I've told you everything I can about the Evasion skill. Try using it in real fights now.
  • Knowledge is important, but so is practice. Practice well and practice often. That is the key to mastering your skills.
Tara Rath Castle 11
  • People say politics are all about dishonesty and greed. I disagree. Politics are all about compromise and sincerity.
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 2
  • [wielding two swords, Final Hit unlearned] [gain Twin Sword keyword]
    Hmm? CharacterName, I see you're holding two swords, one in each hand. Holding one sword in each hand, and holding one sword with both hands clearly creates a different attitude toward the battle, don't you think?
    The sword technique known in this area, is represented in the Paladin's techniques, so it's developed into two different styles: the first is to hold the sword in one hand and a shield on the other, and the second is holding two-handed double swords, one in each hand.
    Holding a sword in each hand is an extremely aggressive stance, and can be a very risky position if you are not able to knock the opponent down in the first attack. This is why not that many people like to use the double sword.
    But according to people who've gone to Iria, there's a very specialized technique that is related to the use of the double sword. At least that's what I've heard.
    ...If you are interested in double swords, you'll have the best luck in Iria.
  • (if First Aid is Rank 2 and without The Feelings of One Left Behind Quest)
    Skills, you say? I lean more towards the realm of physical training, of course, but it seems you're looking to learn more about the First Aid skill.'s not that I'm uninterested; after all, I do get frequent cuts, scrapes, and bruises while training.
    (Aodhan seems to be pondering what to say. You wonder whether you should continue discussing it with him, or find someone else to ask.)
    Prompt: Continue or Prompt: Stop
    • > Prompt: Continue
      (Quest Obtained: The Feelings of One Left Behind)
      Well, I'm not expert, I'll tell you that much. But let's see... A proper attitude for administering treatment... If we frame it like that, sure, I can give a few pointers. Just give me a moment to mull over what I know that might be of use to you.
    • > Prompt: Stop
      Hmm. I see you wish to pursue another avenue of discussion.
  • It is difficult for me to teach anything to someone who is not a soldier...
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 2
  • I'm not interested in having more apprentices. Fraser's enough.
Emain Macha 17
  • A puppet is merely a reflection of its master's mind. If the master wants to defend himself, the puppet will draw the attacks of the enemies to itself. If the master wants to attack, the puppet will strike viciously until there is nothing left.
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 17 -
Emain Macha 2
  • [Sand Burst unlearned. Alchemy Mastery Novice] If you are able blind[sic] your opponent, the battle will certainly turn in your favor. It may sound cowardly, but it works!
    Instead of carrying sand with you all the time, try using Alchemy to change a Crystal into sand whenever you need.
    Learning Alchemy will come in handy, I assure you.
    • [Accept Quest] [receive Blindness quest] Do you want to visit the Alchemist in Taillteann?
    • [Cancel] Well, it's up to you...
  • I'm not sure what you are talking about.
Emain Macha 2
  • Well... I don't think I have any information that will help you, CharacterName.
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 2
  • I'm sorry. There's nothing I can really teach you... But instead, I'll teach you something else.
    If you ask around using this keyword, you will be able to learn a lot of hints regarding different skills. Not just learn it, but hints regarding it.
    There are some skills you can learn immediately but there are some you can only learn after you learn the hint, you...know that right?
    You'll be surprised to learn random skills from unexpected people, so it's good to ask everyone you meet just in case.
    Who knows? A pretty fragile lady like me might give you a hint for a powerful combat skill. You never know. Hehe.
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha 2
  • Sigh, what do I have to learn to become a Paladin? I feel like I've trained a lot, but I don't see any improvements.
Emain Macha 2 -
Emain Macha (during Chef Exam) 6 -
Emain Macha (G2) 2 -
Emain Macha (G2) 2 -
Ceo Island 2 -
Ceo Island 2 -
Sen Mag 2 -
Sen Mag Residential 3
  • You're asking me about skills... Haha, don't adventurers know more about that? I certainly don't. CharacterName, you can be quite silly sometimes.
Sen Mag Residential 3
  • The only thing I can say I'm slightly good at is perhaps drawing... But I think most adventurers have no interest in that kind of thing...
    Some adventurers might ask me about it once in a while, but I don't know of anyone who's expressed an interest in learning how to draw...
Gairech 1 -
Bangor 1 -
Bangor 1 -
Bangor 1
  • [Blacksmith unlearned] With that clumsy skill of yours, don't go about telling people that you're a blacksmith.
    Shouldn't you be coming to a certain realization to see that my granddaughter, Elen, who is much better than you are, is only tending to item sales?
    To become proficient in the Blacksmith skill, the blacksmith hammer should never be too far from your hands. You, too, till feel differently about blacksmiths when you are holding a hammer yourself.
  • [Blacksmith learned? rank F?] Hmm... So you are getting the hang of it now? Blacksmith skill? You seem rather cocky. Well, let me tell you something.
    You are not even a hatchling in the world of blacksmiths. An egg... To force the analogy, you are about the level of an egg.
    Don't be too proud now with that little skill you have. It's only the beginning. If you don't devote yourself, you will only amount to a half-baked blacksmith.
Bangor 1
  • [doing Elen's Request quest] Did you forget what I asked you?
    You can find ore inside Barri Dungeon over there. Of course, you can't mine with bare hands. You will need a pickaxe for that.
  • [Refining unlearned] [receive Elen's Request timed quest] Did my grandpa send you over this way? Hehe... Oh, nothing. Here, take this...
    Are you interested in refining by any chance? Refining is the first step in becoming a blacksmith...
    You can use ore in its raw form. You have to melt it to extract the pure metal from it. You can simply assume that you can use the ore as it is.
    We've been looking for more ore anyway, so why don't you go to Barri Dungeon and mine some ore for us? Bring some ore and I'll reach you how to refine metal. Tee hee... Of course, if you are going to mine, you will need at least a pickaxe.
  • [Refining learned] How's refining coming along? There are lots of furnaces around, so go talk to Sion over there and he'll tell you how to use one.
Bangor 1 -
Bangor 1 -
Bangor 1
  • Even the gentlest of the Bards can be downright scary if they get angry. When they fight, they throw their instruments like weapons!
Bangor 1 -
Bangor 1 -
Port Ceann 3
  • What, you're here to learn some skills from me?! Hmmm...
    I mean, I know how to row and read the navigator's map, but not well enough to teach anyone else.
Port Ceann/Connous Boat 25
  • I’ve heard that you’re an individual of many talents. What sort of skills could I hope to teach someone like you?
Port Cobh/Dominion of Belvast Boat 4 -
Port Ceann/Sella Boat 25
  • What skills do you wish to speak of? Combat? Hoho… I doubt I could really contribute any insights on that topic.
Port Connous 15 -
Port Cobh/Qilla Boat 25
  • Skills for sailing? Hmm…I dunno.
    Maybe the ability to stay calm and not panic when a storm is bearing down on you? The ability to smooth-talk passengers and put them at ease? Tying knots? Haha. That’s all that comes to mind right now.
    Hmm… I’d like for you to remember me as a good and trustworthy navigator, which means I’ll have to keep giving this job my best each and every day.
  • Skills? …I can’t say I know too many, I’m afraid. I’m sure your knowledge of skills is far greater than mine, (Character Name).
    I’d love to learn a thing or two from you if you had the time, but I’m just so swamped with work right now that it’d be a no-go. Maybe someday…
Various 2 -
Redire Various 2 -
Tech Duinn 25 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 25 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 22 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 25 (unknown)
Tech Duinn 22 (unknown)
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • Sure it's important to learn skills. You can learn skills from school, but as you can see yourself, there are no schools around here.
    But you can learn skills just by reading books yourself too. The skill books that I have in my shop may be of some help to you.
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • [Collect Gold Ore Fragments quest not received] Have you heard of Metallurgy? It's a skill that enables you to collect minerals from the river and ocean. This is good because I'm in need of Fragmented Diamonds. How'd you like to help me and learn Metallurgy? [menu: Accept Quest, Maybe Later]
    • [Accept Quest:] [receive Collect Gold Ore Fragments quest]' Thank you. Please exit through the gate to Port Qilla, and then head to your left. You'll arrive at Qilla Beach.
      Oh, you need a Metallurgy Sieve to use the Metallurgy skill. If you don't have one, you can purchase it from me.
    • [Maybe Later:] I guess you're in a bit of a hurry... If you change your mind, feel free to come back and see me.
  • [Musical Knowledge rank 9] Are you interested in music, CharacterName?... What I know is more self-learned than from a proper teacher but if you wish, CharacterName, I can teach you a little something. I do think I learned quite a lot from being in this new land, Iria.
    Actually, would you be so kind as to do me a favor? Apparently, you can find clay flutes in treasure chests that are randomly found throughout Iria. You apparently can find these treasure chests by using the L-Rod.
    I really wish I had one of those clay flutes but I can't seem to find the time to get out of the shop. CharacterName, if you bring me a clay flute, I can teach you about music.
    • [Yes] [receive Deliver the Clay Flute to Effie quest] Alexina sells L-Rods in her shop. You know that, right? You have plenty of time to complete the quest, so take your time.
    • [No] Seems like you're in a rush to get somewhere... If you change your mind, please come back and let me know.
  • I'm completely self-taught in music so I'm happy to be so inspired here in Iria. It's such a beautiful, blessed place... Iria... CharacterName, you agree, don't you?
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • What? Skills?! Hmm... I don't know... Ask Ms. Alexina about that.
Qilla Base Camp 4
  • [First Aid rank D] I don't know if it's just that everyone's busy going on expeditions, but there seems to be a lot less people that collect sheep's wool. On the other hand, explorers are always in need of bandages and are always buying them up, so we always seem to have a shortage of bandages around.
    We really need to keep collecting wool to make as many bandages as possible, but we are short on help as well. CharacterName, would you mind collecting 20 pieces of wool and I will level up your First-Aid skill, which you will find to be immensely useful in your explorations. [menu: "Ok", "No thanks."]
    • [Ok:] Collecting 20 pieces of wool is actually really really hard work. Don't try to rush yourself, just take your time doing it. I'll be waiting, late into the night, CharacterName. [receive Deliver 20 Wools to Heulfryn quest]
    • [No thanks:] Oh it's just as I'd thought... 20 pieces of wool is a lot, right?
  • [First Aid rank C] Exploring through this vast land of Iria makes [sic] is easy for your [sic] to get hurt. And finding your way all the way back to the camp is not as easy either so I have to say that the First-Aid skill is that much more important to have. That is why I am teaching all these explorers about the First-Aid skill here.
    CharacterName, of course I will teach you the First-Aid Skill, but I have but one request before I do. Do you mind bringing me a Pot-bellied Spider Fang from the Karu Forest Ruins Dungeon, even though it is quite far away?
    Ever since people have been finding out about the analgesic effects of the pot-bellied spider fang, we've had a severe shortage. What people don't know is that the pot-bellied spider fang can be deadly if not used properly.
    Just go to the Karu Forest Ruins Dungeon and bring me a Pot-bellied Spider Fang. I will level you up on your First-Aid Skill in return for doing me this great favor. [menu: Ok, No]
    • [Ok:] [Receive Find the Fang of the Pot-Bellied Spider quest] Once in a while, there are some people who bring me something that's called the Glowing Pot-bellied Spider Fang. But that is completely different in its component elements than what I'm looking for, so don't bother bringing me anything that glows.
      So while you're getting that, CharacterName, I will await your safe return.
    • [No:] Are you not sure about how to enter a ruins dungeon? If you're not ready to go now, just come back when you're mentally prepared for it.
  • [First Aid rank B, First Aid Practice quest not received] If you can, by chance, heal some of these explorers who are suffering from injuries, I will tell you more about using the First-Aid skill. [menu: Accept Quest, Refuse]
    • [Accept Quest:] [receive First Aid Practice quest] Can you heal 10 explorers who are suffering with injuries around the Iria Camp?
    • [Refuse: no response]
  • [First Aid rank A] I hear that there is a place near the volcanic region that is full of Sulfur Ore. I'm thinking that I can use those Sulfur Ore for medicinal purposes. Could you get me about 30 Sulfure Ores?
    • [Accept Quest:] [receive Collect Sulfur Ore quest] Thank you. I heard that in the Sulfur Ore zone, there is a golem that is shaped like a Sulfur Ore. I don't know if it's actually true, but you might want to be careful.
    • [Cancel:] Come see me when you are free.
  • [First Aid rank 9]
  • I know I look like I'm always busy doing something but honestly, I just do as much as others do. So I most certainly can teach you...
Qilla Base Camp 4 ...
Port Qilla 25
  • I’m not very good in a fight, but my skills in calculating sums and tabulating billing invoices are second to none.
    Haha, as a hopeful future candidate for the leadership of the Commerce Association, that’s nothing!
    Of course, my father thinks I still have a long way to go. But now that we’ve established trade with Iria, he’ll have no choice but to recognize my efforts… as long as I keep things running smoothly here!
  • What’s the skill you’re most proud of, CharacterName?
    Hmm… Me? I’ve got a pretty keen mastery of Gold Strike, if I say so myself. Sure, it can be a little costly, but it’s a surefire way to overcome your opponent, and that’s what really counts in the end.
Fishing Boat (Muyu Desert) 4
  • Everyone should have at least 1 or 2 skills under their belt.
    I've invested quite a lot of my time to learning skills so that I could become a sailor.
Fishing Boat 4
  • Well, when it comes to skills, the only thing I know is actually... just boating and fishing, stuff like that. I wouldn't exactly call them a skills, haha. It's just something I've learned since I was a kid just little by little so... So skills are skills but what I do requires a lot of physical strength, so I don't know exactly how long I'll last doing this...
Cor 7
  • [Magic Shield unlearned, Earn Recognition... quest not received] [Receive Earn Recognition From the Cor Village Residents quest] May the Great Spirit of Irinid be with you. The Magic Shield is a skill that is used to rescue your friends. When you're stranded alone in the dark jungle of Herba, it's impossible to protect yourself from enemies.
    In a situation like that, there is an even more effective skill. It's called the Mana Shield. It's the job of warriors like Waboka to fight against beasts or goblins that enter town but it's everyone's own responsibility to protect themselves.
    All children in Cor go through a ceremony to receive Irinid's blessing when they're born. If you receive this blessing, you'll be able to experience new power of the Irinid as well.
    I must first test to see if you are worthy of receiving Irinid's blessing. Go to the town's people and receive confirmation that you are worthy.
  • Magic Shield is a skill rewarded by the Great Spirit of Irinid.
    It is not used to harm or destroy others, but to protect ourselves.
Cor 7 -
Cor 7
  • The otter is trying hard to explain the skill by making strange movements with a serious look on its face.)
    (...I still can't understand this otter!)
Cor 17
  • [to receive the Rumors of Transformation quest from her, use the "About Transformation" button instead]
Cor 7
  • [Taming Wild Animals unlearned] Tupai will teach you a skill to make friends with animals: Tupai will show you how to do Taming.
    To use the Taming skill, you must have a Taming Cane in your right hand, and bait in your left hand.
    Depending on your Taming proficiency, the type of wild animal, the type of Taming Cane, the types of bait, and various other conditions, you can succeed or fail to tame animals.
    Many great things will happen if you tame and befriend a wild animal.
  • Taming a wild animal means you establish a relationship with that animal.
    An untamed hippo is just another animal in the jungle, but if you tame it and start having a relationship, the hippo becomes one-of-a-kind and a best friend that you can rely on.
Cor 7 -
Cor 7
  • [Charge unlearned] [receive Exterminating the Hobgoblins timed quest]' Charge is a traditional combat skill that is inherited among the warriors of Courcle. It's most effective in countering Goblin Archers.
    Teaching you the skill isn't difficult, but I want you to prove that you're a friend of the Courcles.
    I befriend anyone that is enemy of the Goblins. Go defeat the Goblins for the safety of Courcle.
  • [Charge learned] I befriend any enemy of the Goblins.
Filia 5
  • [elf, Herbalism unlearned] As a healer, I've increasingly become interested in herbology. Most all of the Elves in Filia already know what each herb does for your body but I'm the only one that actually makes potions using herbs.
    Do you want to know more about herbology? [menu: Yes, No]
    • [Yes] [learn Herbalism skill rank Novice]
      Us Elves... We know a thing or two about the benefits of nature. We know it instinctively and therefore, we are always thankful for it. And what herbology does, is organize the power of nature that is granted to our bodies when we ingest the herbs.
      The red Bloody Herb has elements which strengthen your HP.
      The yellow Sunlight Herb has the effect of recovering one's stamina.
      And the Mana Herb is a plant that grows with mana which makes it perfect for making MP Potions to recover one's mana.
      When you mix all of these herbs, the base herb is great for stabilizing the mixture without compromising each of their qualities, which makes it perfect for making potions.
      As for how to make a potion, i.e. the Potion Making Skill, can be learned by purchasing the Potion Making Kit.
      If you're looking for herbs, you'll find a lot of it in underground mazes. Now that you know all about herbology, you should be able to locate the herbs themselves more easily.
    • [No] Oh, I see. Well, come again anytime, if you change your mind.
  • [Composing keyword unknown] [gain Composing keyword]
    It's very important to learn skills. It's also important to keep working hard at it. What do you think of learning the Composition Skill? It's so much fun to make music.
  • It's very important to learn skills. It's also important to keep working hard at it.
Filia 5
  • [elf, Mirage Missile unlearned] Infuse mana into your bow and attack the enemy, your opponent, hit by the arrow, will continuously lose HP. There's a skill that actually makes the effects spread through to other enemies standing nearby as well... What do you say? Would you like to give it a try? [menu: OK, Later]
    • [OK:] [learn Mirage Missile skill rank Novice] In order to use the Mirage Missile, you must be blessed with the Elemental powers. In order to be blessed, you must take the Elemental Crystal and clear the Longa Desert Ruins Dungeon.
      Have you ever discovered the Giant Stone Statue south of the Longa Desert? If you start studying the Giant Stone Statue with your bare hands, you will sometimes be able to get the statue's Yellow Heart, which holds the Elemental Crystal.
      It is not very easily found, so it may be difficult for you to get it, but if you are able to find it, I can extract the Elemental Crystal in it for you.
    • [Later:] I see... So you have something you need to take care of first? Well, if you decide to learn the skill, come back and see me. Do you know much about the three Ice, Fire, Lightning magic that uses the three elemental powers that constitute this world? Once you know how to use all three of these magic skills, I will teach you how to use the Meditation Skill as well.
      Once you've mastered the ice fire and lightning magic skills, don't forget to come see me to learn about the Meditation skill.
  • [elf, Mirage Missile learned, Meditation unlearned] Do you know much about the three Ice, Fire, Lightning magic that uses the three elemental powers that constitute this world? Once you know how to use all three of these magic skills, I will teach you how to use the Meditation Skill as well.
  • [elf, Meditation unlearned, bolt skills learned] [...]
    Meditation is the skill to improving the flow of mana by meditating. Carefully, or while walking, focus on the flow of mana and recover your MP.
    Close your eyes and try to feel the mana in the air. Ahhh...
    (I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself, as Castanea directed me)
    [learn Meditation skill rank Novice]
    ...What is it? Do you now feel comfortable with the Meditation Skill? It's an MP recovery skill... Put it to good use.
  • Learning skills are absolutely crucial for your survival. It's important to learn skills and to keep working hard at developing those skills to really make it your own.
Filia 5
  • [Musical Knowledge rank 7] Hoot, my Musical Knowledge skill is rank 7... Haha! I never knew I had such talent. I mean, it's not all that surprising, considering I was born with all sorts of talents, and knowledge of music was probably just in me from birth.
    There are certain types of knowledge which you gain from reading books and studying hard, of course, but the most important thing in life would be called... instinct, no?
    The kind of instinct that allows one to hear a note and somehow know exactly what that note is. Well, yeah, I was born with perfect pitch, so there's nothing surprising about my abilities but I wonder if that is possible for you, CharacterName.
    If you complete the quest that I've given you and you show me that you indeed have such skills, I will give you recognition as rank 6 in Musical Knowledge. What do you say? Would you like to give it a try?
    • [Yes] [receive Creating Harmonies with Empty Bottles quest] Do you by chance know much about harmony? You know, things like the tonic and dominant triads and things of that nature. If you've taken any music classes before, you would've heard about chords, and how they're made of do-mi-sol, fa-li-do or sol-ti-re... You must have heard of it at some point, no?
      Down by the Longa Desert's south side, near the beaches, you will find a Whistling Stone. I'm sure you can tell by its peculiar name, that the Whistling Stone is no ordinary stone that you see by the ocean. It is actually a stone that whistles chords and creates harmony. However, if you listen very carefully, you will notice a note that is missing in the chord somewhere.
      This quest is rather simple. All you will need to do is to determine which note is missing in the chord.
      The Whistling Stone by the ocean tends to disappear without even a moment's notice so I wouldn't waste any time. Get to it.
      • ["Yes" when already on quest or on an advanced magic quest] Hey, you already started the quest for this skill. Deal with that before you come bother me.
    • [No] So you're getting all scared, now that I'm supposed to test you... Well, if you're not sure how you're going to do, you should go study some more and come back.
  • [gain Lute keyword]
    It's important to learn skills, yeah. You have to learn them, in order to survive. And it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn to play the lute or something just as a hobby.
Filia 5
  • Humans have aleady [sic] put together their book about skills. If you read that book, elves can learn human skills too. For someone like you, who is not an elf [note: said even if character is elf], this is a useful way to learn skills while in Filia.
    I sell some of those books in my shop, so look around.
Filia 5
  • [Weaving unlearned] Are you interested in the Weaving Skill by using threads that are made of sheep's wool or spider webs? I have a request I'd like to ask of you...
    If you'd be so kind as to bring me some sheep's wool, I will teach you the Fabric Making skill. What do you think? Would you like to try it? [menu: OK, Later]
    • [OK:] [receive Lepus's Gathering Wool quest]
    • [Later:] ...I'm sorry to hear that but, oh well. Feel free to come back if you ever change your mind.
  • [gain Fishing Skill keyword]
    CharacterName... Learning a skill will always come handy eventually. Oh, that's right. There are fishing and such amongst the skills available. It's something worth learning, especially as a hobby.
Filia 5
  • [Refining unlearned]
  • [Collect 5 Iron Ores quest not received] I guess you want to learn how to make weapons. Well, I guess you'll have to learn it since you can share in us elves' knowledge base. [sic] Well, let me then start with the Refining Skill that allows you to refine the materials that need to be refined before turning into a weapon.
    Go to the underground maze and you'll see a metal ore. Hold a pickaxe in your hand and strike down to unearth iron ores. Bring me about 5 ores and I'll teach you the Refining Skill.
  • [Collect 5 Iron Ores quest received] You can unearth iron ores in the underground maze. Take th L-Rod and go around the deserts of Connous. You'll be able to find the entrance that way. Just look for ores, and then strike the pickaxe down to unearth the ore.
  • [either way:] And...There's a skill called the Blacksmith Skill. You use an anvil and a blacksmithing hammer to handle metal ores and make items.
    Would you like to buy a blacksmithing hammer and try holding it? If you feel the weight of the hammer, you'll get a sense for blacksmithing. [receive Collect 5 Iron Ores timed quest]
  • [elf, Final Shot unlearned, Mirage Missile learned] I think that Elves are quite an amazing race, although I feel as though they don't use their abilities to their full potential.
    The way I see it, Elves have the potential to shoot arrows far better than they do now. There are monsters that use the bow as their primary weapon, and it's a huge mistake to overlook them just because Elves are better at it than the monsters.
    We could always learn something from one another.
    I always receive inspiration from my dreams, and not too long ago, I dreamt of Elves communing with another race.
    The elf in my dream was able to shoot arrows so freely and with such swiftness. Also, it seemed as if the elf barely received any damage from the opponent's arrows.
    The first time I dreamt this, I wrote it down in my 'dream diary' and didn't think much about it. I just thought... what an odd dream.
    But once I started to have the same dream over and over again, I started to wonder if this was some kind of revelation. I'm still not sure as to what I'm supposed to do... but last time, when I went near the Longa Desert entrance, I saw that people were entering different places, each with different arrows.
    I realized something then. There was a dungeon in front of me that symbolizes the center of an arrow, and I had never recognized it.
    Would you go do some research on Longa Desert? Of course, not the places where everyone goes, but somewhere different.
    • [Accept Quest:] [receive Hidden Rapid-Fire Technique quest] I think each arrow takes you to a different place, so with a new arrow, you should be able to go to a new place. I think Granites has been trying to create a new arrow recently. You should go see him.
    • [Next Time:] If you ever become ready to open your eyes to a new path, make sure to come see me.
  • Should I tell you about the Blacksmith Skill? You can use materials that you've made using the Refining Skill to make items that are planned in the Blacksmith Manual. You can make swords, shields, and even armor.
    It uses up a lot of materials as well as time but it's a great skill that requires much more focusing of your mind and body.
    I hope that you'll make good use of this anvil to make some great equipment, CharacterName.
  • There's probably humans who are good at making weapons, right? I wonder what kinds of thoughts fill human heads while making weapons?
Filia (Arena) 5 -
Vales 6
  • [Herbalism unlearned] Gathering poisonous herbs used to be my hobby. Then, it led me to medical botany. Are you interested in medical botany by any chance?
    If you are, I can offer you some private sessions to learn about it. Think about the possibilities! [menu: Learn medical botany, Cancel]
    • [Learn medical botany:] [learn Herbalism skill rank Novice] Simply put, medical botany is the study of special plants that contain nature's energy.
      x23px The Red Bloody Herb has the power to increase your HP.
      The Yellow Sunlight Herb can increase your Stamina.
      x23px The Mana Herb grows by absorbing mana and is used to make potions that recover your MP.
      The Base Herb is a neutralizing herb that stabilizes a potion when various herbs are mixed together.
      You can learn how to make potions by purchasing a Potion Making Kit.
    • [Cancel:] Ugh, I see. I can't believe I missed such a perfect opportunity. I guess there will be more chances in the future...
  • [gain Windmill Skill keyword]
    Skills? Well, if I were to give you some advice regarding skills... I would say to learn skills while you are still young. It's so much harder to learn something when you're older...
Vales 6
  • Skills are very important for Giants. There are several ways to learn a skill.
    You can certainly learn a skill by reading a book, but honestly, that is not the best way to learn a skill, if you ask me.
Vales 6
  • [level 20+ giant, Taunt unlearned, Abstaining From Emotion quest not received] In order to become a great warrior, you must learn how to control your emotions. How to fight against your own fears. How to hide your violent energy and enter without being noticed.
    Of course, sharing in fellowship with people close to you is just as important since you will be their help as they become yours.
    If you master all of the above, you will be able to manipulate your enemies and learn how to make them attack you.
    It's a must-have skill if you want to protect your friends. [menu: Accept Quest, Next Time]
    • [Accept Quest:] [receive Abstaining From Emotion quest] First, you must learn how to control your fears. There are White Snowfield Bears at the bottom of Lunae Valley. They are known to be extremely powerful creatures in Physis.
      If you can defeat the White Snowfield Bear, I believe you would have no problem facing your own fears.
    • [Next Time:] You may not need it now, but it's a skill that will come in handy some day. Come see me if you change your mind.
  • [human, elf] I think the weapon making process is pretty similar for any race.
  • [Refine unlearned] [receive Collect 5 iron ores timed quest] Do you want to learn how to make weapons? First, I'll teach you the Refine skill where you refine the material you use to make a weapon.
    Deep in the Nubes Mountains, there is an underground maze where you find minerals. You can use a pickaxe to dig out iron ore. Bring me 5 of iron ores, and I'll teach you the Refine skill.
    And...There's a skill called Blacksmith. Once you learn it, you can use an Anvil and a Blacksmith Hammer to handle iron ingots and make items.
    First, you should acquire a Blacksmith Hammer. You can familiarize yourself with the skill by using the hammer.
  • [on Collect 5 iron ores quest] You can find iron ore at the underground maze in the Nubes Mountains. You can gather it using a pickaxe.
    And...There's a skill called Blacksmith. Once you learn it, you can use an Anvil and a Blacksmith Hammer to handle iron ingots and make items.
    First, you should acquire a Blacksmith Hammer. You can familiarize yourself with the skill by using the hammer.
  • I'll teach you about the Blacksmith skill. It's a skill that uses the ingots you made using the Refine skill and makes whatever is on the blueprint.
    You can make swords, shields, and even armor. It takes up a lot of time and money, but the end result will be worth it.
Vales 6
  • This is all so I can put food on the table. If you want to survive here, you should at least learn some skills. Managing a Pub might not seem like anything to you, but you can't do it if you don't have any skills. So, go learn while you're still young!
Vales 6
  • [Meditation/Icebolt/Firebolt/Lightning Bolt unlearned] Do you know about the Ice, Fire, and Lightning Bolt magic yet? I teach a skill called Meditation to those who know how to use all three of those.
    After you learn Ice, Fire, and Lightning bolt magic, come see me, and I will teach you the Meditation skill.
    I have some skills I can teach you, and you can learn from other Giants in Vales, as well.
Vales 6
  • [Musical Knowledge rank 7] Wow, you have the Musical Knowledge skill! And it's rank 7 at that... That's great! Are you interested in getting to Rank 6?
    I've been studying the Musical Knowledge skill myself, but this one is a bit tough. You have to listen to a note and guess which note it is.
    CharacterName, if I give you a quest, will you accept it? If you get it right, I'll tell you how to raise your Musical Knowledge to Rank 6.
    • [Accept Quest] [receive Creating Harmonies with Empty Bottles quest] Well, that's just great. As promised, I will teach you how to raise your Musical Knowledge to Rank 6.
      The only difficulty, I'm afraid, is that you have to go near the dwelling places of the Elves. Have you heard of a place called the Longa Desert? That's the location of the Ruin Dungeon. In any case, there is something called a Whistling Rock at the southern coast of Longa Desert. Interesting name isn't it?
      They say there is something amazing about this Whistling Rock. The rock is said to make a musical harmony.
      And if you listen carefully to the harmony, there is always a note missing. It's up to you to figure out which note is missing.
      They say that the Whistling Rock often disappears from its place so you should hurry.
      Oh! And I almost forgot the most important part! In order to discern the harmony, you'll need something that can make a comparable note. I once saw Queen Kirine showing someone a bell that made all kind of sounds. But of course, she hid it as soon as I showed interest...
      You should pay her a visit, and who knows, maybe she'll help you out. I doubt she'll be eager to show it to you... but if you get on her good side, perhaps by giving her a good gift, she would be remiss to deny you. Good luck!
      • ["Accept Quest" when already on quest or on an advanced magic quest] Hey, you already started the quest for this skill. Deal with that before you come bother me.
    • [Next Time] Ah, I see. I guess it may be too difficult for someone at your level, CharacterName. I understand...
  • It's always a good idea to refine your skills. You never know when they'll come in handy.
Calida Exploration Camp 8 -
Calida Exploration Camp 8 -
Calida Exploration Camp 8 -
Calida Lake 8 -
Admiral Owen
Admiral Owen.png
Belvast 15
  • Of course, at my age, I don't have the kind of energy I used to. Maybe I shouldn't be comparing myself to you... Heh.
    Still, I believe our experiences make us who we are, and we both have been through quite a bit, hmm?
Belvast 16
  • Being a Fighter is all about using your mind and body as one and picking the right skills at the right moment.
    There are skills for attacking face-to-face, skills for grappling your enemy from behind, and lots more.
    Train all you can to learn all the Fighter skills, and you can come out on top in any situation.
Belvast 15
  • [Playing Instrument unlearned] Aw, you don't know how to play an instrument? If you pick one up from Vanalen, I bet you could learn. Once you're good at it, I'll offer you a gig.
    There's nothing like music to put the sailors in the mood to drink.
  • [Playing Instrument learned] Hey, you can play an instrument? I can't even strum a fiddle, but I can compose, heh. If you have some free time, why don't you work here at the Pub?
    Play a song I composed, and I'll pay you well. I also have a few interesting and rare pieces of sheet music to share.
Belvast 15
  • The only talent I have is sharing the message of God with other people. My desire is to reach out beyond humans and share God's message with other beings, as well.
Belvast 15
  • My only talent is to sharpen these weapons. My only wish is to have stronger and stronger weapons.
Belvast 15
  • What? How would I know anything about something like that? I have loads and loads of money. That's more important. I'm way too busy to learn about stuff like that. So stop wasting my time!
Belvast 15 -
Belvast 15
  • I don't like to brag, but I'm about the handiest gal on this island. I repair things, cook, sell items... Not that I'm an expert in any of those, but knowing how to do a bit of everything is part of my charm.
Beach of Scathach 16
  • This isn't a school.
Sieve (NPC).png
Beach of Scathach 16
  • Sure, I know all kinds of skills. I don't know if I could teach them to you, though. What a shame!
Urman (unofficial).png
Beach of Scathach 16
  • Sure, I got lots to teach you! I can show you 50 ways to make a good first impression, or how to talk to quiet people. Haha!
    I picked this up talking to Odran. That guy does not like to chat.
Beach of Scathach (Witch's Cave) 16
  • Prophecy is a curse, not a blessing. Humans can live their lives freely only because they don't know the future. The gift of sight has become my cage...
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avalon Gate 20 (unknown)
Avon 14
  • The heart is the actor's greatest asset. A true actor's heart embraces the world and its people in entirety.
Avon 13
  • The heart is the actor's greatest asset. A true actor's heart lies in embracing the world and its people.
Beauty Shop 16 -
Female Blunt
Female blunt pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2
  • Ah... ...I haven't shown you everything yet, CharacterName. I just showed you part of my power!
    There is a special skill that allows you to use the spirit's power to its utmost!
    ...Can you help me improve myself a bit more? Then I might be able to use Spirit Summon Skill! You will get much more help from me, CharacterName, if I start using that skill in combat!
Female Bow
Female bow pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2
  • *chuckle* I like your honesty...
    Alright, I'll be honest with you... Skills represent your abilities.
    ...You can compare it to your appearance. It is that important, and requires not only your money, but also your effort and time.
    ...What I'm trying to say is, you shouldn't talk like that to a Spirit Weapon who is trying to help you...
    ...Don't you think so too? *chuckle*.
  • Spirit Summoning Skill? Hmm... Some Humans learn this skill in order to gain a seductive look from the spirits.
    Hmm... How about you, CharacterName?
Female Cylinder
Ego Female Cylinder.png
Spirit Weapon 15 (unknown)
Female Sword
Female sword pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Female Wand
Female wand pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2
  • Would you like to know about that skill? I thought you would know more skills, CharacterName. *chuckle*.
    Have you heard about spirit summoning skill?
    When you are in danger, CharacterName, I can materialize myself in order to help you.
    I'm working on that skill, but it isn't powerful enough to use during battle yet.
    If you take care of me more, CharacterName, so that I can increase my social standing, I may be able to perform the spirit summoning skill...
  • Would you like to know about that Skill? I thought you would like to know more about magic since you are using a wand...
    *giggle* It's okay. Don't Humans learn something from their teachers? Is there anyone who teaches magic to other Humans?
    ...If there is one, you should learn magic from them.
Male Blunt
Male blunt pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2
  • I am originally a part of nature... My appearance that you see right now is just an image that allows you to recognize me and embrace me more easily.
    However, one day you will learn a skill that will allow you to use this image as a powerful weapon.
    Continue to raise me until you gain that skill, master.
  • I don't think there is a skill that I can teach a Human.
  • Spirit's skills are much different from Humans. Instead of asking me, why don't you go ask another Human, master?
Male Bow
Male bow pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Male Cylinder
Ego Male Cylinder.png
Spirit Weapon 15 (unknown)
Male Sword
Male sword pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Male Wand
Male wand pic.png
Spirit Weapon 2 (unknown)
Butler (Stoic) Partner 16
  • ...
    My mentor trained me.
    Find my mentor if you want to learn, ma'am/sir.
Butler (Friendly) Partner 16
  • I can play most instruments, but I really shine when I'm singing and dancing.
Butler (Aggressive) Partner 16 (unknown)
Maid (Conceited) Partner 16 (unknown)
Maid (Warm) Partner 16
  • I'm really good at sewing. If you want, I can show you a thing or two.
    See, just do this, and this...and then... Hi-YAH! Take THAT, cloth! That's how it's done!
Maid (Clumsy) Partner 16 (unknown)
Commerce Partner Partner 16 (unknown)
Laighlinne (Partner) Partner 20 (unknown)
Another World (Tir Chonaill) 1 -
Another World (Gairech) 3 -