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Mysterious Phoenix Feather Sword

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Equipped Mysterious Phoenix Feather Sword Sheathed Mysterious Phoenix Feather Sword
Equipped Sheathed

A sword made from the feather of a Phoenix. Imbued with the Phoenix's power, it can be used as a fire wand.

Exclusive can use Phoenix Wisdom enchant. Unique can use Phoenix Spark, Phoenix Insight, Phoenix Wings and Phoenix's Rage enchant.

Base Stats and Information

Icon of Mysterious Phoenix Feather Sword
1 × 3
Slow 2 Hit Weapon
Base Stats Limitations
Damage 60~70 Injury 10%~20% Human Classic Spirit Blacksmith
90% = 189 G
93% = 711 G
95% = 1,691 G
96% = 2,340 G
97% = 3,304 G
98% = 4,269 G
100% = 8,443 G
Balance 30% Critical 20% Elf Enchant
Stun 2.3 sec Upgrade?100 0/0 Giant Reforge
Durability 10
NPC Value?
10,000 G100 Dual W.100 Sp. Up.100
S. Radius100 150 S. Angle100 30° Fireball.png100 +5% Thunder.png100
S. Damage100 30% SP/Swing100 0.8 Ice Spear.png100 Party Healing.png100
Enchant Types?100 / One-handed Weapon / Sword / Wand / Metal / 
Other Information
Obtained From?100
Sold By?
  • None


  • Is treated as both a sword and wand by many elements in game:
    • This weapon can fully utilize nearly all skills of both skillsets, allowing for unparalleled versatility with the Elemental Knight Arcana talent.
    • Interestingly, while it can be enhanced with both Erg and as a Spirit Weapon, the types are in conflict; the former gets wand bonuses, while the latter treats it as a one-handed sword.
    • Can use both Rage Impact and Blaze, which makes it useful for debuffing enemies for attacks such as Meteor Strike (which it can also perform, with Elemental Knight).
      • The only other weapon sharing this trait is the Life Exploration Taming Cane, which has significantly less upgrade systems available to it, making it less viable in actual combat.