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Basic Information

The Partholons, (written as Partholón in the Celtic Mythology) often referred as Parthalonians, were one of the original inhabitants of Uladh along with the Tuatha de Danann and the Tir Bolg. Founded by a man named Partholon, they were bestowed with the Caliburn after Aton Cimeni created Erinn. The Tuatha de Danann were the Partholons' descendants.

The capital of their kingdom was supposedly Avon. However, the Gods transported it to another dimension and used it as a jail after the Partholons were extinct.

In an unfortunate event, all but one of their kind and their children were wiped out by a plague brought by Cichol and Morrighan, as they had abused the Caliburn. Shakespeare tried to warn them, however the Partholons did not listen to him. The Partholon that had survived became vengeful and tried to exterminate the Gods while attempting to revive his race. The children that survived whom led by Shakespeare became the Tuatha de Danann. However, ghosts of the Partholons can be found roaming Shadow Rath Royal Castle.

According to Seumas during Generation 2, the Partholons at some point were able to control Fire Golems by infusing them with mana during the Battle of Sen Mag and used them to combat the Fomors. However, the mana was etched to the point where it became very difficult to remove, and as a result the Fire Golems spun out of control and began wreaking havoc on the mainland. Instead of eliminating their own creations, the golems were teleported to the remote Ceo Island and sealed there.

Known Partholonians

  • Sera: Sera was the leader of a fleet of settlers from another world that seeked to reach Erinn. He was also Partholon's father, that never made it to Erinn due to his son's schemes.
  • Partholon: Partholon was the founder of a civilisation known after his own name, the Partholonians.
  • Laighlinne: Partholon's daughter, and the main antagonist of the Samhain event.
  • Tuan mac Cairill : The leader of the Python Humanoids, and the last Partholonian prince.
  • Piran: A descendant of Partholon.
  • Deirbhile:A descendant of Partholon.
  • The Tir Chonaill villagers are all, to an extent, distant descendants of the partholonians.