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La Terra Highlands

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La Terra Mountain.png


La Terra Highlands, the elevated landscape which acts as a border to the regions of Physis to the north and Courcle to the south.
It is a rocky and barren land with very little vegetation. It is divided by La Terra Mountain which leads to a westward and eastward pass. The mountainous ridges are most easily traversed by use of a flying Pet. Exploration may be used to find statues which produce Courcle Artifacts when players Gather from them.


La Terra Highlands Map.png
  • To the west, on the banks of the Suytu River is start of the Rafting platform.
  • To the east and not too far south of the highlands is the Jungle Tree Mark which lies within the Herba Jungle.
  • To the south, lies Lappa.


Courcle Artifacts

  • Restored Boxed Artifact (2x2)
    • Kiwi Pot
    • Courcle Terra Cotta Doll
    • Courcle Zebra
  • Herba Bone Needle
  • Bone Ocarina Piece
  • Courcle Terra Cotta Pot Piece
  • Ancient Calendar Piece
  • Shaman Shield


  • The thick-looking plants scattered throughout the La Terra Highlands are known as Giant Groundsels (Dendrosenecio).