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New to Mabinogi? New to the wiki? Well, welcome! We're here to help!! Hopefully this guide can provide a foundation for getting started using the wiki.

The first step to understanding how to use the wiki is to understand how to play Mabi. For a basic intro, see this guide. Be sure to do (and read) the in-game tutorial, as well. Mabi is a very broad game with a lot of content, so there is no one, straight-forward way to progress and thus no one way to organize the information about how to progress.

Starting out

When you first start the game you'll be dropped in the tutorial which should answer questions about the interface and introduce you to the game's combat system. Be sure to try out the various talents when Tin gives you the chance! It will help you to find out what you enjoy and also familiarize you with the combat options that are available. Mabinogi is classless, so even if you pick a talent here, you may use any skill you have and switch talents whenever you rebirth.

So you've selected your talent, but what is a talent?? You can go right up to the search bar and type in Talent to find out. Luckily they call it a "talent" in game, right? Most such things are like this. If you find a concept you need to know more about, just ask the search bar. Every skill and nearly every item has its own page, so if you know the name you can go straight there. So what if you don't know the name?

Finding things

On the talent page from before, not only can you find information about talents in general, you can find information about specific talents, including the skills each affects. The talents cover every skill in the game except for Magic Craft and Hillwen Engineering and their related gathering skills, so you should be able to find the information you need, there.

If there's a skill there that you don't have, you can go to its page to find out how to obtain it. This may be something simple like reading a certain book or it may involve a long quest chain, but the appropriate information or links will always be there!

If you don't know the name of something, looking for related things you do know should link you to it. For instance, if you know the type of item you're looking for but you're not looking for any item in particular, there are lists with pictures for pretty much everything such as the Swords List or Storage Items List. The general form is to use the plural of the item type followed by "List". These lists are always sortable, so if you're looking for certain stats or something this should be helpful for you.

So you type in the name of the item but it's not showing up in the suggestions, what's wrong?

The first thing to ask yourself is, is this item enchanted? If so, it will change what the name looks like, by saying the name of any prefix enchant, then the name of any suffix enchant, then finally the name of the item. Similarly, if the item is blessed it will add the word "Blessed" to the beginning of the name. No item name will start with "Blessed" (though there is an enchant by this name), so it can always be eliminated. As for enchants, when you mouse over an item to see the item tooltip, there will be an Enchant section below Item Attributes which tells you which enchants it has and what they do. So if I have a Blessed Eager Spiral Shuriken and can see in my enchant section that Eager is an enchant, I will be able to determine the item's name is simply Spiral Shuriken.

Otherwise, is this perhaps a new item? Maybe from a current event? It might not be on here yet! It could be a good time for you to make a contribution. Adding a new item can be difficult, though, so there's a separate guide that covers this here.

Comparing equipment

Unlike most MMOs, equipment in Mabinogi does not have level restrictions. There are gender, race, and age (rarely) restrictions on certain gear, though; mostly outfits and weapons. Because of this, equipment stats (excluding weapons') are all roughly the same, within certain classes of gear. Which kind you choose affects what enchants are available to you.

There are seven equipment slots in Mabinogi (other than weapons) which are:

  • Two accessory slots. There are many types of accessories, so it will be covered in its own section, below.
  • A headgear slot. There are two combat types of headgear: Light Headgear (aka Hats) and Helmets. Helmets provide more defensive stats than light headgear and there are no inherent restrictive effects in using them.
  • A handgear slot. There are two types of handgear: Gloves and Gauntlets. Similar to helmets, gauntlets provide more defensive stats with no inherent detriment.
  • A footwear slot. There are two types of footwear: Light Shoes (aka Shoes or Boots) and Heavy Shoes (aka Greaves). Similar to helmets and gauntlets, greaves provide more defensive stats with no inherent detriment.
  • A robe slot. This generally provides no combat bonuses with very few exceptions. Both robes and wings can be equipped here.
  • Finally, a bodywear slot. This is the most variable type of equipment besides weapons, so it will be covered in its own section, below.


The major point to mention about these is that accessories are the most expensive item to repair. They also only accept enchants for All and enchants specifically meant for accessories. They never have materials (steel or wood) that enchants can apply to. Reforges can only go up to level 3 on accessories, too. These are things we haven't discussed yet but we'll come back to them!

From the Accessories List, we can see there are normal accessories, balloons, flying/support puppets, halos, and hero badges. All accessories that have durability lose some over time while equipped.

Regular accessories simply provide stats, they're the original accessory. They can give different stats, so pick which you want, as it's entirely based on stats.

There are two types of balloons: revival balloons and not. Revival balloons do not have or lose durability, and instead, are able to revive you immediately upon death up to a certain number of times (at which point the item completely disappears). The other types of balloons usually have durability and may provide stats. The primary difference between these types of balloons and regular accessories is that they provide the appearance (a floating balloon) and you may only equip one balloon (or puppet) at a time. Additionally, balloons cannot be enchanted or reforged.

There are two types of puppet accessories: flying puppets and support puppets. Flying puppets are somewhat like non-revival balloons but all of them have durability. They don't do anything but they do have decent stats. Support puppets on the other hand provide various support functions. Not all of them provide every function. The possible functions include: replacing commerce imp messages, showing such messages while not in commerce, using an attack specific to the puppet (it's an action rather than a skill, though), showing which is the correct orb in orb rooms of dungeons, removing dungeon fog (that is, displaying the whole minimap), revealing monster and orb locations on the minimap in Shadow Missions, revealing Ice Mines hidden in shadow missions, and/or casting a Magic Shield around you. You may only equip one puppet (or balloon) at a time and they can't often be reforged.

Halos float above your head, as one might expect, though not directly over the center of your head. They are directly comparable to regular accessories, making them really only about fashion.

Hero badges are special badges that come from creating a new character with a hero or elite hero character card and selecting a Hero Talent. They increase the skill exp you earn from training requirements in skills affected by the related hero talent by x1.5, they do not increase the training multiplier like a Complete Skill EXP Potion or similar potion would.


In terms of basic defensive stats there are three categories: Clothing, Light Armor, and Heavy Armor.

In addition to this, there is also Magic Armor and Special Heavy Armor which can provide additional defenses. These may provide either Magic Defense, Magic Protection, or Auto Defenses.

Bodywear is the only upgradeable equipment besides weapons and shields. The upgrades available depend on the type of equipment it is, as listed above. The item page will either transclude them onto the page or have a link to the Armor Upgrades page where you can also see the suggested upgrade paths.

In terms of restrictions, Light Armor initially restricts you to only being able to equip one accessory at a time and Heavy Armor initially prevents you from equipping any. These restrictions can be alleviated by ranking Light Armor Mastery and Heavy Armor Mastery, though. Additionally, there are few options in Heavy Armor for Elves.

Once you choose the type of equipment appropriate for you, the rest is mostly style. You can use the Clothing Lists, Light Armor List, and Heavy Armor List to compare the appearance.

Equipment in general

One extra thing you may want to base your decision on when choosing equipment are the Equipment Combination Effects (aka set effects). They can come on armor of any slot and also weapons (that is, not accessories). You can also gain points of some set effects from reforges. You only need 10 points total, getting 20 will not double the effect.

The enchants available depend on the type of armor selected or the material it's made of. Occasionally there are enchants that are specific to a certain item, such as the Royal Alchemist enchants. Reforges are the same for all types of armor within a certain slot (excluding weapons), so there's no need to compare based on what's available from them.


There are many things that are considered shields which this will go over but first we need to decide if you actually need one.

First of all, shields may only be equipped with one-handed weapons (including melee ones, wands, and cylinders) on humans and elves. Giants may also equip them with two-handed swords and lances. However, in lieu of a shield, humans are capable of dual wielding one-handed swords and giants are capable of dual-wielding one-handed blunts. Dual wielding is generally considered more beneficial but it's up to you!

Shields add passive defensive stats, of course, and they also strengthen your Defense skill with hidden stats (that are listed on the shield's wiki page but no where in the game interface). They add some unique abilities such as preventing a the user from being frozen by Ice Spear while using Defense and others, listed on the Defense page. They also allow humans and elves to use the Charge skill.

Shields have the important types of: cooking tools (Cooking Tables and Cooking Pots), spell books, small/medium shields, and large shields.

Cooking tools work like small shields in all regards except that they cannot be upgraded.

Spell books have special benefits for magic. They can have one or more of these effects: MP cost reduction, max MP bonus, or MP regeneration rate increase. While most spell books cannot be repaired (except by the Spell Book Repair Quill), some newer ones can. All of them can be reforged, but currently only the Astro Spell Book may be enchanted.

Excluding some special event shields, all other shields can be repaired, upgraded, enchanted, and reforged. Large shields may only be equipped by giants.

Shields take special enchants and offer their own pool of reforges, so it's something you need to consider in choosing whether or not to use a shield.

The upgrades can differ between shields, but often they will offer some sort of Auto Defense (aka "ping") options in addition to raw defense/protection upgrades. They also offer differing base stats and hidden stats. Occasionally a shield will be race restricted (in addition to large ones). All these things are important when choosing which shield you want to use.

They aren't exactly shields but marionettes offer 1 additional defense and protection and can only be equipped with control bars. Additionally, they are the only thing that can be equipped with control bars. They do not have durability, do not affect the function of the Defense skill, and cannot be enchanted or reforged, though.


Finding enchants


Upgrading items