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User:TwiliTerror/Training Notes

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This page is for figuring out good ways to train certain skills.

Alchemy Mastery

Barrier Spikes

Chain Cylinder

Chain cylinder does not require a low or high combat power to train, so any monster can be used. For instance, a Brown Fox can be used for training, especially they don't attack on sight. To get multiple charges, it is best to go back and forth between Water Cannon and Sand Burst, since Wind Blast is not compatiable with Chain Cylinder and Flame Burst does not allow you to load other skills while it is active without cancellation.


Warning: Your character will gain weight while ranking cooking, you have been warned.

Unless otherwise specified the methods of each cooking type will remain the same for each rank it is a requirement.

  • Rank Novice
    • Mixing Foods: The best food to create is Bacon and Potato Dog Food requiring 60% Potato and 40%, both easily found in Dunbarton from digging up the potato fields with a weeding hoe and from Glenis respectively. (Disclaimer: I do not recommend eating dog food in real life)
  • Rank F
    • Baking and eating Delicious Food: The best food is Baked Potato requiring 90% Potato and 10% Salt (found at all cooking shops), don't forget to eat the dish after you're done.
    • Eatting Simmered Foods without sharing: If you don't have a Rank E or higher Cooking friend, you can just buy Curry and Rice or Steamed Trout at Gordon.
  • Rank E
    • Making and eating a delicious simmered dish: The food to make is Steamed Corn consisting of 80% Corn and 20% Water. The ingredients can be found in Emain Macha from the Corn Fields around town (requires the use of a sickle) and water can be found at the well just above the corn field below the Paladin Training Grounds (requires an empty bottle)
      • You can eat Steamed Trout or Coq Au Vin from the Banquet instead of getting it from Gordon (it's free)
  • Rank D
    • Kneading: The easiest thing to knead is Fry Batter which requires 60%, 25% Egg (can be found from Hens around most cities) and 15% Frying Powder (bought from Glenis in Dunbarton)
      • Warning: You will need the fry batter later on, so you may want to keep it.
    • Eat a Boiled Dish without sharing: Without a Rank C+ Cooking friend, you can eat Barley Tea from Wanst in Vales for 350g.
  • Rank C
    • Making and eating delicious boiled food: Steamed Rice is an easy dish to make requiring 60% Rice (Glenis sell it) and 40% Water.
      • You can also eat Thyme Tea or Cheese Fondue at the Banquet.
  • Rank B
    • Noodle making: It is recommended to get Wheat Flour from Glewyas at the Tara Rath Castle Kitchen with Cooking List 1s to speed up the process (will require you to do the Cooking Dungeon). Use the Wheat Flour to make a regular Noodle with 40% Flour, 40% Water and 20% Egg
    • Eat a deep-fried food without sharing: Buy Fried Shrimp Glewyas for 1200g
  • Rank A
    • Making and eating deep-fried foods: Hopefully you kept the Fry Batters from kneading, you will need them. The easiest dish to make is French Fries (Fact: France does not exist in Erinn) requiring 80% potato and 20% fry batter
      • You can also eat Fried Abb Neagh Carp from the banquet
    • Eat stir-fried food without sharing: Unless you have a friend with rank 9 or higher cooking, you can not fulfill this requirement and must rely on the other requirements to get pass this rank.
  • Rank 9
    • Make and eating delicious stir-fried food: The best dish to create is Fried Vegetables requiring 45% Cabbage, 30% Carrot, and 25% Onion, all of which can be bought from Caitin in Tir Chonaill
      • You can also eat Seafood fried rice from the banquet
  • Rank 8
    • Make Pasta: You can either just make Pasta Dough for all the pasta requirements or you can make it then turn it into Long Pasta. Pasta Dough requires 67% Wheat Flour and 33% egg, while Long Pasta requires 80% Water and 20% pasta dough.
      • You can use the Long Pasta for the stir-frying requirement by making Pasta Marinara requiring 55% Long Pasta, 25% Tomato and 20% Onion.
  • Rank 7
    • Make Jam: It is recommend to make Pumpkin Jam which requires 70% Aged Pumpkin (bought from Glewyas) and 30% sugar.
  • Rank 6

*You can not rank past rank 6 yet, but it doesn't hurt to do the requirements now.

  • Make Pie: It is recommended that you make the pie bases then turn them into actual pies to conserve use of wheat flour. First make Tart Base with 60% Wheat Flour, 30% butter and 10%, then you want to make Egg Tart which requires 40% Tart Base, 30% Water and 30% Egg.

Critical Hit


Metal Conversion


Taming Wild Animals

This is just a list of animals you can tame of each specific type that have low combat power making it easier.

  • Tame a Fox: Brown Fox
  • Tame a Wolf: Gray Wolf
  • 'Tame an Otter: Otters can be found Northwest of the Cor Mana Tunnel
  • Tame an Imp: You can finds Imps outside of Dunbarton, but it is recommend to just go to Barri for larger amounts to be tamed.
  • Tame a Skeleton Animal: Skeleton Wolves can be found around the Dragon Statue in Gairech
  • Tame a Bear: Brown Bear
  • Tame a Skeleton: Skeletons found around the Dragon Statue where Skeleton Wolves can be found.
  • Tame a Wisp: Wisps can be found around the northern portion of Gairech
  • Tame a Gnoll: Gnolls can be found in Rundal Basic and Rundal Siren, it may be advised to skip this requirement if you can not find the passes easily.
  • Tame an Elephant: Elephants can be found east of Cor across the river and before the first mountain you come across. Young versions are recommended to tame since they have lower combat power
  • Tame a Slate; Slate monsters can be found at treasures on the marks around Rano occasionally, but they can be found in larger amounts in Maiz.
  • Tame a Hyena: Stripeless Hyena
  • Tame a Golem: You can tame the golems in The Other Alchemist shadow mission at the Basic difficulty for best results.
  • Tame a Hippo: You can find tameable hippos in the southern portion of Pantay Marsh
  • Tame a Boar: Horned Wild Boar (Brown)
  • Tame a Spider Goblin: It is recommended to find an Alby Advanced for One pass so you have minimum interference from other monsters
  • Tame a Mummy: You will either need to tame a Mummy Servant from Long Mysterious Arrow Dungeon or Cobweb Mummy or Alby Advanced (not the for 1 or for 2 dungeons) Be careful the monsters in the dungeons are pretty strong, bring other people for protection while you tame.