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Ancient Treasure Chest Event (Back to School 2011)

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September 10th 2011 - September 11th 2011
September 17th 2011 - September 18th 2011
September 24th 2011 - September 25th 2011
October 1st 2011 - October 2nd 2011


Saturday & Sunday – History 221 – Ancient Civilizations

On Saturday and Sunday, you will have the option of studying Ancient Civilizations. Dive into a Shadow Mission or Dungeon and defeat monsters – they will sometimes drop an Ancient Treasure Chest fragment. Gather up 10 ancient fragments and bring them to “Professor” Eavan in Dunbarton. She will reward with you with two items: a Gift Box and an Ancient Treasure Chest. The Gift Box is easily opened, but you will need a special key from the “Student Store” in order to open the Ancient Treasure Chest. [1]

Basic Information


Obtaining Fragments

Inventory icon of Ancient Treasure Chest Fragment

1 × 1
Stack: 100

  • Finishing a monster in a dungeon or shadow mission will randomly result in an Ancient Treasure Chest Fragment being dropped.
    • Despite the event's description, fragments will also drop from dungeons within the continent of Iria.
    • Fragments drop from all monsters in Shadow Missions and dungeons. Fragments will not drop from monsters in the field such as Bears or Raccoons.
    • Fragments will drop if you're playing as a pet.
      • However, you cannot pick up fragments while playing as the pet itself.
    • If your pet deals the finishing blow on the monster and a fragment drops, your pet must be summoned (you must be playing a Human/Elf/Giant) to be able to pick up the fragment.
      • Once the monster's body disappears, you may pick it up even if you de-summoned your pet.
  • Ancient Treasure Chest Fragments can also be stored in pets.
  • All level monsters drop fragments.
    • The higher a monster's CP class, the more often they drop fragments.
      • Weakest monsters hardly ever drop fragments.
      • It is possible to get around this by enabling pet auto-finish and using a somewhat weak pet to attack.
      • You may also Summon a Stone Golem since they have low CP.
      • You can also use -CP enchants to make monsters stronger.
        • This method may require a large number of potentially expensive enchants, depending on your CP.
        • See CP Modifiers for details

Obtaining your prize

Inventory icon of Ancient Treasure Chest

2 × 2
Stack: 1

Inventory icon of Gift Box

2 × 2
Stack: 10

  • Talk to Eavan in Dunbarton for a keyword.
  • Use this keyword on her to access the restoration dialog.
  • Eavan will create a Gift Box and an Ancient Chest using 10 Ancient Treasure Chest Fragments.
  • Eavan will only take 10 Ancient Treasure Chest Fragments at a time.
  • The Gift Boxes may be used free of charge and give you a random item. (See below)
  • The Ancient Treasure Chests require a key to be opened and give you rarer, more expensive items. (See below)
  • Ancient Treasure Chest Keys can be bought from the Item Shop at a cost of 1,000 NX each, or 7,000 NX for 10 keys.
  • If you drop the Ancient Treasure Chest, it will open and show you the item inside before both the chest and item disintegrate.
    • Once you drop a chest, you cannot pick it up.
  • Chests and Keys can neither be stored on pets nor in the bank.
  • Gift boxes can stack to 10, however, chests cannot stack.
  • Keys are not tradeable.


This is a long list. You may want to use the search function in your browser (CTRL+F) to find items quickly.

Rewards listed in bold are rare items found in Ancient Treasure Chests or Gift boxes.

Gift Box

Ancient Treasure Chest


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