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Catching Tails Event

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Catching Tails Event Banner

November 4th, 2015 - December 1st, 2015


When delving deep into dungeons, caution is usually the best policy. Planning out your attacks, scouting the opponents and striking once necessary. Effective... but who has time for all of that? The Catching Tails event is a Dungeon-Crawling version of Tag, pitting two players or two teams of three against each other. The first to clear dungeon rooms fast enough to catch their opponent wins both bragging rights and prizes!


  • Upon logging in, you will receive the quest, Infinite Dungeon Mini-game.
  • Talk to Catching Tails Joe located at the square of Dunbarton. He will ask you to select one character as the main character to participate in the event. This choice can not be undone, so pick the character wisely.
    • After choosing, your main character will receive three Infinite Dungeon Entry Passes after every 7:00am PDT100. These are used to enter the event zone.
  • Talking to Catching Tails Joe will put you on a waiting list to enter the event. He will ask you to play the event on 1v1 or 3v3. After a little while, you will enter an empty 3x3 version of Rundal Dungeon, where you will RP as yourself.
    • You will be removed from the waiting list if you enter a building or another map.
    • You will be unable to enter the event if someone assigned to the same instance is performing Commerce as the event begins.
    • In this role-play quest, you will retain only your equipment, excluding weapons and robes, and your stats will be significantly lowered. You will have neither your title nor your guild name, and anything that may have been in your inventory prior to entrance will be unavailable to you. In exchange for your items, you will be given five HP 300 Potions and twenty MP 300 Potions, Stamina 300 Potions, and Bandages.
  • When the event starts, you are first transported to the dungeon lobby with the other participants. After 20 seconds, you are then teleported inside the dungeon, with teammates assigned at random. You are given 30 seconds to talk to Catching Tails Joe to select a talent.
  • Each team will move through the ring of the dungeon rooms counter-clockwise, each team chasing the other. The objective is to clear the rooms and catch up to the opposing team within 10 minutes.
    • The opposing team can be seen as a red flag on their mini-map.
    • Each room has an orb in the center. When struck, all teammates are teleported into the room and spawn monsters. Defeating them opens the door to the next room.
      • The monsters in the event have fairly low health and are easy to dispatch.
      • Leprechauns randomly drop consumable buffs or ice mines that produce a random debuff to slow the opponents down. These items can be seen over the player's head.
        • Consumable buffs will affect the entire party.
        • Ice Mines are placed by hitting the orb in a cleared room.
    • The winning team receives double rewards than the losing team.
    • The game ends in a draw if time expires or a team has caught up to their opponents who have yet to clear the first room.
  • If you are Knocked Unconscious, you'll be automatically resurrected in 20 seconds or immediately upon room change. Any wounds received on resurrection are retained.


Infinite Dungeon Mini-game
How to Get Quest

Log in during the event and have not yet selected a character.

Briefing Greetings! I, Caravan Joe, am in charge of the new Infinite Dungeon event! Come to Dunbarton and I'll tell you all about catching your enemies and earning great rewards.
  • Set Main Character
  • 5000 Experience Points
  • 1000 Gold
Infinite Dungeon: Tail Chase
How to Get Quest

Log in every day at 7:00am PDT100 after completing the quest Infinite Dungeon Mini-game

Briefing Chase or be Chased? Once you enter the dungeon you should clear the rooms as soon as possible. Use the items you find to your advantage. Good luck!
  • Complete the Infinite Dungeon once.
  • Complete the Infinite Dungeon twice.


Infinite Dungeon

Players Win Draw/Loss

Catching Tails Joe's Shop

Trade in Infinite Dungeon Mini Coins to Catching Tails Joe for the following rewards:

Infinite Dungeon Fortune Box