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Cromm Cruaich

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For the Generation 3: Dark Knight final boss, see Cromm Cruaich (Monster).
Portrait of Cromm CruaichFile:Cromm Cruaich (NPC).png
Cromm Cruaich
Race Dragon
Gender Unknown
Love them... and take care of them... Whether it be a human being like you, or other living creatures... whether it be the world you live in... or, most importantly, the very being that lives and breathes every day, YOU... Differences will disappear in the name of understanding, and that would be the true calling of beings like you that have come to this world. That's how the world will be shaped and formed... through your very own two hands... The next time you summon me, I hope to see more things in Tir Na Nog go through positive changes...


—Cromm Cruaich


The leader of the Blue Dragons whom descended from Zardine. Cromm Cruaich, well known as the Dragon of Death, Devil of Destruction, the God of Utter Destruction, or the God of Unending Darkness, was a creature that once terrified Erinn and was known to destroy everything in plain sight. It plays a major role in Generation 3 and 8.

Mainstream Story


  • Although Cromm Cruaich is listed as the leader of the Blue Dragons, its skin color is more brown than blue.
  • When completing the Zardine's Artifact Collection Book (2011) from the Belita's Ancient Artifact Map (2011) gachapon, a cutscene will play and Cromm Cruaich will appear, giving the player a special reward from one of five boxes.
  • Despite their interaction in G3, it is a mystery why the Milletian did not recognize Cromm Cruaich in G8. This is possibly due to the Korean director changing the storyline and leaving a huge plot hole for Cromm Cruaich. This dragon was mentioned again as a 'God of Unending Darkness' in Generation 9, proving that G8's Cromm Cruaich behavior is different than that of G3 and G9.