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Portrait of Mores GwydionFile:Mores.png
Mores Gwydion
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 36
Occupation Druid


Mores Gwydion is a Druid who was Tarlach's old magic teacher and the hero who ended the Second Fomor War. He is also mentioned in the books The Origin of Moon Gates and Musicians of Erinn.

Mainstream Story


Mores has authored multiple books:



  • Mores' name in the books The Origin of Moon Gates and Musicians of Erinn is misspelled as "Maurus."
  • Berched claims to have mentored Mores when spoken with the Mores Keyword.
  • When Mores is played in the RP Quests in the Math Dungeon, he has the monster skill Chain Casting where all magic spells have not one charge, but five charges at once. This includes Fireball.
  • During the G1 RP Quest Mores had Chain Casting, Rank E Enchant, Campfire, First Aid, Rank D Rest, Rank C Defense, Rank B Combat Mastery, Rank A Healing, Rank 8 Critical Hit, and Rank 1 Lightning Bolt, Firebolt, Icebolt, Fireball.
  • Gwydion is a Welsh name from gwyddon (meaning wizard or scientist) or gwyddion (meaning trees).
    • The combination of wizard and trees suggests the image of a Druid, not unlike Mari's true father.