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Lamp Post

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Lamp Posts are found in towns throughout Erinn. These lamp posts come in various varieties. Most lamp posts can be struck with a player's weapon in hand or bare hands. Simply click on a lamp post to strike it. Striking any lamp post will cause your Stamina to reduce by 2 points each time the lamp post is struck. It is recommended to have some Stamina Potions to replenish Stamina quickly if a player intends to hit a lamp post for an extended period of time.

All lamp posts will drop Gold and Large Nails when struck. Most lamp posts will drop Small Gems and have a chance to drop Small Blue Gems, Small Green Gems and Small Red Gems. Port Cobh lamp posts do not drop Small Gems, Small Blue Gems, Small Green Gems or Small Red Gems when struck. Lamp posts in Port Cobh will drop Bait Tins and Paper Cranes frequently. Lamp posts in Port Cobh also have a chance to drop Elemental Removers, Glittering Paper, Iron Ingots, Iron Plates, Rabbie Battle Arena Coins and Arbalest on extremely rare occasions.


Frequent Drops

Port Cobh Only Drops:

Infrequent Drops

Rare Drops

Port Cobh Only Drops:

Other Drops:

Lamp Post Locations

Found In Not Found In Can't Be Hit In
Abb Neagh Castle Qilla Base Camp Vales
Abb Neagh Residential Town Calida Exploration Camp
Cor Village
Commonwealth of Belvast
Dugald Castle
Dugald Residential Town
Emain Macha
Port Cobh
Sen Mag Castle
Sen Mag Residential Town
Tir Chonaill