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Sen Mag Castle

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Sen Mag Castle area is located to the southwest of Sen Mag Residential Town. The Sen Mag Castle area includes a "Moon Stone" site toward the south-east that can be mined for a Piece of Moon Stone and a lake on the north-west that can be used for fishing. Sen Mag Residential Town is the only area connected to the Sen Mag Castle area. However, a Piece of Moonstone mined in the Sen Mag Castle area can be used to instantly transport back to the "Moon Stone" site it came from.

To the south-west is the castle itself, in front of which is a board with information regarding the castle, the guild that owns the castle and the houses in Sen Mag Residential Town. Inside the castle is the Sen Mag Castle Dungeon, which is reached by entering the door marked "Underground Storage" in the castle's hall and then going through the hole in the next room's wall marked "Dungeon Entrance." However, to actually enter the dungeon a pass must be bought from the "Sen Mag Royal Guard" standing next to the door marked "Underground Storage" and dropped on the dais of the dungeon's "Altar of Goddess." The price of the pass is set by the guild that owns the castle and the "Sen Mag Royal Guard" will tell a player what the price is. The price of the pass can even be set so players that do not belong to the guild cannot buy them. There is also a door marked "Security Office" in the castle's hall but it can only be entered by members of the guild that owns the castle.

There are no monsters in the Sen Mag Castle area.


Sen Mag Castle Map

Local NPCs

Sen Mag Royal Guard